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Lemurian Master Reiki



The ancient lost civilization of Lemuria existed before and during the time of Atlantis. Many people believe it was located in the Southern Pacific, between North America and Asia/Australia. Lemuria is also sometimes referred to as Mu, or the Motherland (of Mu). The people of Lemurian came from another universe so were both highly evolved and very spiritual. They were explorers, searching for spiritual knowledge on other planets. Even though there has not been any physical evidence to prove that Lemuria existed many light workers of today ‘know’ it did. Approximately 14,000 years ago, both Atlantis and Lemuria was thriving, but they evolved separately and did not have contact with each other. The Lemurian holy people began receiving spiritual information that the Earth was going to go through a very dramatic shift. The shift that they were referring to was what you call the Great Flood, which destroyed Atlantis. In preparation of this earth shift they buried many crystals and contacted others of their kind who had space ships to do the same secretly around the earth.


The people of Lemurian were very tall approx. 7 feet; they had slim bodies and look similar to Pleadians, except they did not have domed heads. Their aura was strong which made their bodies look bodies were translutant. Their hair was white or blonde with their facial features and skin albino like. They had striking purple/blue eyes with very large pupils and blonde or white eyelashes. Their sexual organs where internal so no breasts or penis would have been seen. Some people today believe the Lemurians were egg layers, I believe they were able to remove the sperm and ovary to conceive a child out of the confinements of the physical body. They did this so the child would not be dependent on the parents and ‘belong’ to the community so had a better upbringing by being loved by everyone. This also enabled all children to gain spiritual knowledge and support from all the community as all adults were the child’s parents. The Lemurians were peaceful, loving and had many angelic qualities which are why they were highly evolved spiritual light beings. They rarely spoke as they communicated by telepathic thoughts and emotions. All of the community felt they were one large extended family and they were all connected spiritually and emotionally. If anyone was poorly or upset everyone would sense it and offer support, this ensured no one felt lonely or isolated. Lemurians did not mix with others not of their kind; they were solitary and isolated, not like in Atlantis where different species joined together. 


With the earths attunements in 2012 our planet's vibration has increased, the buried crystals and the suppressed DNA containing the Lemurian knowledge will be awakened. All spiritual people will in part have some of this knowledge channelled to them by the crystals, but Masters and Grand Masters will subconsciously know more than others. The crystals will also open up new and powerful vortexes to other solar systems and the Higher Realms. These vortexes will enable souls to by-pass the seven etheric spiritual layers of the earth and travel directly to SOURCE. In the past spiritual people have had to learn and evolve in their dream work by gaining knowledge and experience on each level.   Among us are also people who have been closed down from spiritual power so they unknowingly are guardians of Lemurian secrets within their DNA. These people have blended in and until now were not interested in anything spiritual. With the 2012 attunements their DNA will have activated the suppressed Lemurian knowledge so they become natural powerful healers and mature spiritual people.   Lemurian spiritual elders have given humans a special gift by our chance to evolve far quicker with the crystals help. Without the foresight of the Lemurians humans will have taken a lot longer to evolve spiritually.   Lemurian spiritual souls who have been preparing to be spirit guides will have been summoned by the crystals activation to be ready after Lemurian Reiki attunement.


Lemurian Crystal Master Reiki

2 part course @ £80 per session (£160.00)


Many Centuries ago the Lemurians ethereal beings visited our planet. They placed Lemurian crystals within the Earth before Atlantis in readiness for future generations of Lightworkers. These crystals were programmed to hold the highest vibration for 2012 and beyond. Lemurian Attunement enables you to channel this ancient crystal energy to increase frequency of all Reiki and crystal healing methods. Healing with Lemurian crystal energy which has been activated within the earth in December 2012 & at its peak in Summer 2013. Lemurian Crystal Master Reiki enables healers to invoke Universal energy of many stars including Orion, Jupiter & Pluto. This awakened energy helps all Lightworkers, Star people & angel people, to feel at home with the rebirth of our earth’s enlightenment frequency. Advanced energy to assist Ascended Master lightworkers who are living on earth now. Lemurian healing & meditation Symbols.



Includes: Full colour course Manual, Practical healing, theory & Master certificate, Gift.  


This attunement only for Reiki Masters or Grand Masters due to its high frequency.

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