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I don't usually like the word spell because sometimes it gives people the wrong impression, but spells are used to give healing and intention to a positive task. In spell work we can manifest good fortune and health for ourselves and others. On this page I have included a few of my favourites.

Spells & affirmations increase Light energy using our intention to invite angels, Goddess, fairy, ancestors and Ascended Masters together in one purpose to help all who live on our earth our home. Our mind's intention is powerful what we think we believe and what we believe often manifests into our actions. This happy and loving thoughts and that will give you the will to help others see the light. 

Morning spell

Say this in the morning to protect you for the day or say this when you prepare to do you spell or affirmation work.

“We call upon air, on earth, on water and fire to guard my ......... (dreams / circle / alter)
and grant our desire.

Here protect and witness this rite.

Open our minds to the magic of the Light.”

Scroll of wishes  

Write your wishes on a piece of paper.

Then roll into a scroll and use red ribbon to tie knots around the scroll (Red signifies determination)

Then say the following when tying each knot. 

~  By knot of one, this ritual has begun.  

~  By knot of two, my wish comes true.  

~  By knot of three, so mote it be. 

~  By knot of four, the magic is even more. 

~  By knot of five, the gods are alive. 

~  By knot of six, my intention is fixed. 

~   By knot of seven, under the influence of heaven. 

~  By knot of eight, I change my fate.  

~  By knot of nine, all my powers are divine.

Night time

Before you got to sleep send energy that we have created today to the ones we love or are in need. Take a few moments to think of who you would like to send healing to. Then when you are ready say
these words out loud.

May you receive the light from thee.

 For you are all loved by me.

May your days be full of Joy and love.

As our healing comes from above.

Undoing a spell  

Sometimes you might find you have unintentional interferred and prevented someone from changing job, moving house or leaving an abusive situation. This spell is used to break or undo a spell you've cast previously. Perform the spell during the waning moon for best results.  

What you will need:

1. A bead or pearl from your own necklace
2.A small piece of black cloth
3. String Angelica herbs (or garden mint, parsley etc)
4.. 3 white candles  

This is what you do:

Light 3 white candles on your alter. Place the pearl/bead in the black cloth - add your angelica herbs. Tie the cloth up tightly with the string, wrapping the pearl/bead in the cloth. Dribble a bit of wax from the candles on the knot you tie.

Then repeat these words:.  

"I casted a spell asking for _______, I now ask the favour of having the spell removed.

I understand to take back a spell means giving up something of my own, so to show my spirit is true & my intentions good. I give this pearl/bead from a necklace I own.

I transfer the spell into the pearl/bead to render the spell dormant.

No harm may come from the cancellation of this spell. No further power shall it have.

This is my will - so mote it be."

Now throw the small package away in dustbin so it is taken well away from your home

Draw down the Moon  
The full moon has its energy at its peak so some prefer to wait until their is a full moon to do their affirmations. This is a ritual to help you pull donw the energy of the full moon.

~ Hold wand in left hand Raise both arms,

~ Grasp wand in both hands Point wand at moon

~ Then say:   

On this night, in this hour,
I call upon your Lunars power,
             merge with me Light into Light. “

   Turn and point wand at heart and say:

  Woman & Goddess glowing bright power and joy pour down from thee. 
               As I will mote it be. “

Some Mystics like to do this Sky Clad (Naked) as this represents purity.

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