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There are many types of angels, but all want to help us and make us feel loved. Angels are very pure energy where they give out unconditional love. Angels are helping us all the time and on many occasions we are unaware of this. Angels are so special in that they give their love and healing energy freely.

See bottom of this page for Angel Reiki courses.

Angels Reiki Healing with the angels is very special and they will help anyone who asks for assistance. If a person has been attuned to Angelic Reiki this is even more special as the healer will have asigned to them by Archangel Metatron a healing angel. A healing angel works with the healer. Angels pure love and high frequency is able to lift off any sadness, clear blockages and trasmute negative energy. Love is very powerful.

How are angels different to spirit guides

Angels are celestial beings of a higher vibrational level than guides. Angels are created out of pure light energy directly from Source/God. They have agreed to assist humans to evolve to reach enlightenment so the person can then become an Ascended Master.  Angels have not been down to earth so they have no karma or experience of pain, trauma, emotional upset, food or even feeling cold. They are innocent when it comes to then understanding our worries or fears. They have no emotions except pure love and because of this they can maintain their higher frequency and not have it affected with any negative energy.  Angels have the ability to safely remove negative energy as they have pure light energy which diffuses and transmutes negativity. Like attracts like, negative energy is attracted to other negative energy, this why it is important for a healer to regularly clear themselves and place protection around them.

There are different kinds of angels, each serving a specific function in your life, your guardian angel, angel of marriage, work or even in your garden, the smaller nature angels the elementals. A guardian angel is your personal protector that is looking over you always. Your guardian is a very special kind of angel that is with you from the moment you are born to help you move towards the light. Messenger angels are angels that sometimes take on human form for short periods to give you a message, offer help in times of danger or teach you an important lesson.

Angels appear in different forms not always the traditional vision of one with wings. Angels are very humble and more then often will appear in human form without wings to help you and then disappear before you had chance to thank them. So as not to frighten you and make you feel comfortable they may show themselves as a child or elderly person, they offer help in a gentle non-intrusive way. There have been many accounts of Angels helping people in times of danger or stress. Attackers discouraged when seeing a strange figure walking beside a lone woman. Tired drivers finding their steering taken over by some invisible hands or falls are prevented by a gentle cushioned pillow. Every religious text indicates that Angels are here to help us.

Angels will be easier to sense and feel rather than see. Their energy vibrates so fast you will find it difficult to see an image; they would have to slow down their vibration for you to see their form. Many people see angels as a column of light.

YOUTUBE VIDEO I explaining how to connect to Angels using a pendulum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMFaZRkhRtk

What are Angels

Angels are pure light beings, who have chosen to assist people in reaching enlightenment. Angels are different to people in that their soul has never been down to earth, so they remain free of negative energy, so they have not experienced pain, anger or any emotional hurt. Many times when I see or feel an angel they make me cry as their energy is very pure and filled with love. Angels can usually be felt as cold or you experience a buzzing or whistle in your ears, due to their high vibration.

Feathers Look out for their calling card a white feather. Many times when you are feeling sad and lonely the angels will let you know they are helping you and watching over you by leaving a white feather.

Angels need to be asked

Never think that are angels are too busy for you to ask them for help, they are patiently waiting for us to call them. Angels have to be asked to help you; they are not permitted to help unless your life is in danger. They are not are servants they are our divine helpers. Many people ask angels to watch over their children or even find a parking space for their car. Angels require us to ask for them to help us as this helps the angels to evolve where they eventually become and archangel. Never be too busy to ask for angels helps.

Angel Reiki healing     When healing with angels you will feel uplifted and more emotional, angel healing is very special in that angels are able to transmute negative energy due to them being of a pure form. Negative energy is produced when someone feels angry, sad, guilty or physical pain, an angel has never experienced any of these so their pure energy will surround and transmute negative energy within a person or place. 

Angels will watch over you when you sleep and they will give you healing. Angels will also use their voices to transmute and lift off any negative energy. Have you every woken up and thought you heard beautiful choir singing, this will be the angels. Their voices are high frequency and difficult to hear, but when you are waking and still in a half sleep you may hear them.

Elemental fairy angels

Angels can be as large as a planet, such as the thrones or small as a ‘barbie’ doll, the elementals. Angels can also reduce or intensify their energy so are able to change size. Invariably angels are difficult to see and if you did see an angel it maybe when you are waking up and still in a dream state of mind, or you may see them as a shaft of light.

How to feel an angel?

To feel an angel is a lot easier than seeing one. Ask angels to come to you and sense the air change, you may feel itchy on your nose or shoulders with their feathers touching you. In many cases you will feel colder and may even shiver due to the higher vibratration of the angels.

How to talk to an angel

This is easier to talk to them, but for you to hear them or understand what they are trying to tell you is a lot more difficult. You can use a pendulum or ask the angels to talk to you in your dreams and in the morning you will have an inner feeling of what the message is.

Angel Reiki - 1st Degree        

Healers start with Angel Reiki level one so they are able to remove old emotions which are preventing them from going forward. Angel Reiki one is where the person does Self healing for 21 days. The first degree is helps a person find their true self and no longer live in the past. I will encourage you to write a journal, release buried emotions by doing self healing everyday and meditate. The healing on yourself will clear and remove negative emotions in preparation to doing healing on others.

