School of Spiritual Enlightenment

                          Lynda Bourne

Reiki Grand Master Healer & Spiritual Teacher


Aura energy photos

Aura photo £30

(or 2 photos £40)

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Lynda Bourne School of Spiritual Enlightenment.

Crystal Cottage, 19 Duncalfe Drive, Sutton Coldfield, West Mids B75 5EX.

Tel: 0121-308-6526  07798-615-102  [email protected]

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* Required

Aura photo £30 or two photos for £40

If you would like to have your aura photograph taken please message me for an appointment.

Contact me form or phone 07798 615 102

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Aura Kirian Photography

Unlike computerised aura photography these photos have been taken by our Kirian aura camera. The photos do not rely on a computer to interpret the images, our camera takes a photo of what it ‘sees’. No direct contact is required with the subject. No hand plates are used, which makes it easy to take aura photos of animals and other non-human subjects.


Our Kirian aura camera is technically advanced, one-step instant camera modified with special electronics and fibre optics to produce colourful aura photographs. We are able to take photographs of people, pets, crystals, plants art and objects. Healers and energy workers use aura cameras to show before and after photos of their client’s aura. Aura photography can show changes and improvements in the energy field with a photo taken before and after a Reiki or crystal healing treatment. Aura photography is very effective for personal growth and self-discovery by showing you how you truly are, mentally physically and spiritually. Some aura photographs show spiritual activity such as a spirit guide or loved one.

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