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Archangels main role is to help mankind and to give spiritual instructions to angels who have direct contact with people. Archangels are responsible for organising subservient angels and giving them tasks to help people. The angels then pass on Archangel spiritual instructions to the fairy kingdom (the elemental's). 

Archangels are one of the highest evolved angels and they can be thousands of years old with mature spiritual experience. An Archangel has earned their position over many years by assisting mankind and our planet. An Archangel has earned their respect and status so all other angels seek their guidance and spiritual knowledge, and because of this, Archangels are also teachers.  

Archangels have wings similar to a swan, though they do not always show their wings, when at rest their wings are disguised within their aura. All Archangels are humble with no ego, so if they manifested themselves they rarely show their wings, as this might be as them ‘showing off’. In dreams all of you will have met and spoken to an Archangel which you may have thought they are just a normal person. Archangels try their best to make people feel at ease, so they try to be as human as possible when conversing with a person. Many Archangels are similar size to people, but some are so tall we cannot see them, these will be the Thrones, they watch over our planet. Pilots in aeroplanes have reported seeing angels in the sky and there have been many reports in both World War 1 and 2 of angels been seen on the battle field. Some people also believe Lucifer (the dark Lord) as being an Archangel because of his history as being god's favourite and being the only one allowed into god's throne to watch over humans.

Archangels do not work as Guardian angels as they are high ranking and need to help many people as possible. Though they will help anyone that needs their assistance, for example Archangel Michael helps us daily with protection.

Earth Angel

Earth Angels will push themselves, giving their very best often to the point of self-infliction and emotional dismay. They seek out friendships and love relations in need of counsel and healing. Conflicting emotions begin surfacing as to whether or not they should stay, as the Earth Angel is pained by feeling their task is incomplete. They will run through cycles of guilt, feeling they should not put themselves first and will mistakenly feel there is a reason for running across a particular person's path in need and continue to give again and again to the same people who have hurt them in the past without a healthy and assertive “No.”

To the outside world they may appear weak, insignificant or someone that can be taken advantage of. Though this is a risk an Earth Angel willingly takes when accepting their mission, rest assured this is an illusion, but often found to be one of the more difficult parts of the Earth Angel’s job. It may also be difficult or embarrassing for an Earth Angel to accept money or help for their services. Again, it will benefit the Angel greatly to try to view the act of receiving graciously as a balancing agent should ever there exist a desire to quit a job they are unhappy with.

Just as easily as vindictiveness and selfishness can knock at the Earth Angel’s door, there are others who have come to this Earthly plane precisely in the effort to help guide the Angel reminding them of their mission. They will lend support but with a firmer hand of direction. They will appear wise beyond their years, not of this world, stronger, more confident, less willing to accept excuses for certain behaviours and privy in their ability to see through people who may bring harm while pointing out a lesson in procrastination and delivery, allowing the Earth Angel to move on.

Archangels & Fairies Course
6pm-8pm £ 20.00 per session  (10 sessions)
During each session we go through the alphabet of the Archangels to discover the abilities of each Archangel and how they can help to transform your life an that of others.

The course also explains the elementals (fairies) and their roles which we can call upon to help us.
The four main elemental groups  

Earth Elementals
work with crystals, soil, sand, gemstones, rocks, stones and the earth.  

Water Elementals
undines, water sprites, sylphs and others who look after water and help the creatures who live in and on them.  

Fire Elementals
(often seen as Salamanders) guard the secrets of the transformational energy of fire and tend to the flames. (Salamanders are often found in large numbers around volcanoes.)  

Air Elementals
are fairies, they tend to all plants and look after animals and with healing humans.  

Use the wonderful power of manifestation with the help of Archangels & Fairies. Manifest what you desire and need to make you happy. Learn ways to communicate & use their energy to assist you in everyday tasks. Meet and work with the Angelic & Elemental kingdom to bring happiness, fun and love into your life. Learn about Pixies, brownies, Elves and their friends within the elemental kingdom. Discover ancient myths & common day beliefs. These workshops will bring positive changes so you see life differently with the help of the Archangels & fairies.

Included in the course: Practical and theory, full colour manual, Certificate and Archangel & fairy cards.

To book on this or any of my courses contact me here: Contact Me

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