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                          Lynda Bourne

Reiki Grand Master Healer & Spiritual Teacher


Booking your distant healing


We will arrange a suitable time of your choosing Reiki Healing Energy will be sent to you by energetic connection. Overseas clients will need to know time difference with the UK. Before the healing we can have a video chat suing FaceTime or Whattsapp to discuss your requirements for the session.


When we do the healing I prefer no electric interference which makes the healing a stronger etheric spiritual connection. With this in mind I suggest you remove your watch and switch off your computer and mobile or sit in a room where there is minimal electromagnetic interference.


Ideally I would like you to be lying down or sitting comfortably, due to the healing may take 45 minutes to an hour. Some people like to receive the healing just before they go to bed, this allows the healing to continue while the person sleeps.


To confirm the booking I will send you a payment request via Paypal and when received payment the booking is confirmed.


Distant Healing

Reiki healing can be given to you in the comfort of your home. Healing can be sent at any time to suit you and to anywhere in the world.

What you might experience


Everyone is difference which means many people sense different things. Some people even fall asleep almost immediately or they have a deep sense of calm and peace. Some people see colours and have a gentle floating sensation. If the person has an old injury they may feel tingling and if the injury is recent then this might feel cool or warm. Occasionally the person’s tummy will rumble, this is a sign the energy is clearing deep trauma from the Solar Plexus (human dustbin) where old emotions are buried.


Reiki will go where it is needed and will always work as long as it is in the highest good of the recipient.


Often people sense they feel different the next day and following days until the reiki healing has settled.


After your Reiki session I encourage you do drink a large glass of water to replenish yourself. Some people feel more thirsty than usual, this is the healing helping with a detox and letting go.



How often is distant healing required?


Everyone is different and further healing is the decision of the individual, the person will know when they are feeling flat, worried or anxious and need another healing session. Healing often needs to be repeated due to the persons circumstances and if there are any emotional trauma or experiences. Healing works on all levels, the emotional mind, the mental thoughts, the physical body and the soul or higher Self.


With all my clients and students I offer email, text and Facebook support and advice on how to keep your energy healthy and happy.



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How much does it cost?


Video call consultation & distant healing session



7 amethyst flow
* Required

Booking form

If booking overseas please let me know which country you are from and if possible your time difference from the UK?



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When booking for a distant healing session with Video please include your mobile number.