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Reiki Grand Master Healer & Spiritual Teacher


Student & Client Reviews

Charlie LB

I have had the pleasure of studying with Lynda and can recommend her classes in various spiritual endeavours. Her attention to detail and care of her students is really appreciated, particularly the measures to keep everyone safe during the Covid pandemic. Lynda provides outstanding resources for all her students and delivers a well-planned and structured course. Being in the group has been a lovely experience and there is always the opportunity to learn from each other and connect. Lynda is always calm, positive and sensitive to all students and their needs, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to engage and learn.


Tina R

When you research and look at so many various spiritual teachers, you find yourself drawn to the right one.

I came across Lynda several years ago, and from our first communication together I knew Lynda came into my life for a reason. I personally have an interest in holistic therapies, not to become a teacher, but for my own wellbeing and family.

Lynda has the most amazing way of guiding you through any course you enrol on, making you feel at home, in tune with yourself and comfortable within. Zoom courses, are just as effective. You still get that personal touch, any questions you ask, Lynda helps explain in a way you can understand, and NO question ever goes unanswered, Lynda's knowledge is remarkable. Whether you are thinking of becoming a teacher or for your own wellbeing I would definitely recommend following your journey with Lynda at her School of Spiritual Enlightenment.



I have just completed the foundation psychic on line study course with the lovely Lynda. The videos are clear and informative and are supported with a detailed and well written course manual. Lynda is so knowledgeable and has helped me build my confidence in my psychic and intuitive abilities. It was great to be able to work on the course at my own pace and fit it in around my other commitments. Lynda was there for support if I needed her. I really enjoyed the course and am looking forward to the next level. I highly recommend this course and Lynda as she is a kind soul and an amazing tutor.


Annette B

Lynda is a very spiritual and caring lady, with a special skill in Reiki healing. She combines the Reiki treatments with crystal healing to great effect. She is also a Reiki Grand Master and a wonderful teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed the courses I have taken with her and look forward to continuing with other courses when the pandemic permits.


Bea R

I really enjoyed the course and Lynda informal fun approach to presenting her material." "Lynda is a wonderfully engaging presenter, very easy to listen to and the course was just the right mix of theory, practical demonstration and anecdotes - thank you!" "The course was presented in an enthusiastic way. The content can be related not only to spiritual but also to events and situations in daily life. Leaves you with a real feel-good factor. I can highly recommend Lynda Bourne School of Spiritual Enlightenment.


Sarah W

I have completed several courses with Lynda including Reiki and Crystal Therapy. Lynda is very professional and supplies extensive workbooks as well as practical sessions. She is very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I thoroughly enjoyed my courses and look forward to doing more in the future.


Jackie B

Lynda Bourne has been my Reiki Master since I did level one angelic Reiki attunement with her in December 2010. She has quite simply been my absolute inspiration, and the reason for my spiritual journey ever since then. Whenever I have a query or concern she is always extremely happy to help out and always has wise words and advice. She is an extremely good teacher who is always so patient with my many questions! She is also the most loving and kindest of people, with a wonderful sense of humour, and is a great friend of mine. I cannot recommend her too highly.



I had a spiritual guidance consultation with Lynda earlier today by video call. I was totally floored by the first two things she said. They were the two things that have been bothering me and that I am dealing with right now in my life. The accuracy of Lynda’s appraisal of the situation was truly amazing. I found her to be very friendly, which helped me to relax. Yet she got right down to the core of things and didn’t waste a minute of the session. I was given so much practical advice and pointers to pin down what is working and not working for me just now. I was very impressed with the level of detail, suggesting ways to help me deal with the issues I am facing. I found the consultation to be encouraging, upbeat and really insightful. We covered so much ground and I felt boosted and empowered by the whole thing. The session was really good value for money. It is so obvious that Lynda loves what she does and I feel her mission is to give her all to help the client. All in all it was an incredibly positive and constructive experience. Lynda is a genuine, kind and gifted person. I would recommend this service whole heartedly.


Lucy J

I have benefited so much from knowing Lynda. She has helped me through physical illness and is now my teacher. I love how she gets us to connect to our instinct and intuition, as well as the beautiful, loving and fun atmosphere she creates. I have met some amazing people in her sessions too. Thanks for everything Lynda xxx


Laura J

I met Lynda after a recommendation from a Sharman Healer who advised that she would be the person who could guide me through the spiritual journey that I needed. Although a little reluctant to begin with as I didn’t know what to expect, Lynda exceeded all of my expectations! She not only understands, helps, guide and supports you but is beyond knowledgeable and I would not trust anyone else x I’ve completed my crystal healing and meditation leader course with Lynda and she supports me fully even after the course has finished x If you are considering who to trust to be a genuine teacher, support and friend, then Lynda is your lady! Put your trust in where it feels xxx


Josh S

Lynda has been a massive help in my life when i needed guidance and through her courses i have also been able to set up my own business. I would not be where i am today without the help and guidance this lovely lady has given me through out the years. Courses are amazing with great knowledge and practical sessions .Her readings and healing sessions are amazing too. Cant thank lynda enough


Baljit D

A beautiful lady /Teacher. Highly recommended, lynda is gentle, honest and kind. I've recommended multiple family members and friends who also think the same. I could and will just keep doing all her courses as I feel she's giving us all her blessed wisdom. Thank you for being you.


Tara C-S

Lynda is a wonderful, inspiring woman who makes you feel relaxed just being around her. I've been coming here since I was a little girl and always enjoyed the sessions I had with her. I'm now 20 and am studying a Reiki Practitioner course with her and am loving every minute :)


Kellie L

I have been a client of Lynda’s for many years. I have attended courses, had attunements and regular Reiki. Lynda is always warm, caring and non judgemental and has helped me through some very difficult times. I would be lost without her.


Annette D

This lady is so special I have been going to her for healing for over 2 years she helps me so much I have a lot of problems lynda has always helped me with pain and worried mind I would recommend lynda to anyone who wants healing she is also a wonderful teacher who gives everyone 100%


Claire M

I have been to Lynda for various help, some crystal healing, Reiki, meditation. Her energy is amazing and every time I have been I feel 10ft taller with a new sense of well being. I would highly recommend this place and learning and healing.

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