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Pegasus Reiki Master

Pegasus Spiritual Leader


Pegasus name in Greek translates as ‘Fountain Horse’. Pegasus is is a winged white spiritual horse who is the Divine leader of the mystical unicorns and the animal kingdom.

Pegasus is very old and wise so Unicorns, Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Lords of Karma often seek his advice and counsel. His energy is so pure as it comes directly from Source which makes him unique but his purpose was to only help animals and not humans. Pegasus projects his thoughts intuitively to the Unicorns on the earth’s plain and co- ordinates their work in clearing the planet of negative energy. Pegasus is able to communicate to humans in a ‘human’ tongue but he does this telepathically.


His spiritual realm is in the outer layer of the earth in the cosmos where until now he was unable to remain for periods of time in the heavy etheric earth layer. This was because his vibrational energy is so high that he found it difficult to lower his vibration to ascend down to the denser physical realm of the earth. 2012 started a healing shift for our earth and as such Pegasus has had to wait for the healing to lift negative energy to the surface. This healing process has caused a healing crisis where the surface negative energy has made some people feel depressed and anxious. In the summer of 2013 Lemurian crystals buried centuries ago have been activated, by the energy shift of 2012 which has also helped clear deep rooted negative earth energy. The earth is now starting to settle with only pockets of negativity, this has allowed Pegasus to venture into the new less dense etheric layers surrounding the earth.


For the first time Pegasus is able to ascend down to our physical earth realm to channel his energy directly through lightworkers and Unicorns. This means his Divine energy is at its strongest to over power negativity.


Pegasus Reiki Healing Properties


Only Master healers are able to channel Pegasus Reiki master energy because its vibrational power is so intense. Pegasus energy is similar to the lighter cool healing of the Archangels. Pegasus works with Divine light which is so powerful that it defuses any negative particles and transmutes them into light. Every being good and bad started from the light Source and as such their original form was of the light. Pegasus Reiki dissolves and transforms negativity so releases blockages. Even self-sabotage feelings of guilt are released and transformed into positive thinking of love and self-worth. Pegasus Reiki resolves issues of self-destruct where people have addictive problems or abuse others or themselves. Pegasus energy helps the inner child the original soul energy to feel loved so they feel supported and not alone. Many addictions or abuse is a cry for help and the soul feeling lost and depressed.


Pegasus Reiki is unusual in that it is mainly done at the clients head and with the healing having hands OFF working within the auric field. The healing clears a passage through the aura using the directional flow of the crown charka. Healing the auric field clears blockages in the chakras of the physical body and the emotional, mental and Ascension auric layers. The physical body is receiving healing when the etheric auric bodies are cleared. The healing radiates outwards into the auric field with the healer building up strong energy within the first 3 auric layers. Pegasus Reiki works in cold pulses and waves systematically using the energy flow of the auric field to travel to the Higher Self.  

Pegasus Unicorn master Reiki course

2 part course £160 (£80 per day)


Students must have received their Unicorn Practitioner attunement to receive this Unicorn master attunement.


Awaken to the new advanced master energy of Pegasus, the leader of the Unicorns. Discover new ways to give Pegasus healing using crystals. Advanced cleansing & energising techniques. Energy field auric healing. Stars & the Zodiac influences on health & life’s purpose. Advanced Unicorns the Pegacorns &  spiritual gifts to help people. Pathway to heaven, the Seventh Realm of the angels & Unicorns. Powerful Reiki symbols to help children, animals, elderly, abuse & addiction. Welcome your Master Pegacorn herd into your life for positivity, love and abundance.


Included: Manual, Gifts, & Pegasus Master Reiki Practitioner level 3 Certificate


Unicorn master 

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