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Everyone has spirit guides, even if you are a none believer you will have spiritual helpers. Spirit guides will respect you and will not interfere with your life by influencing you with any decisions, they are only there to help if you ask for it. Guides are just like the angels in that they are unable to help you until you ask them for it. Spirit guides give you privacy so they do not make you feel uncomfortable by you thinking they are watching you in the bath or sitting on the loo, they don't.

None believer

A none spiritual person may only have 5 or so spirit guides which follow the person around and watch from a distance what the person does. Even none spiritual people will do things which are an instinct or their gut feeling - this is following you psychic intuition. Guides have been known to step in and help when the person they are following is in danger and this may even mean their life will be cut short if their guides did not interfere.

Spiritual person

Most spiritual people will have 50 or so guides, but spiritual people have been known to have 300 to 500 guides with them. This is because the spiritual person will be doing things which spirits will be interested in, by observing or helping the person. Also when spiritual people are evolving and improving they will have new guides join and old ones leave.

YOUTUBE VIDEO I explaining how to connect to spirit guides using a pendulum. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMFaZRkhRtk

Who are spirit guides

Many spirit guides are normal every day people who can help the person with daily tasks. There maybe a Victorian house keeper or an Edwardian accountant that can help with organising the house hold chores and help with balancing figures at work. People who have healing ability may have a Tibetan monk, Indian healer or nurse.

I have amongst my guides my grandmother who used to nurse sick animals. She helped me greatly for many years when I was a veterinary nurse.

In this photograph here you can see her with a jay on her hand which she nursed back to health. Which you can imagine for a farmers wife this was very unusual.

"working with your Angels & Spirit guides"
PSYCHIC COURSE monthly class consisting of 6 modules per level. Each module £20.00

Learn how to work with your spirit guides. Discover more about them.

Who are our spirit guides? How do they communicate? Sense and feel when your spirit guides are around you. How do your spirit guides help you?  Intensive course  .... Meditation, protection and grounding, develop your psychic ability and intuition, dowsing, orbs, spirits guides, touch & feel your guides around you, meet your teacher or life guide, energy fields, clearing, etheric cordings, psychic attack, karma and past life experiences, channel messages and thoughts, clairvoyance, mediumship skills, using psychic tools, learn how to do psychic writing & drawings. Channel pictures and objects from your guides. Safely use Tarot cards & angel cards. Develop and sense your 3rd eye. Guide’s personalities & their roles. Guides at work, rest and play. Mischievous spirits. Learn & develop your Kundalini energy. (classes divided into beginners, intermediate & advanced). Six Month course £ 20.00 per session Includes practical sessions, course notes with folder & Certificate at end of each course. These psychic classes are held monthly at my home at Crystal cottage.

Course Booking & Contact form Contact Me

One of my students feedback on my Psychic course https://youtu.be/XMjucJO3tkY

Working with your Angels & Spirit guides  - The Psychic course is divided into 3 levels, beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level has 6 modules @ £20.00 per session.

Many men are joining the spirit guides classes as well as crystal and Reiki healing. Woman have always been intuitive and use their instincts, but lately more men have shown they can be very spiritual. In some cases men are easier to teach as they are less analytical than women.

Pleidian Spirit Guides
Many spiritual people have guides which also helped the Mayans, Aztecs and the Egyptians these are the Pleidians.

The Pleadians are reserved and private they rarely speak, but they use their feelings to be felt by their spiritual human they are helping. They are very serious and highly evolved lightworker guides.

Many lightworkers (a lightworker is someone working with the light) of today have a Pleadian as their life guide, where the Pleadian would have joined the person at 7 years old.

When I meet someone regardless if they are a believer or not I know instantly if that person has psychic abilities because I can see which guides are with them. If they have a Pleadian guide then I know they have spiritual senses. These Guides tend to stand on a persons left.

Pleadian guides are approx 7 feet tall and they helped the Egyptians to develop their spiritual senses. They remind me of a certain sci-fi tv character, with pointed ears.  many spiritual people of today have these guides helping them.

To give you some idea on what I can see in a spiritual person I have drawn a picture here. someone who is psychic and is experienced with spiritual tasks.

This is not the same for a none believer. So please don't get concerned thinking that everyone have off planet people helping them. Off planet spirit guides were once normal people like you, they have come to help us in preparation for our earths vibrational energy changes in 2012.

Most people have 10 to 20 spiritual guides helping them, but spiritual developed people have many more.

If you want to know more about your guides then my Psychic classes 'working with your Angels & Spirit Guides' - Psychic course will interest you.

Orion Healing Guides
These guides are small, approx 4 feet tall and they are cheeky and fun loving. These guides I call Orion guides. Their role is to help with healing and removing negative energy. They radiate pure love, so one of their main roles is to help the human healer remove negative energy - negativity has difficulty penetrating loving energy. 

Neptune guides are approx 9 feet tall. They help large groups of people and spiritual teachers. Difficult to converse with as they give you feelings rather than mental words.

Develop your psychic talent with Tarot & angel cards ....

Angelic & Psychic (TAROT) Card Reader Practitioner Diploma
Discover your true potential in understanding card messages 
Learn how to follow your instinct in using your visual and psychic senses to read tarot and angel cards. More information on my courses page Courses & Events