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Crystals are amazing and they can help in so many ways. I have put a few ideas and useful information on this page.

Crystals have been used for many centuries in healing, protection and communicating with the Higher Realms. 

All crystals have a magnetic energy flow and this energy is able to be channelled to increase frequency to encourage healing or opening up a vortex to the Higher Realms to receive and transmit messages from your guides and helpers.  

Crystals have a strong energy and they are useful for using in a grid formation to protect an area or place from negative energy.

Crystal Course information page click here Crystal Diploma Courses

The Mayans, Aztecs , Greeks and Egyptians all used crystals in their cultures for healing and communicating with the spirit world. Some cultures believed that crystals held magical powers and because of this priests were the only ones allowed to use the crystals.  Medical prescriptions discovered from the ancient Egyptians times included certain stones (Malachite, Chrysocolla and Hematite etc). These crystals were ground up and sprinkled directly on wounds, and scientists today have proved that it is an effective bactericide.  The ancient Greeks and Roman healers used Hematite for headaches and for blood disorders. But the one common belief was the tremendous potential of healing properties that these stones contained. The actual word crystal comes from a Greek word Crystallos, from “Krysos” meaning “ice cold”, as it was originally thought that crystals were a type of ice that was so cold it would never melt. Crystals are even mentioned in the bible a total of 200 times. In the chapter Exodus the High Priest Aaron was asked by God to make a breast plate from different crystals which he was to wear to protect him from negativity and to give him wisdom.

Crystals power
Crystals are used to enhance and channel healing energy, just like our bodies are used to channel Reiki energy. Crystals help the body to heal itself by creating a gentle energy will travels through the person or animal to release blocks. Crystals channel their healing through the human and animal’s body from the left hand side to the right hand side traveling via the head.  When wearing crystal bracelets place them on your left wrist, to have the full benefit of the crystal energy, due to the bodies energy flow.

How crystals help
Crystals can help people, animals, plants and the environment by bringing in energy to heal, protect and attract abundance. Crystals placed around the home create an atmosphere of love, happiness and calm. With helping animals crystals can be located near where the animals sleep to aid healing and peace. Woman can easily place a crystal in their bra (on left side) and a man can place in the left hand pocket. Crystal energy enters the body on the left side and exits on the right. This is why I suggest placing on the left side so the person attracts the crystals energy and not give out to others. Hanging crystals in the garden attracts fairies who care for the plants and garden animals.

If you wish to know more about crystals have a look on my crystal favourites page Crystal Favourites

Helping others
Crystals have amazing energy for healing, if you are interested in becoming a Crystal therapist and heal others then contact me for more information or have a look on my crystal courses page Crystal Diploma Courses

Amaze your friends and family with Crystal healing water

Anyone can do this, so long as they use a crystal pendulum.

Use your crystal pendulum to give healing energy into water. Ask a friend to taste the water & for them to remember how it tastes. Then hold your crystal over the glass & using your intention, ask in your mind for healing to be placed into the water.

Your pendulum will rotate in a circle to indicate they are doing as you have requested. When the pendulum stops this means the process has been completed.

Now ask your friend to taste the same water…. They will notice a difference in the taste and sometimes the water will look milky.

This is no trick and this only demonstrates how powerful good intent is and how it can be used to help others. Each crystals energy will be different which means the water will have different flavours dependant on which crystal you use.

Cleanse Crystals
When you buy a crystal I suggest cleansing it, this is because you do not know where they have come from or who has handled them. There are many ways to cleanse a crystal, one of the best ways is to place under fresh running water, preferably not tap water as this has chemicals in it.  Sound is another way to remove negative toxins, the sound will lift the vibration of the crystal, use singing bowl. Wing chimes, tuning forks and even your voice by singing or whistling. 

Charging crystals
Crystals can become tired and drained from over use. If you crystal is not cared for and have its energy replaced it will not be able to do its job properly. Place crystals on the windowsill when there is a full moon or place on a tray in the snow, this will charge them up. Also place tired crystal on top of an amethyst bed for 48 hours – see my photo.

Programming your crystal
Crystals like to have a purpose, this can be to protect your home from negative energy, help you sleep or aid concentration for exams, as well as used for healing. A simple way to programme your crystals is to hold it and either say out loud or think of what you would like it to do, thought and your intention is all there is needed. I like to use my intention to programme my crystals by placing on my third eye.

Love your crystals
Crystals need to be loved and cared for, please don't hide them away in the loft or a dark cupboard. Never leave in your bra or purse for long periods, let them out to see the light and have their energy replenished. Ideally have 2 of each so one can be working while the other is resting on your window sill, then swap then next morning.

Choosing a crystal
When you chose a crystal go with your first instinct, what draws you to the crystal in the first place. Place the crystal in your LEFT hand if it starts to vibrate and it feels right then this is the one for you.

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Crystal Healing Diploma Course

6 sessions held monthly @ £50 per session.

In depth course consisting of 6 modules held once a month. Learn the amazing healing power of crystals using many healing techniques. During each session give and receive healing from each other. Attune your energy to the vibration of crystals. Discover how crystals are born, their uses & how they help with meditation. Love your crystals by bringing their energy into your life to heal yourself and others.

