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I live with my husband Paul, in the Midlands. I enjoy riding my horse Monty, and taking Reiki our Staffordshire Bull terrier for a walk.

As a child I was fully aware of my spiritual beliefs, even though my parents were involved with psychic work I did not participate. My mother quite often found me talking and playing with my spiritual friends when I was in my cot as a baby. I was fortunate to see spirits and it seemed natural to have them all around me. Later in life I became influenced by other peoples views, which were not the same as mine. I was teased at school so this impressed doubt in my mind and I became less perceptive. Gradually my guides gave me privacy and allowed me to find my own way with them keeping a watchful eye on me. Eventually my spiritual gifts came back to the surface so I awakened my psychic mind to its full potential as a Spiritual teacher.

My life has seen many changes and I have had a varied life. I was a veterinary nurse for nearly twenty years, and then I moved into the NHS as a practice manager. I have now left my job as a NHS practice manager and I am solely concentrating on my spiritual work. I have taken a leap of faith, in believing that I am needed to help teach others and help them find their spiritual path.

It is now in middle age that I find myself more and more involved in teaching and practicing within our psychic work. The list of my knowledge is growing longer with the teachings of my guides. Regardless of your religion or beliefs, we all have angels, fairies as spiritual helpers, also our spirit guides, who are waiting to be invited to help in any way they can. 

My teachers have mainly been my guides who have taught me to have faith and trust within them and ofcourse myself. We have spent many hours getting to know one another and for meto feel comfortable with them. This is how they have become my friends andcompanions who I confide in when I have problems. My main guides I work with are Paul, my spirit life guide ( and yes there are 2 Pauls in my life, my guideand my husband - confusing) also Nayeem, my psychic Master teacher guide. When I was a little girl, Paul my spirit used to stand at the bottom of my bed, waitfor me to see him, then smile and disappear. My parents are aware ofspirituality and they did not brush aside my vision as a figment of my imagination. My spiritual growth was not hampered by my parents, but by others in society, when I attended school and then later work. 

Luckily my guides persisted and would not leave me to believe in other people’s views, I continued to see and interact with spirits and my guides in private. Later in life I gained trust and confidence in myself and allowed my true spiritual beliefs to come through and spoke about them openly.  Through my experiences with other people doubting they have angels, guides or that spirits really exist, I have learnt to use this in my teaching and helping others to develop their psychic ability. I enjoy teaching others to develop their confidence with their guides and many of my students have become healers, clairvoyant and mediums in their own right.

My horse Monty. He was challenging as he came from a riding school and he was very nappy - he kept stopping and wanting to go where there is another horse. He is now confident, safe and a pleasure to ride.

Monty loves reiki healing and goes even more dopey when I give him a session. A typical cob, he loves his food and lots of fuss. I am getting use to having a 'hairy beasty' as my other horses were fine coated and not at all hairy.   Monty yawns and closes his eyes when having Reiki healing. You can see his moustache in this picture.   

I'm up every morning at 6am to feed and muck out - think of me when you are tucked up in your warm bed.   I wouldn't change it as I find it so relaxing as horses are very spiritual and gentle. 

Our Staffordshire Bull Terrier 'Reiki' loves having Reiki healing and falls asleep. Hence her name. On the first night we had her she was missing her mum, brothers and sisters and cried unless Paul and I gave her Reiki healing. Reiki is spiritually sensitive and can sense negative energy and see spirits - like most animals.

Reiki is now grown up, though she still acts like she is a puppy, always up to mischief. I often wonder if she is really a boy dog as she is not at all 'lady like'. As you can see she was hot one day so lay down in the muddy water! Hence she was given a bath with a hose before she was allowed back in my car.

Paul and I on our wedding day. He is so supportive with all the work I do. Paul is also a Reiki Master, Tarot reader and psychic.

Personal profile

Personal profile

Lynda Bourne – is a spiritual teacher, Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium and Reiki Master, Crystal healer, Angels & Fairies, Dolphin and Unicorn Master teacher. Born into a spiritual family, she started seeing spirits at a very young age and by the age of nine she was already practicing healing.
A veterinary nurse for many years, appearing on TV in ‘Stop, Look, Listen ’, Newshound  and ‘The Vet’ series, she then became an NHS Practice Manager  and was nominated as Regional Representative before finally deciding to dedicate her life to teaching healing and spiritual guidance. She runs courses and regularly travels around the UK giving talks and demonstrations. People travel from all over the country and abroad to seek her guidance – “It is not just healers, mediums and spiritual people who have angels and spirit guides, we all do”. She enables people to communicate with their own personal spirit guides and Angelic realm to gain help with all aspects of their life. 

 “Lynda shocked me with her accuracy. She told me things about my life she could not possibly had known”   Adam Smith – Sutton Coldfield Observer

Lynda uses her own spirit guides to help other professional Reiki Masters, clairvoyants and mediums.  She contributed regularly to magazines and had her own Question and Answer page in Health & Happiness magazine and animal health on line magazine, until sadly the magazine publisher died. She is also a horse communicator and healer with a thriving practice, and  articles on Reiki healing has been in Practice Nursing Magazine, Feb 2009. Healing with animals have been published in Tree of Life Magazine, Spring 2008 (‘Healing with animals’) and in The British Association for the Purebred Spanish Horse Ltd (British Andalusian Horse Society), Spring 2008 (‘Healing with Horses’).



                 Live your dream

 “Live your dream, I am.
There may be days that are windswept and days of sunshine, but at least you can say you have lived your life the best way you can.
Be kind to yourself, live for the moment, see the good in the world and by doing this, the world will remember you."  
When you look back see how far you have come.
When you look forward go with an open heart and accept your spiritual gifts.  
When you look down see the earth beneath your feet as your chance to grow into the special person others love and respect.
When you look above, see the rainbows as heaven sent.  
When you look within see the angel waiting to open her wings so never be afraid to open your wings and fly.
Live your dream. I am”  
                                                                                      Lyndy Bourne