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Past life times reflect who we are and what we have become. Good and bad experiences make us into a compassionate being that shows understanding to others.

Past Life Regression Session £50

Past Life Regression Therapy works clinically with our forgotten experiences. A client is encouraged to relive and resolve traumatic scenes or conflicts from a past life experience. I then help the client to rescript and change the experience into a positive outcome. Helping the client to give peace and bring justice to a negative past life memory. The regression session restores positive feeling so the individual feels they are able to let go of old promises or oaths which are preventing them having happiness in their current life time.  

A persons past life experiences often unconsciously affect their mental, emotional and physical well-being. With each lifetime their are memories which if a unhappy one can prevent the person living a current peaceful life now. The traumatic past life experience might cause problems in this life time for example: obsessions, recurring relationship problems, nightmares, strange emotions and unexplained physical pain. A migraine, chronic lower back pain or knee problem may be telling a story from an old accident or wound.

What happens during a regression session?

The client can be either lying on a therapy couch or sitting on a chair. I ask the client to close their eyes, relax and go into a meditative state. I will be talking to the client throughout the session so my voice will encourage the client to use their imagination on what they sense and feel. I will ask the client to talk to me and describe what they are experiencing, in this way the client feels comfortable and relaxed. The regression meditation allows the client to feel safe as they are not asleep and can open their eyes anytime they wish. Through out the session I will be keeping notes on what the session reveals, which I then give to the client to keep, this helps them remember what has happened.

After care

With the regression being a mediation session, I advice the client to relax at home afterwards and not do anything too energetic. Many clients find the regression very relaxing so often when they get home they wish to sleep. I advise drinking water or none caffeine drinks for a good couple hours afterwards and no alcohol. Clients often benefit by writing about their experience, which helps to let go of the past. 

Oaths and promises in a past life can prevent the individual living a normal life now. For example if in a previous life you promised to love someone for eternity then in this life time you are looking for that person and all relationships are unsuccessful as you have not found your past love.

I strongly believe I was one of the Knights Templar which in this life time has helped me see people who are in need of help. I have a strong dislike of anyone being disrespectful or bullied in any form. Even as a child I would stick up for the person who was a  'lame duck' and try to protect them from harm, emotionally or physically. 

How often to have a regression session?
Most people will have had many lifetimes, some unusual, some normal and others where they learn life lessons. Many spiritual people enjoy having regression because they are curious of what they were in a previous life. Others feel the need for regression because they keep repeating the same life mistakes which are a pattern they are unable to break.

The choice of how often to have a regression is entirely up to the individual. I recommend at least a week or more before repeating a regression session, this is so the individual can digest emotionally what they have been shown in previous session.

A persons state of mind
How a person feels before they have a regression session is important. The person needs to be in a calm and relaxed state of mind because it is unsure what the regression session will reveal. If a person is in a low state of mind but still is eager to be regressed then I will only do so after they have had a healing session first.