School of Spiritual Enlightenment

                          Lynda Bourne

Reiki Grand Master Healer & Spiritual Teacher

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Lynda Bourne School of Spiritual Enlightenment.

Crystal Cottage, 19 Duncalfe Drive, Sutton Coldfield, West Mids B75 5EX.

Tel: 0121-308-6526  07798-615-102  [email protected]

Course students Testimonials


“Long may the sessions continue. Lynda has been superb during the sessions. She has put them in a way that is easy to understand and always there to help me”


“Thank you Lynda. I have built up my confidence with spirit and have met some lovely people on my course. Cannot wait to return on the next one”


“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course it has given me the energy and faith to help myself and others”


“Have enjoyed every minute. Being someone who felt fairly nervous and unsure, I have felt very comfortable with the whole course and will definitely continue”


“I would like to say a huge thank you to Lynda for being my spiritual teacher”


“A very enjoyable beginners course and I cannot wait until the next course”


“I thoroughly enjoyed it and have learnt so much, thank you”


“Very enjoyable. Nice group of people. Very peaceful & relaxed. Given me much more hope and my threes words – peace, power, confidence”


“I hope more people can get the opportunity to go on this course”


"I 1st found Lynda about 3 years ago and now feel that she is a very special part of my Journey. I have grown and evolved with her help and guidance. I have attended most of her courses, had numerous attunements and know that if I need advice or support Lynda is there for me. I have written a poem 'Earth Angel', which I hope will introduce those who have not met Lynda yet to what a very special person she is."

Earth Angel


Earth angel you mean the world to me without your eyes I could not see.


A world of joy, so I’m not blind not through my eyes, but through my mind.


Your wings to take me up to where a vision of wonder, so happy to share.


Your heart so big and full of love that truly must come from above.


Earth angel you comfort in times of sad your words of wisdom, do bring glad.


Your hands to heal my body and soul my spirit too so I am whole.


I thank the angels for sending you to me I need your love to set me free.


From chains and ties of past and old, knowledge you give to make me bold.


You give me strength so I can fly and join you way above the sky.


Earth angel I give my thanks to you a special one through and through.


No words can show my grateful heart a kindred two hope never to part.


You give so much, ask no return your purpose is to teach and learn.


Lost souls like me, to guide us to our purpose, our mission, to be like you.


Earth angel all I need to say please don’t ever go away.


Without your guide I’d wonder free not on the path, set for me.


So thank-you for all you have done for me, for all, for everyone.


A special place within my heart you have held from the start.


Its locked in there, a special key Is held between you and me.


                                                                              Author Kellie Lewis

1 Dr Usui Reiki courses
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6pm - 8pm  -  6 sessions held monthly @ £50 per session


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Crystal therapy Courses Meditation Leader course



6pm - 8pm - 10 sessions held monthly @ £20 per session


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6pm - 8pm   -   6 sessions held monthly @ £30 per session


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Past Life Regression Course Reiki courses FB Mediumship training course


‘working with angels & guides’

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Psychic Foundation course


6pm - 8pm           12 sessions held monthly @ £20 per session


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Mon 12th Oct

6pm - 8pm