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Healing with Animals

I was fortunate to be born into a spiritual family who believed in spirits. Healing, clairvoyance and psychic mediumship all seemed quite as natural to me as walking and talking. My grandma was very good with animals; she was a farmer’s wife and people would send injured birds and animals to her. I loved animals and from about nine years old I started healing.

When I left school, I became a Veterinary nurse and used my psychic and healing ability to help calm and relax animals; this was especially useful with wild animals that were afraid and which were not used to human contact. In those days it was perfectly legal to give an animal healing but nowadays it’s required to have your vet’s permission first. See my video of me teaching one of my students to do Reiki healing on my horse Monty.. you will be able to see him closing his eyes and dropping his head - which is amazing especially being he was hungry and he had his haynet nearby. http://youtu.be/NcWJ8WpRnZc

Monty eye

The eyes are the window to an animals or persons soul. The eye can give you an indication on the individual is feeling.

Animal Reiki Practitioner course £200 (allow approx 5 hours)

teach individual or small groups


Learn to give Reiki healing to all animals, by practical hands on healing horses at my local stables.  Even though on this course you will have practical sessions on horses, the same principles can be applied to other animals for example: dogs, cats and birds.
Horses are easier to use to teach new animal healers due to their docile manner and with them being large enough to sense and feel their chakra energy. Rabbits, birds, fish and especially wild nervous animals respond well to Reiki healing.  Permission from animals, Animal Chakras, Animal consent forms with Reiki horse analysis diagram. Legal Requirements, Responsibility of the Veterinary Surgeon & the Reiki Practitioner, Meditation,
Reiki animal healing certificate. Practical - Visit stables for hands on treatment. 

Included: manual, course notes, practical animal healing sessions and Animal Reiki Practitioner qualification certificate.

Additional information
I cover the theory at home first then we travel short distance to the local stables for the practical demonstration.
Sensible flat footwear and suitable clothing advised due to healing being outdoors and in stable.
Bring carrots if you wish, I am sure they will be much appreciated.

YOUTUBE link to horse Reiki video where I teaching one of my students https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcWJ8WpRnZc&feature=youtu.be

My Grand mother with a bird, (a Jay) she nursed back to health.
My nan had a gentleness which she could use to help injured animals to get better.

I started healing with animals as part of my work about 10 years ago. I was introduced to Reiki healing by a friend when my five-year-old horse Echo was recovering from septicaemia in her knee. My friend and I used Reiki healing and I used crystal therapy to help Echo and she would close her eyes and drop her head and shuffle her feet as if she wanted to lie down. Through all my years of practising Reiki I have seen the same with so many other horses and animals. The picture here is spiritual guides surrounding Monty (shown as Orbs) just after I have ridden him and then given him some healing. Some of the orbs if you look closely you can see faces in them.

I enjoy giving Reiki to animals as they have no preconceived ideas and you cannot put auto-suggestion in their minds. With people you could argue that healing is the placebo effect – induced by the state of a person’s mind and their beliefs. Animals are very honest and if you are not genuine they will let you know.

Animals are very open to healing and I have seen some amazing recoveries when giving healing to birds, dogs, cats and horses. It has helped them heal swiftly from operations and injuries and helped with nerves over fireworks. Cats, however, can sometimes be very wary and take a while to settle. When this happens I offer healing to their owner and then invariably the cat will jump on their owners lap. Cats like the feeling of healing but they like their independence too!

I have used healing to calm a horse that had a nasty injury on the leg and would not allow us to hose down the wound. After a while the horse lowered its head and relaxed. We were then able to clean it down until the vet arrived. I helped a pony that was agitated and would not allow the owner near his head to put his bridle on. Reiki healing calmed him down so he relaxed and enjoyed being ridden.  On another occasion Reiki healing aided a horse that was frightened of being loaded onto a lorry. He was getting more and more upset as the owner tried to get him on the lorry. After my guides giving him 10 minutes of healing he walked straight on. It was amazing!


Reiki is excellent for horses who are stressed or nervous and if they are injured and when the vet needs to examine them. It is not advisable to give Reiki to a horse if the veterinary surgeon needs to ascertain pain or lameness of the horse. Horses are very sensitive spiritually they can become quite sleepy with Reiki.

After a reiki session it is advised not to ride the horse but to allow them time to enjoy the relaxing experience of the reiki.

Even though I always get consent from the animal’s owner I have to also have consent from the animal too. I always allow time for the animal to relax especially if they are stressed or anxious. As an x Veterinary nurse I fully understand that a frightened animal may not allow me anywhere near them so I have to respect that and be patient. Many animals have not experienced Reiki before, let alone have an unfamiliar person walk into their space. Some animals will react by charging at you or barking and other threatening behaviour. Others may just cower in the corner or give you a sign which means “take a hike!”

I understand that it’s important to be patient with the animal and allow it to weigh me up. I usually ignore it at first if it is scared and nervous. I chat to the owner and by the time we have filled out the healing consent form, the animal is either bored by me or relaxed, seeing that I am no threat. I then talk to the animal and slowly, but carefully get nearer to them and start channelling Reiki from a distance. Some animals will not allow you to touch them and I have to work in their body’s energy field. Horses and dogs tend to relax and then jump back into the “here and now” as if they are fighting the sensation until they learn to relax and enjoy it. On the second or third treatment the animal will probably start to relax when they see me arrive, as they know it’s the strange person who “feels nice.”

Birds respond very well. With birds that are not used to being handled I channel Reiki through the bars of the cage. I find that some parrots, cockatiels and budgies may not like me to hold them as they feel hemmed in so if they are used to coming out of their cage, I let the birds sit on my knee or on my chest and they become relaxed and usually fall asleep. My cockatiel Smarty used to love having healing. She would curl her head round and fall fast asleep.

