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Reiki Grand Master Healer & Spiritual Teacher



What are Orbs?


Orbs are concentrated energy of our loved ones, spirit guides, angels, fairies and other light beings. Orbs I believe are the spirit at rest or in a meditative state. Many orbs will have the face of the person, animal or light being within its centre.


Some people who are sceptical say that orbs are dust particles, I agree sometimes this might be the case, but the ones I have seen with my naked eye and my camera are of spiritual energy.



Monty 1

This photo is spiritual guides surrounding my horse Monty (shown as Orbs) just after I have ridden him and then given him some healing. Some of the orbs if you look closely you can see faces in them.


Here are loads of orbs just before I ride Monty. It amazes me that we all have many spirit friends around us. We are unable to see them, but animals like Monty have spirits with them as well. People have animal spirit guides and animal power guides, just like animals will have both human and animal spirit guides helping them.

Reiki dog orbs

Our dog reiki, who has now sadly passed away. She was very aware of spiritual energy and she would let us know if an uninvited dark spirit had come into our home. This happened rarely but when it did she would growl and her hackles would go up. Reiki would stare into the space and act aggressively, until I called in my guides to help the dark sprit on its way. On a few rare occasions Reiki would jump onto my therapy bed for healing and this was a time I caught her and took this photo. There is an orb above her and one to the right under the therapy pillow.


This is my dad on his 75th birthday. Picture taken with Paul’s mobile phone camera. There are 2 orbs inside the large one on dads head.  The two orbs inside the large orb are my dad’s brothers and it seems they wanted to be included in the celebrations. Another 2 orbs by dad’s right elbow on the bottom of the oven light up door.



This photo was taken at a mill and I sensed the spirits were not pleased with having tourists. Yes there is dust in a mill but this photo I took near where I sensed the spirits of a man, woman & a boy with a scruffy little dog were, so I believe these are their orbs.                                

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faires faires2

This picture I took myself with my Olympus camera. It was taken at Glastonbury and if you look carefully you can see orbs on the far left by the candle flame - these are Elementals of Fire called Salamanders. One is shown quite clearly and another above it is a blur because it is moving where you can see a line of light.

pink orb picture

An old cottage in Devon. Notice the pink orb to the left of the picture hanging on the wall. There is also a larger orb in front of the drawers on the wooden dresser.


This is an orb blown up so you can see more clearly the features, nose, eyes and mouth. I believe this is Ascended Master Kuthumi because he often helps me with healing animals.