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Native Indian guides


Native Indian guides are proud, loyal, respectful and stand no nonsense. Our native Indian guides understand that healing (their medicine) is not just about repairing, cleansing and realigning our physical body, it also means healing the mind and especially the soul. Our Native Indian guides believe all energy is as one which has come from Source, the Great White Spirit. They see energy within living things and the environment having an impact of good or bad on everything connected to it. Everything needs to be balanced including our way of life, our education, family and our enjoyment; if we can achieve balance then we have become one with the Great White Spirit. In my experience I have only found Native Indian spirit guides join a spiritual person who is dedicated to healing and helping others. They tend not to be too interested in clairvoyants or mediums, they prefer healers, this is not to say that some mediums don’t have an Indian spirit guide it’s just that they are fairly elusive. I have never seen Running bear, lightning cloud or painted wolf when I am teaching a class or giving a reading, only when I am doing healing, especially crystal healing.  Native Indian Guides are very proud and traditional, they hold on to their beliefs which they in their life on earth. They are not interested in politics of any kind, political, family or work; they see all mankind as part of the bigger picture and not with mundane earthly worries. Native Indian guides have a calming presence and they help healers to remain unfazed by life’s hurdles. They prevent negative thoughts or actions to take a hold and create negativity within the healer. To my knowledge I have never seen or felt any anger, despair or annoyance from my Native Indian guides, they have an amazing patience and grace. Maybe their way of showing their displeasure is for them to disappear or walk away they will then return when the situation is calmer. All Native Indians have different personalities and mannerisms, but they do seem to have one thing other than their cultural beliefs in common and that is they are very proud. They are modest but with an inner strength of courage and respect, even for their enemies. In some ways they remind me of our Pleadian guides in that they value their culture and have a serious wise outlook on life and the universe.




A troubled Mind


A common belief among Indian tribes was the knowledge of negative energy and how this could harm the mind and then the soul. Native Indians understood the damaged mind can harm a person physically and that the core of most illnesses was related to the mind being troubled. Calm the mind and then the soul will mend the body. Happy positive people are less likely to be poorly, whereas stressed or anxious people will more than likely be ill. The mind can influence your wellbeing and can create positive or negative attitude to every situation. Negative thoughts produce dark energy which can then attract unwelcome dark spirits and etheric cords which will drain you, one of these negative thoughts it that of guilt.

Power Animal Guides


Out of all the spirit guides that help us, our animal ones are the least known, because they rarely communicate with us so receive no acknowledgment or thanks. By being grateful and showing acknowledge your animals spirit guides will give you both a greater connection and encouragement for that animal to help at a deeper level.


Animal spirit guides rarely have direct contact with us they do their job or task and leave the liaising to our human spirit guides. It is important that we appreciate the help our animal guides give us, especially ones who were once wild and had no human contact.  The spirit of your animal guide is giving up its 'free will' of traveling and learning with other animal spirits of its species. When horses, cows, pigs, foxes, deer and birds die their spirit ascends and joins others of their breed. This is especially important for 'wild' animals that have had human contact for example in a zoo, wild life park or as a pet. They are given healing to 'relearn' instincts and mannerisms on how to be a wild animal again.

Golden Eagle Master Reiki course


2 part course £160.00 (£80.00 per session)


Discover the amazing healing power of your Indian guides and power animals.  Breath healing techniques. Sound healing. Animal medicine & totem healing. Four winds healing, north, south, east & west. Butterfly wings healing. Earth, Wind, fire & water mother nature energy. Nature healing with Sea shells, twigs, leather or Feathers. Use herbs & spices to aid healing. Sharman moqui healing stones. Bird guides, Golden Eagle, crow, eagle, falcon, Owl, buzzard.  Power animal guides, bear, wolf, tiger and panther. Golden eagle Reiki symbols. The Stone lodge elder’s spirit guides. Master ATTUNEMENT to Golden Eagle Reiki.  


Includes: full colour manual, Practical healing, theory, Master Certificate& gift.




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