Course format: Angels and their purpose, Sensing different healing energy such as Violet flame & angelic Reiki, Meet your personal angel who will help you heal yourself. How to use Symbol 1, the power symbol, Protection, grounding & clearing. Angel Reiki First Degree Attunement, Self hand positions. Sensing blocked chakras. How to Meditate.

Course Includes: practical & theory, full colour Manual, Reiki first degree Certificate.

Course fee £120

                                                      * * * * * * *

Angel Reiki Practitioner  

Meet your healing angels in Meditation. Feel the angels loving energy. Sense the Archangels energy and learn how they can help you. Open your heart to the healing energy of the angelic realm. I will help you to empower yourself so you become more confident and knowledgeable. Develop skills and healing techniques for an Angel Reiki practitioner. Learn why your healing angel is special in training other healing angels to help others.

Course Format: Attunement to angelic light energy through Archangel Metatron.    Angels hierarchy Practical & theory healing. Angelic healing symbols. Karmic Energy Shift Healing. Learn angel distant healing.

Course includes:
Practical & theory, full colour manual, course notes, Angel Reiki Practitioner qualification certificate.

2 modules day course Fee £240 (£120 per day)

                                                      * * * * * * *

Do you believe in angels? Have you felt their presence? Discover the unique healing energy of your angel guides. Learn about angels and their evolution and how they help us. Healing angels and other angels roles. How angelic Reiki is different to other healing systems. Feel and work with the angelic Divine healing light. Angels working with spirit guides.

Angel Master Teacher  1/2 day course

This level of Angel Reiki training is for Advanced Reiki teachers who have studied and worked with Angel Reiki for a considerable length of time. Angel Master teaching is a lifetime commitment to the Angelic realm by passing on the gift of angel Reiki healing to others. The Angel Reiki teacher will be demonstrating mature wisdom of the Angelic realm as they teach others. The teacher represents the Angelic kingdom by shining their light out to others who seek their guidance.
The Angel Master Degree demands a high level of spiritual maturity with knowledge of the Archangels. It is a major life commitment, lifting your energy and consciousness to a far higher level to the Angelic realm.

Course format: Angel teacher responsibilities, Teacher & student insurance requirements, space clearing and preparation, Advanced meditations and visualisations, Charging objects and water with Angel Reiki, Angel healing with eye contact, Angel Reiki Symbols, Teacher Master Angel Reiki Attunement, student attunement  Process, Your student Angel Course syllabus formats for levels, Angel Reiki First degree/Angel Reiki Practitioner/Angel Reiki Master. Angel Reiki Lineage.  

Course includes:
Teacher full colour manual, Master Teacher Attunement, Master Teacher qualification certificate.  Aura photograph before & after Master Teacher Attunement. Complimentary gift.

Course Fee: £600

Course Booking & Contact form Contact Me

Angelic & Psychic Card Reader Practitioner Diploma

Discover your true potential in understanding card messages   Learn how to follow your instinct in using your visual & psychic senses to read tarot, angel, Unicorn & other spiritual cards. You will be shown how to give sensitive information to a client & be specific in what you sense. Gain confidence. Beaware of your limitations & not feel pressure from client to give false information. Angel cards gentleness & sense when working with Tarot how safe & friendly they are. Learn all of the Tarot 78 card deck meanings & how to decipher then. Advice on readings at home, over telephone & psychic fairs. Insurance & legal responsiblilities.   £30 per session (total 10 session modules)   Included in course . . . Practical & theory sessions, folder, & certificate, FREE angel & Tarot cards

See courses page for more details Courses & Events

                                                      * * * * * * *

Archangels & fairies monthly workshop

Meet many new & some well-known Archangels. Archangels energy and tasks. There are more Archangels that you have not met yet or even know about. Where do Archangels go to rest, work and play? Learn ways on how the new Archangels and fairies help us. Do you believe in fairies, what do they do? Green men and their tree friends within the elemental kingdom. How fairies and archangels help our pets and children. Come and meet the cheeky fairies and all their friends. Do you have fairies in your home or garden? Learn more about these special beings.

£ 20.00 per session
held monthly (10 sessions per course)
next workshop start date see
Course Dates

                                                      * * * * * * *

Your Guardian angel. Remember we all have our own guardian angel who will advise us and help us in our hour of need. Use a pendulum to talk to them or ask your guardian angel to talk to you in your sleep. In the morning you may not remember what was said but you will have a inner feeling of peace and that all will be well.

Angelic protection. Angels will surround you in love and protect you from negative energy. They will look after you house and car. Ask angels to help you if you feel tired and drained they will assist your spirit guides to remove negative energy from you. Angels love light, so light a candle and invite them in. If you surround yourself in a pink  then gold energy bubble, ensuring you ask for it to be placed under your feet - this will help you to keep your energy uplifted and not feel drained by other people.

Archangel Michael provides protection with his cloak. He carries a sword to cut away negative energy and release any negative etheric cords that are attached to us. Many people feel warmth on their shoulders when Michael is with them.

This was on the back of a toilet door in Torquay... the paint had peeled away. Angels show themselves in many ways, just to let us know they are watching over us.

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