Course includes
·  Included are 2 free aura photographs taken at beginning & end of course
.  You will receive a full colour illustrated Crystal Manual
·  Practical crystal healing demonstrations on each session
·  The healer protecting your own energy
·  Importance of disconnection and reclaiming energy
·  Ensuring a comfortable & safe healing environment
.  Client lifestyle & treatment plans
·  Use of crystal wands & crystal grids
.  Crystal pendulum vortex healing techniques
.  Aura, Chakras & Meridians
.  Chakra balancing & alignment
.  Rules of male & female crystal polarity
.  Contra-indications and contra – actions.
.  Importance of consultation forms & confidential
·  CD including client documentation, consent forms, history sheets
.  Therapist healing illustration cards
·  Diploma Holistic Crystal therapy certificate qualification
·  All students will have on-going life time support and mentor-ship by me.

Numbers are limited to 8 people. Students will be required to do treatment plans, home study & assessment throughout the course.

Credited by Balens Insurance Malvern

Advanced Crystal Therapy Course

10 sessions held monthly @ £30 per session

criteria - must have completed Crystal Diploma course

Sense Crystals alive or dead.  Repair rescued crystals. Advanced crystal healing techniques, auric grids, body balancing with wands. Sectional energy, crystal formation layouts. Joining, grouping, pairing crystals. Layline protection. Feng  shui & crystals. Energy in rooms, cleanse negative corners, doorways, fireplace. Block negative environmental & human energy. Meteorite crystals, universal energy. Cosmic travel with crystals. Pleadian, Atlantis, Orion, Neptune crystal energy. soul and physical body healing. chakra karmic imprint healing. Regulate over active chakra, positive karmic imprint energy techniques. Karmic problem soul trauma areas. Healing crystal & sound. heal physical and soul energy. Access Higher self, Guardian angel and gate keeper energy. strengthen positive etheric cords,  Aura Re-alignment.  Crystals for garden, plants, animals & children. Crystal favourites of the Archangel & Angels, animal power guide. Unicorn  wands. Combine crystals with Reiki and other forms of healing. Advanced lightworker Akashic records,  Advanced higher vibrational crystals. Crystal skulls healing & meditation. Crystal altar,  crystals for earth, wind, air & fire. Crystal clusters & Geodes.  Criteria - must have completed crystal diploma course.

Course incl: Practical & theory sessions, work folder, & Advanced Crystal Healing Diploma certificate 

Students will be required to do practical readings at home & in class with client feedback & assessment during the course.


Healing with Crystal Pendulums
When using crystal pendulums in crystal healing it is best not to choose ones that are too weak because they must be able to remove negativity from a client. Often the 'ugly' ones are better as they are darker, heavier and more robust. Choose from Agate, Jasper, tigers eye, dark amethyst, smokey quartz or master quartz (clear quartz). Do not use rose quartz, citrine or fluorite these will become contaminated very easily. The best ones to buy, even though a little more expense are the pendulums which have the crystal encased in silver, silver helps to transmute negativity so keeps the crystal healthy.

Crystal healing Generators
Generators preferred are Master Quartz or clear quartz

on the left - Completely clear. Often rarer hence often more expensive than the female.

on the right - Cloudy

Some generators have both male & female properties, so can be used for either.

Twin master clear quartz
Completely clear (male) quartz crystals are fairly rare with many having some cloudy, the female energy in them. Many healers buy a combined male & female crystal generator which gives the healer & client flexibility in which energy is required. During healing the master clear quartz crystal will be able to alter its frequency to adapt to either male or female energy.

The master quartz (clear quartz) by nature is called the 'master' because it can mimic other quartz crystals. so is the king of healers. When using the master quartz in healing, there is no need to use many different types of crystals. The clear quartz is able to use its 'master' power to be as gentle or strong as required. I always say to my student no need to be complicated and often the 'less is more' scenario is more effective.

In the photograph below the twin master quartz has the male nearest the point on the left of the picture and the female is on the right of the picture nearest the base rough end.

Master clear quartz large point (generator) are often found with both male & female properties in them - see photo above.

Students Crystal healing set
Amber,  Amethyst, Blood stone, Blue lace agate, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Carnelian, Flourite, Green Aventurine, Haematite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Moonstone, Orange Calcite, Rose quartz, Sodalite, Tigers Eye & Tourmaline.

Further information on crystal healing look on my Crystal Healing page.

Crystal Course information click here Crystal Diploma Courses

Selenite wand

Most popular & cheaper healing wand.
Selenite is remarkable effective at clearing and transmuting negative energy without the crystal becoming clogged with negativity.
Must not be placed in water as it will dissolve.

A Selection of healing crystal wands with crystal ball.
Crystal wands have many uses but their main purpose is to magnify healing energy into a beam. One such use is to seal in the auric field at the end of a crystal therapy session.

Double terminator crystal

Used to channel healing in a 'seesaw' action to clear blocked areas. This one is a male master quartz.

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Course information click here Crystal Diploma Courses

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