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Light workers, people who work with the Light use many ancient tools in their spiritual work. I realise that some people are nervous when they hear people talk of Tarot cards, crystal skulls, wands and cauldrons. But  with the increased interest in watching films and programs about magic, people now are more accepting of the unusual. On this page I have included a few items which might be of interest.

The Bell  - clear & increase energy at the beginning or end of a ritual.  

Broom - sweeping energy & spiritual barrier keeping negativity away.  

-Different colours used for variety of affirmation rituals/blessings.  

Cauldron -Used for mixing herbs & burning incense.  

Crystals and Gems
- help with love, abundance and protection.  

Divination Tools - Pendulum, crystal ball, Runes, Tarot or angel cards.  

Herbs, dried plants and spices
- Used dry as potpourri or sometimes burnt.  Various combinations of herbs, plants and spices that give perfume to aid your intention.  

- Same as herbs, incense are used for cleansing, clearing and creating a calming atmosphere.  

Book Of Shadows
- A personal journal to record your experiences, thoughts, feelings and favourite blessings.  

Sea Salt
- For cleansing objects.  

- Any objects that give you a focal point for spiritual purpose.  

- For projecting your energies to help yourself and others.

Yes I do own a broomstick it is placed next to the fireplace on the right, to help protect the void of the chimney, a 'favouirte' place for lower energy to collect.

There is also a statue of Archangel Michael, an amethyst cluster within the hands and my faithful Knights Templar sword on the left of the fireplace.

Book of Shadows  
The Book of Shadows is a journal where witches record spells, instructions, dreams and meditation messages. Each book is personal to the witch or mystic so is often burnt on her / his death. The book of shadows is a sacred tool and its name refers to secrets which are not to be revealed to general public. 

It is thought disrespectful to use a computer or use cello tape to stick things in the book. Witches write in their own hand and draw diagrams or pictures. The book should also be kept closed when not in use to keep its contents secret from prying eyes.   It is recommended to bless the book of shadows every few weeks or when you feel its energy needs replenishing, this keeps the book healthy.   To add even more energy and personalise your book would be to make your own. 

Suggestions for your content are:  

~  Good idea to table of contents so you can find things easily

~  Personal beliefs of yourself and your coven

~  Favourite spells & affirmations

~  Rituals using candles, josh sticks, herbs and personal items.

~  Dream & mediation messages

~  Moon phases & how you feel at certain times of the month, where your energy is high for spells or low for rest periods.

~  Ideas & suggestions from others v  Anything to help you become a happy witch

My altar has our wedding photo, Monty my horse, Goddess Isis to help with business, crystal skulls (spiritual guidance) & rose quartz wands. Also a large white feather (symbol of Pegasus) behind the photo of my and Monty.

Many people have a natural altar in their homes without realising it, their mantle piece, dressing table, chest of drawers where they have placed family photos, favourite objects and mementos.

If you wish to do a Mystic altar for healing, affirmation & spell manifesting this is what I suggest :-

Alter cloth – purple, gold, silver, white (NOT Black)

Female/Goddess (on left) intuitive, spiritual – candle or object. Ascended Masters -Quan Yin, Lady Nada.

Male/ God (on right) Logical/physical - candle or object. Ascended Masters – Kuthumi, Sananda.

Centre or Middle – Affirmation/ intention to give healing or help. Your Book of Shadows (personal journal), photograph.

– ring to cleanse alter of negative energy.

Cauldron – burn incense/ herbs to send intention.

Water - chalice or bowl of water, sea shell or crystals.

- stones, plants, leaves, flowers, salt or soil. Fire - a candle, incense.

– boline (curved knife), wand, feather or incense.

Other Objects
- which are special to you.

My wand which I made from a branch that had fallen off a tree. If you cut (never break) a branch off a living tree you respect the tree by leaving some water or flowers as a thank you. secure with wire or glue a quartz crystal to give extra power to your wand.

Mystic wands
Mystic wands are often made of wood so are only for person. The wand can easily pick up sad or low energy if the person holding it feels emotional, so it is best to keep for yourself only.

Wands can be used to ground a person by pointing the end of the wand to the floor to pull earth energy towards you.