When deciding your pet needs healing, it’s important to choose a healer who is registered with a recognised healing organisation and check they have insurance. You will need to ask your veterinary surgeon for permission before a healer is permitted to do healing on your pet as this is required by law. If you already know a healer it may be a good idea to ask the vet for permission when you first register your pet at the surgery so you don’t have to ask when there is a specific issue that might be helped by healing.

Most people have the ability to give healing but are unaware they possess this gift. To see if you have healing hands, you can do the following exercise. Hold your hands approximately one foot apart as if you are about to clap and feel the air between your hands. Allow your mind to relax and ask silently for energy to be channelled into your palms. Wait a few seconds then very slowly push your hands together until they are about five inches apart. You should feel a ball of energy or a feeling like magnets. This is healing energy and you can use this to help you relax by placing your hands on your solar plexus (tummy). Take care though if you decide you want to give healing to someone else, unless you know how to protect yourself properly as you may pick up the other person’s negativity. When a healer is giving healing it is not their energy that they use, but energy from the Divine world and it is their spirit guides who are channelling the appropriate energy through their body.

Me when I was a veterinary nurse. I was nursing for 20 years
and have many happy memories. Animals are special as they teach people
how to love and respect each other.

YOUTUBE link to me as a Veterniary nurse on 'Stop Look Listen' childrens programme. check out 4.14 mins, 6.27 mins, 7.53 mins & 9.05 mins. Love the old fashioned hair style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSJAda6Px64

What is Reiki?
Reiki which is pronounced Ray-Key, Rei meaning Universal and Ki meaning life force. Reiki was  discovered by Dr Usui in Japan in the early 1900s. The healing Reiki energy is channelled through the Reiki healer which is then released through the hands into the horse which requires healing. Reiki is safe, unobtrusive and natural. Reiki is a complimentary healing energy, which does not replace or competes with veterinary medical treatment.

How can Reiki help your horse or pony?
All conditions are helped with Reiki treatments, because Reiki works on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki helps the horse or pony to feel calm,  relaxed and at peace. Reiki is excellent for helping with stress, prior to a competition or on box rest and when highly strung. Horses are spiritual animals and they can pick up on the mood of their owner and their surroundings.

The Animal Reiki course includes information for healing dogs, cats, birds and fish. I use the horses as they are very easy to demonstrate on as they love the energy of Reiki and give students confidence.

What happens during a treatment?
Your horse stays in their stable and there is no need to tie them up, though I will ask you t put their head collar on for safety. I like the horse or pony to feel comfortable and not hemmed in. I start by allowing the horse time to get used to me in their ‘bedroom’. Give them time to  weigh me up and see that I am no threat. Normally by the time I have completed the consent form the horse usually gets bored and starts eating their hay. 

I channel Reiki into my hands and start with their auric field (the energy surrounding their body) then works my way around their body sensing and feeling for problem heat areas. The Reiki energy feels like a very mild magnetic current so some horses may start feeling itchy. If the horse starts scratching this is usually a good sign as the energy is flowing and healing problem areas.

Most horses become so relaxed they show signs of falling asleep, this is why I ask owners not to do any exercise on the day of the Reiki session. Your horse or pony can return to normal schooling the following day of treatment. 

You will notice your horse is more and chilled after a session. Depending on the horse, the circumstances and the environment will determine how many sessions or follow up sessions your horse will need. All horses are individuals, just like people and all have different needs.

YOUTUBE video of one of my students learning animal Reiki on a horse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WWXTI5imhw&feature=youtu.be

YOUTUBE Video of one of my students learning animal healing on a horse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVOZLTA1PU8&feature=youtu.be

My horse Monty 'Coblet' loves Reiki, especially Unicorn Reiki healing. He yawns and drops his head.

Horse communication
I am able to pick up messages on how the horse is feeling physically and emotionally when I tune in to your horse using Reiki healing. During a session I will be able to pin point heat spots, which is old or new injuries or problem areas. During a Reiki treatment I am able to pick up feelings and messages using my clairvoyant and  psychic skills. 

Horse and ponies do not think how we do, they see things from a different concept. For instance a  horses word for love is trust. When a horse trusts you they are showing you that they care and love you.

Insurance & Creditation
I am fully insured and have a strict code of confidentiality, by keeping information about clients and their horses personal details private. I am a member of the International Association of complementary therapists and Spiritual workers Association.

Requirement by Law
Prior to me giving your horse a Reiki healing or communication session I must have by law permission from your Veterinary Surgeon.


Our dog Reiki

Reiki  poem by Paul Bourne

Out little dog came back from play
And looked at me as if to say
‘daddy, what has changed today’
I told her everything was just the same
No change of address, no change of name
And that my love for her would never wain.

She wagged her tail and said to me
‘something’s changed, can you not see’
“its something to do with you and me”
I must admit, I must confess
No change has taken place and yet
My little Reiki seemed upset
Reiki I am in no doubt
No changes happened while you were out
Nothing, nil, zero, nowt.

“Oh daddy, how could you ignore
What’s in my eyes when you say walk
I love you more and more and more.    

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


My first horse Sian. She had a dominant personality but we both loved each other very much. She could jump from a stand still and even on the wrong leg, her nick name was 'ballistic missile'. Her check ligament was damaged due to her show jumping career and sadly she is now with the angels.

Echo, my spiritual horse who introduced me to Reiki Healing. Sadly Echo was put down at 7 years old she had arthritis in her knee. She taught me so much.

Gabby, who is now expecting her second foal, due Spring 2011. I had to retire her as both suspensory ligaments had gone in hind legs.

The love of my life, Monty. My fun and cheeky pony to see me into old age.

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