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What you think will effect how you behave and others around you will react to your energy. Make a wish list and believe you now have what you wish for in the present sense. Start your wish list "I now have in my life ....... always say thank you to who every you believe helps you, your angels, spirit guides, power animals or passed loved ones. Place the wish list in the open on top or a high shelf or wardrobe. Never place the wish list in a drawer or hide away as this indicates you are not ready to receive your wishes.

I have decided to include a page on various tips in helping with lifes issues, for example money worries or relationships. Many of my clients and students have similar problems so I thought it would be useful to include my suggestions.

Healing session is beneficial when you are feeling stressed, anxious, sad or low.

Information on healing can be found on Healing Session

To contact me for an appointment Contact Me

Love & Soulmate
First of all when you are looking for love you may not want or need your soulmate. Many people make the mistake of thinking their soulmate is who they need to make them happy. A soulmate is a mirror personality and as such all the faults, habits and same characteristics will be found in each other. 

Another reason a relationship is difficult to find is that the person looking for love is not ready. This may be due to the person not loving or respecting themselves or that they NEED too desperately another to support them. Ideally a relationship should be balanced by giving and receiving love, respect and trust from each other, if any of these things are weak then the relationship will eventually suffer.

To help with love I suggest the following: 

1. Love yourself first, do not allow another to overpower you with their personality, choose someone your equal. 

2.  You will know when you are ready for a long term relationship is when you WANT someone but you don’t NEED them. 

3. Make an angel love letter, by telling the angels the person you are looking for. Include things like, trustworthy, reliable, commitment, sense of humour, your equal and anything that is not too specific. Leave the letter on the window sill or on top of your wardrobe, don’t hide away or the angels will think you don’t want the person just yet.

4. Choose someone who is or can be your best friend as friendship will last a lifetime. 

5. Wear pink to surround yourself in pink loving energy.

6. Wear Rose quartz to open and balance your heart chakra.

7.  Check out the other person’s eyes, these are the window to their soul.

8. Have fun and respect each other. Love will grow and trust will need to be earned. 

9. Don’t tar everyone with the same brush. Treat everyone as individuals, as many have been hurt and have life experiences. 
10. Don’t pick a ‘lame duck’ unless you are in a strong place yourself. Many healers are drawn to lame ducks as they naively think they can change and heal anyone. 

Money worries

Lack of money causes many problems which can lead to stress, anger and low self esteem. So I have some suggestions here to help bring in abundance and wealth.

1. place citrine in the farthest corner of your house as if you are standing at your front door..this is the abundance corner

2. say this chant Nam, myo, ho ren, gee, kyo this is the abundance Tibetan chant to bring in wealth, you need to say it at least 3 times or more and say it in a deep voice so it clears your vibration

3. Hold a coin in your left hand and ask to speak to Goddess Abundantia and ask her to help you by bringing in wealth

4. Ask to speak to Archangel Gabrielle ask him to spread the word to bring in wealth

5. Place an abundance angel on the roof above your house to act as a beacon

6. Place gold protective pyramid above and another pyramid upside down below your house, to protect your home.

8. Place your bank statement on a window sill and leave with a citrine and amethyst around it to spread the word and to bring in abundance.

9. Dissolve etheric cords and sending healing to cords that need strengthening or repairing. Do not cut as they will reattach.

10. Ask angels to help you, though ask for single items so angels don't get confused

11. Make a wish list of things you want to do to make you happy, write as if you already have them in your life, so you bring into the here and now.

Ask your angels to help you and talk to you in your dreams. They are eager to help you in anyway they can, but they have to be asked first.

Feeling angry

The worse thing you can do is bottle up your feelings, as this will close down and block your chakras, then produce even more negativity and make you depressed. Many people are unable to talk about a problem or work is getting too stressful so they no longer can control the situation. Stress and negative problems will always be in your life unless you find a way to handle the way you react or cope with it. I have put a few suggestions here to help.

1. Use Jet, obsidian, smokey quartz, tigers eye, black torumaline to remove, cleanse and prevent negative energy. Place in your pocket, bra or under your pillow at night. Have at least 2 or 3 crystals so you can swap them and cleanse them and you have a fresh one every day.

2. Write a journal to let go of how you feel, but be honest and allow your true feelings to be expressed on paper.

3. Use a pendulum to ask your spirit guides to clear you of negative energy. Though you must ensure you are grounded first then place gold protective shield all around you and under your feet.

4. When possible go for a walk in the countryside or beside water to relax and switch off. Try and stay away from negative people or situations as much as possible.

5. Listen to music or read a book, take your mind on a holiday. DO NOT meditate if you are feeling negative as you make feel worse afterwards due to your guides being unable to ground and protect you fully.

6. If you are unable to see a way forward, then seek help with healing or visit the doctor. Do not be stubborn and think you can handle this on your own.

7. Ask angels to help you by giving you healing while you sleep.

8. Ask for Archangel Metatron to suggest a solution and find a way for you to be happy. He used to be human so has a overall perspecitve as an angel and as a person.

9. Anger is how you allow yourself to feel, it is an emotion that you can choose NOT to feel, let go of it and not bottle it up.

10. Ask your guides to surround you in silver energy, as silver converts negative energy into white light. 

Love & respect all those around you, but of course you must love & respect yourself first. Search within your heart, what will make you truly happy? If you feel loved and happy then others around you will feel this too. Let go and allow yourself the freedom of being truthful and honest. Life is too short.

Healing session is beneficial when you are feeling stressed, anxious, sad or low.

Information on healing can be found on Healing Session

To contact me for an appointment Contact Me