The wand can be used to place protective shield around you, by circling the wand once around you, do not point directly at you for long periods as this may create a weakness.

Wands are often used to help the person connect to nature and meditate by placing the wand on your chest or lap facing downwards or away from you.

Wand Aura Scan

Please note this is for experienced crystal healers or advanced Mystic users.  

Your wand is a versatile Mystic tool which have many uses, one of these is using its laser energy to ‘operate’ on the auric field. You can use your wand to scan the aura on your shoulders, back and front areas to find any dark lower energies which will be weakening you. Imagine your wand is an extension of your arm so work with it intuitively.

This is what it might feel like: 

If wand moves too quickly – indicates a hole or weakness

If wand drags slowly – indicates negative energy, blockage or lump (psychic attack).

If wands feels heavy – attachment, lizard or etheric cord.  

Wand Aura Strengthen Use wand to repair, remove or replenish the damaged auric field energy. Allow your wand to indicate what it wants to do. If you feel your wand wants to pause, spiral or flick then do so. A general indication of what your wand might do is:  

Hole or weakness
– wand PAUSE by beaming energy into area to replenish it.

Negative residue energy, blockage or lump (psychic attack) – wand PULL or DRAG then FLICK waste energy to floor.

Attachment, or etheric cord – wand will SPIRAL to create mini vortex to pull & remove, then flick to floor & blow white light on wand.

Ground & protect yourself again afterwards and drink water or squash to help detox.

In ancient times it was used for cooking food or healing potions. The cauldron is a symbol of the Goddess, femininity and of rebirth, as it was in ancient British Celtic religion, and is therefore sacred to the Goddess. The cauldron is the womb in which life begins.

Modern day witches often use the cauldron to burn incense or herbs by placing an incense charcoal in the bottom, and sprinkle the herbs and powders onto it. I suggest placing sand or cat litter (clean of course) in the bottom so incense sticks can stand up. 
The cauldron also represents water and when filled with water can be used for gazingi into for images or ideas

The Celtic Goddess Cerridwen possessed a cauldron of immortality and inspiration. Celtic legend also tells of a cauldron used by warring armies, in which dead warriors could be placed and returned to life, although lacking the power of speech and no soul (like golem). These warriors could go back into battle until they were killed again.  

Irish mythology, Tir-Na-Nog (Land of the Dead or Otherworld) was presided over by a witch and her cauldron, to which all life returns to await rebirth.  

Cauldron Uses
  Burning incense Spells making burning herbs Holding lighted candle Symbolic on altar Scrying messages

Crystal Skulls
I have loads of crystal skulls that have chosen me to be their guardian, we never own a skull because when we pass over it will find a new guardian. Crystal skulls have been around for thousand of years, it is believed they were first used in Atlantis right through to the Knights of St John and modern day lightworkers. I have a fascination with them, luckily for me my husband Paul is ok with them, many people think they are weird and ugly. The shape of the skull is enhanced with the crystal it is made from so has many different qualities and purpose. The crystal skulls each have 3 spiritual guardians which are assigned to the skull to help the skulls guardian (us). The skulls upload and download spiritual information which is gathered from spirit guides, Ascended Masters, Archangels and I believe Universal beings, the Pleadians.

Each skull is unique no 2 skulls are the same, even when they are made from the same crystal family they will feel different. The skull will feel friendly and have a fascination for the person who buys it, they will see past its 'ugliness'  and know they have to buy it.

Skulls are used for healing yourself and your guides, meditation and a spiritual library to store what you have leanrt in your dreams and in your spiritual work. It might sound weird but skulls 'talk' to each other by them sharing their knowledge by the crystals energy connecting to another.

When you first buy a skull hold it in both hands gently so it can vibrate and close your eyes, image you are being drawn inside the skull. For the first 3 nights sleep with the skull next to your bed it will be able to connect to your subconscious. Keep the skull in your healing or meditation room, not in the dark where their energy will fade.

Hopefully I have given you a bit of insight in to how useful and friendly skulls are to spiritual workers.

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Dates of next workshop and other courses via this link COURSE START DATES

Information on Wiccan Shaman Reiki course via this link Wiccan Shaman Reiki

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