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Many people start with learning the Traditional Dr Usui Reiki healing. Reiki is special in that it can help every living thing, people, animals, plants and situations. Reiki which is pronounced Ray-Key, Rei meaning Universal and Ki meaning life force. Reiki was re-discovered by Dr Usui in Japan in the early 1900s. The healing Reiki energy is channelled through the Reiki practitioner hands into the person who requires healing. Reiki is safe, unobtrusive and natural. Reiki is a complimentary healing energy, which does not replace or competes with medical treatment.


All conditions are helped with Reiki treatments, because Reiki works on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki is excellent in helping people who suffer with depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, IBS, bad backs, aches and pains, increase low self-esteem and many more.


Healers are the tool in which spirit guides, angels and high spiritual light beings channel energy. I often say to my students that we are the 'Pencils' and our guides are the 'Artists'. Healers must respect and give gratitude to spiritual light beings and not be complacent or egoistical by thinking they heal people. The healer and the spiritual healing guides work in unison in helping others to find happiness by removing negative imprints. Healers have a gift which can be closed down if disrespect or greed is apparent.  


Most people have the ability to channel healing and are unaware they have this gift. To become a Reiki healer you will need to be attuned to the Reiki energy. There are 3 stages and levels of Reiki healing, Reiki first degree where you can do healing on yourself. Reiki 2nd degree which is Reiki practitioner level, where you can do healing on others. Lastly Reiki Master level, which is either 3rd degree, Master practitioner level or Reiki Master teacher level, where you are accredited to teach others.



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DR USUI REIKI COURSES – levels 1 to 6


Level One - Reiki first degree Qualification - £120.

Healers start with level one so they are able to remove old emotions which are preventing them from going forward. Reiki one is very special in that the person will find their true self and no longer live in the past. Reiki first degree is for healing on you to remove negative emotions in preparation to doing healing on others.


Course includes:

·  You will receive a full colour illustrated Reiki Manual

·  Understanding Reiki healing

·  How Dr Usui Rediscovered Reiki and why

·  Reiki principles and what they mean

·  Earth Spiritual Evolution

·  Learn to meditate and why it is important

·  Meet your Reiki Healing spirit guide.

·  Colour energy and their purpose

·  Sensing different Reiki types

·  Sensing healing on damaged or blocked chakras

·  Relaxing and grounding energy to stabilise healing

·  The healer protecting your own energy

·  Importance of disconnection and reclaiming energy

·  Ensuring a comfortable and safe healing environment

·  Attunements to Reiki first degree.

·  Invoke and work with the Reiki power symbol

·  Practical hands on self-healing techniques.

·  You will be given an illustrated self-healing demonstration sequence.

·  Preparation for Reiki second degree practitioner level 2.

·  Students will be awarded a Reiki first degree certificate qualification.

·  All students will have on-going support and mentorship by me.


Level Two - Reiki Practitioner Qualification - 2 part course £240 (£120 per session).

Learn and develop healing skills to give healing to others. Practical hands on Reiki healing with home study doing case studies.        


Course includes:

·    You will receive a full colour illustrated Reiki practitioner Manual

·    Working with your healing spirit guides using crystal pendulum.

·    Understanding the chakra system and auric field.

·    Damages or obstructions to the auric field and how these can be healed.

·    Meditation meeting you healing guides.

·    Attunement to Reiki Practitioner level two Reiki.

·    Students will be given illustrated hand positions for healing on others.

·    Illustrated sequence for healing in wheelchair or sitting.

·    Practical instruction on Reiki healing sequence for others.

·    Learn how to work with the Reiki emotional symbol.

·    Helping clients with healing crisis.

·    Practical demonstration with the student & teacher healing exchange.

·    Sensing negative energy and learning safe removal.

·    Working with the distant healing Reiki Symbol.

.    Distant healing with practical in class demonstration.

.    Distant healing practical follow up treatment for student at home.

·    Student will receive the genuine lineage of Usui Reiki.

·    Contra-indications and client comfort.

·    Consent forms and client aftercare leaflets.

·    Legal requirements of the Practitioner.

·    Marketing, advertising and networking.

·    Advice and guidance on starting your own business.

·    Awarded a Reiki Second Degree practitioner Certificate qualification.

·    Free complimentary gift of protective crystals for healing clearance grid..  

·    All students will have on-going support and mentorship by me.


Level Three - Reiki Master Qualification - £180


This level of Reiki training is for students who have completed levels one and two. Master level Reiki is a higher vibrational healing to help release karmic imprints. Many Reiki Masters advance to healing with hands off working in the auric field of the client. Master students often have life changing experiences where they no longer take second best and accept who they are. Reiki masters have chosen to channel Reiki to a higher degree so they can heal with the Ascended Masters.  


Course includes:

·   Student will receive a full colour illustrated Reiki Master Manual

·   Understanding karma health issues and Reiki healing the past.

·   Advanced chakra system.

·   Meeting your Ascended Master and master healing guide.

.   Responsibility of a Master healer.

.   Space clearing and soul releasement.

·   Channel and sense Ascended Master energies.

·   Healing with different Ascended Master types.

