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Healing session

Regression session

Tarot Reading £60

Spiritual Counseling Consultation £80 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

HEALING session - £40 1 1/2 hrs inc consultation
I combine Reiki with crystal to give clients a relaxing in depth healing experience to promote peace and harmony. With the hectic pressure of daily life many people suffer stress and anxiety which can cause physical and emotional problems.  Healing helps to bring balance and restores physical, emotional and spiritual happiness.  
Benefits of healing   ~ Reduces stress & anxiety ~ Relaxes the mind ~ Helps with aches & pains ~  Relaxation ~  Pain management ~ Reduced anxiety ~  Reduced depression ~ Improved sleep v  Improved digestion ~  Enhanced well-being ~ Stronger self-esteem ~  Reduced side effects from radiation & chemotherapy ~  Lack of confidence ~  Heightened intuition
Helps people cope with ~ Cancer ~  Heart disease ~  Panic attacks ~ Depression ~  Chronic pain ~ ADD/ADHD ~ Crohn’s Disease ~  Irritable Bowel Syndrome Fatigue syndromes ~ Multiple sclerosis ~  Bereavement ~ Divorce

More information on crystal healing see Crystal Healing and Reiki healing Healing, Aura & Orbs 

Please note .....
Some aliments require consent from your doctor
before healing can be given. Many doctors now are encouraging
their patients to have complementary treatments

REGRESSION session - £50
Helps people to regain confidence and self empowerment.
Assists people to discover blockages or hindrances which are preventing the individual to let go of old emotions or life patterns. Very effective with people who are stubborn or keep making the same mistakes.

Past Life Regression is a meditation technique which enables a person to go back through time to a previous life. Many people have supressed memories which have an impact on the person’s current life. Many memories are good ones but some are unsettling where an individual repeats the same life mistakes that they did in a previous time. Some emotional issues of a past life experience can be addressed with the help or Reiki or crystal healing, whereas others require the additional help of regression. With this in mind I use combined Reiki and crystal healing with meditation to regress the client into a past life memory. Each session usually takes 1 ½ hours including consultation.

for more information see Regression dream therapy

SPIRITUAL CONSULTATION  -      £80 per session  
I do one to one sessions using my clairvoyant senses to obtain information on how clients can find direction in their lives and inner peace. In these sessions I teach the person to talk to their guides and angels so they can seek answers. The angels and spirit guides are waiting for you to ask for help. I like all my clients to go away with some focus and how they can help themselves. One of the ways in doing this is using a pendulum to communicate with your guides.

Tarot Reading -     £60
I offer mini tarot readings to give people insight into their current problems and outcomes.

"Clairvoyance / Mediumship has been offered for thousands of years and many people have benefited from it during that time. My services are given with genuine and sincere purpose, but you are reminded that clairvoyance and mediumship may not give you the results you are looking for, as results are always difficult to predict and cannot be guaranteed."

GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE £10, £20, £30 or £40. Ideal gift for someone who has everything. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mothers day, Fathers day and just to say you care. The gift voucher can be redeemed for any of my therapies or workshops. I do seasonal gift vouchers if you wish and also custom those to your own requirements.

Talks & demonstrations   £100 + travel costs
Teaching groups, meditation classes,
spiritual workshops, various courses

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