·   Working with Master symbols the traditional and modern.

·   Meditate with the master symbol to prepare for Attunement.

·   Attunement to Reiki Master level 3

·   Awarded a Reiki Master Third Degree Certificate qualification.

·   You will receive the genuine lineage of Usui Reiki.

·   Students will be given Free Ascended Master Meditation cards.

·   Included in the course a free congratulations complimentary gift .  

·   All students will have on-going support and mentorship by me.


Level Four - Reiki Master Teacher Qualification - 1/2 day course £700

I ensure high standards of teaching, so it is very important to me that the potential Reiki Masters I train: are experienced Reiki healers & can demonstrate spiritual maturity to teach others how to heal, protect and clear negative energy. The candidates must be respectful of Reiki and have mature spiritual gifts which they can pass on to their future students. Being a Reiki Master Teacher means making a life-long commitment to spiritual development and self-growth. The teacher will begin a life journey of self-discovery and continued spiritual learning for their self-mastery. All teachers continue to learn and develop new skills which can be passed on to their students. A teacher never stops learning! The teacher can only teach students from their own inner wisdom, personal experiences and personal life lessons. Becoming a Reiki Master teacher is an honour because the teacher represents spiritual insight and spiritual guidance, which is a huge responsibility.


Course includes:

.   Full colour teacher manual

.   Student manual templates for levels 1, 2 Practitioner, 3 Master & 4 Teacher.

.   Master Reiki teacher responsibilities to their students.

·   Insurance and legal requirements of Reiki Master Teacher.

·   Reiki student’s requirement selection.

·   Healing with Reiki symbols physical to etheric healing level roles.

·   Attunement to Reiki Master level 4.

·   Future Students Reiki course formats for all the levels of Usui Reiki.

·   Student and teacher mediation hand positions.

.   Master teacher continuing spiritual learning  

·   Illustrated and documented attunement process.

·   Practical hands on initiation attunement ceremony demonstration process.

.   Instruction for attunement to all levels of Reiki.

.   Attunement process demonstration & practical

·   Student will receive the lineage of Usui teacher Reiki.

·   Awarded a Reiki Master Teacher level 4 Certificate qualification.

·   free complimentary gift.    


·   All teachers will have on-going support and mentorship by me.


Level Five & Six - Reiki Grand Master Dr Usui 2 part course (£350 per session) £700


Reiki Grand Master is a special honour as you will be granted permission to attend The White Brotherhood meetings as an apprentice. Grand Master status increases your vibration to channel messages, healing and thoughts to others, consciously and subconsciously. Grand Master energy frequency heals groups of people, nations and countries all at the same time. Learn spinal canal cleaning, aura entity retrieval, Karmic soul attachment separation, Saboteur release, soul’s imposter. Energy Field healing, higher self-joining, fingertip projection healing, embryo healing, out of body healing, Grand master Symbols, Grand master Lineage.  

Become a higher light being by helping others to reach enlightenment.  


Must be attuned to Master level 3 or 4 to receive theses 2 attunements.  


Level Five - Grand Master

This energy is called the Great Harmony - Dai Cho Wa

Master/Teacher continuation and completion of the Dr Usui system of natural healing to level five, Reiki Grand Master.

Initiation for Reiki Master teacher to advance to the next Master teacher level of Grand Master.

This initiation invokes Reiki-Laser energy.


Level Six - Grand Master

This energy is called the The Great Separation - Dai Fa Shu

Master/Teacher continuation and completion of the Dr Usui system of natural healing to level Six, Reiki Grand Master.

Very powerful Reiki-Laser energy vibration.

Bringing balance, harmony & wisdom to the Reiki Grand Master teacher.


Levels five & six balance Yin & Yang energy.


Course Includes:

-Reiki Grand Master certificate.

-Full colour Grand Master manual

-Course notes

-Grand master scroll

-All teachers will have on-going support and mentorship by me

-Reiki Grand Master Attunement level 5 The Great Harmony

-Reiki Grand Master Attunement level 6 The Great Separation

-Awarded a Reiki Grand Master level 5 Certificate qualification

-Awarded a Reiki Grand Master level 6 Certificate qualification

-Crystal skull attuned to Grand Master vibration

-Buffet Lunch

Dr Usui bamboo Dr Usui bamboo Dr Usui bamboo Dr Usui bamboo
* Required

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med8 Dr Usui bamboo reiki aura1 reiki aura2

Aura photo taken before and after Reiki attunment. The energy was flat before attunement but afterwards the energy was very high.


Distant Attunement On-line course fee


The cost of the distant Attunement, on line support and relevant manual & certificate is :-


Reiki one – £100

Reiki two - £150 (practitioner)

Healing ball

Students often ask me about their healing energy. These aura photos will help explain how a healer needs to control and contain their energy. The healer fingers should be close together or the healing energy will be wasted by escaping through the open fingers. The first photo is me leaking (deliberately, so I can demonstrate) and second photo where energy is controlled into a healing ball. Ideally the healer should not leak out their healing energy into their auric field. The experienced healer will be able to control and guide the energy to where it is required effectively.

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