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Using candles creates powerful light energy to help increase your intention to heal and help others. The candle colour will give additional help to increase the purpose. When using a candle it is impolite to blow the candle out, because this might upset the fire elementals, the salamanders.  Ideally use a small candle, not a large cathedral type as this would take ages to burn down and might be a hazard if left unattended, A tea light or a small birthday cake candle will be ideal.

Use a pin to etch a name or Reiki symbol into the candle this will give additional help in healing a person, animal or situation.

When doing a candle affirmation or spell this what you will need:

~ flat crystal or glass bowl
~ melt the bottom of your candle and stick firmly down in centre of bowl
~ fill bowl with water to surround the candle (water represents emotion
~ write your wish, affirmation or spell on some paper
~ light candle
~ say and repeat out loud your wish, affirmation or spell
~ burn the paper in the candle & let the paper fragments fall into the water
~ leave the flame to die down naturally when it is submerged in the water
~ throw away the water & fragments
~ thank the elementals, angels & guides for their help

Using a cauldron (cauldron represents a mother womb)

Repeat the above but you can use sand or cat litter instead of water.

Lighting a Candle

Remember to ground and protect yourself then Cast your circle if you wish. Ring your bell to summon the elementals. If you are unsure which colour to choose then select a white one. Before you light your candle imagine your wish or desire coming true. Now light the candle, clear your mind and meditate on its flame.

Mystics believe the candle will indicate how quickly your wish or desire may come true by the way the candle burns for example:

If the candle emits a black smoke when you first light it, it is removing negative energy from your desire, helping you manifest it faster.

If the smoke is white, your desire will come true, but there may be some delay or struggle before this happens.

If the flame of the candle is weak, the candle is working very hard in order to remove an obstacle to you getting your heart’s desire, but it may take time. There is heavy opposition against you, and you may need to have patient.

If the smoke is blowing in your direction, your prayer is being acknowledged, and will be easily granted.

If the smoke is blowing away from you, you will still need to persevere a lot in order to have your desire come true.

If the smoke is blowing to the right, you will have success if you use your intellect in order to obtain your desire.If the smoke is blowing to the left, you are being warned that you are becoming too emotionally involved in your desire, which may prevent it from coming true.

If you hear a crackling sound as the candle is being burnt, then Spirit is working against some opposition on your behalf.

White – Cleansing / angels / Unicorns / Elementals / contentment / any spell or purpose

Silver - Remove negativity / cleansing / protection / energise energy

- Fun / enthusiasm / creative thinking / Inspiration /Abundance / happiness

- Creativity / Intellect / learning / knowledge / wisdom

Dark Blue
– God / masculine /Healing / Protection / Archangel Michael

Pale Blue
- Male / Healing throat / Communication / honesty

Pink – Goddess / Female / Romance / peace /heart / love/peace

or Natural Beeswax - Money / Use for any spell

Dark Green -  Money / Wealth / well-being / health / animal guides / heal animals

Pale Green - Abundance / Success / Money / nature spirits / calm

Dark Red - Passion / Love / Health / enthusiasm / impatience

Bright Red
– Passion / motivation / focus / ambition / determination

Lilac - Physic Power / Healing /Archangels / heal star children

Violet - Legal / Success / Physic Violet flame protection / st Germain / Atlantis

Purple - Legal / Physic / Ascended Masters / Lords of karma

- Earth / Grounding / calm / Telepathy / Finding lost items / patience


Black – (use with care, like attracts like) Removing Negativity

My favourite Candles

Silver candle is one of my all time favorites as it is a strong protector and helps dissolves any lower energy for example sadness, anger, pain, jealousy. Many people forget others who are angry are often in pain from rejection of love or they feel a failure. Silver helps to dissolve the dark energy so they can reveal the truth so they can make positive changes in their life. Silver just like the white candle can be used for any purpose and it is safe to use if you have a negative task to do.

Silver candles maybe difficult to get hold of, but they are usually sold around Christmas time. Silver have often got a coating on the candle which can peel off when burnt, so ensure the candle is placed in a safe holder or in a dish surrounded by water.

The 'all singing all dancing' candle can be used for anything. The colour white can be adapted to any affrimation or spell task, to increase its power us coloured paper, pen or crystals.

This is the Goddess or God Candle so can replicate any other candle’s colour. Spells for inspiration, divination, intuition, healing or dream magic. Any spells or affirmations. Healing or communication with Angelic realms, fairies, mermaids, Unicorns, dolphins, Archangels & Ascended Masters.

An excellent candle to do you letter of desires to the angelic kingdom. Though remember to write is as you already have it for example: I now have ......., I now have ......... If you write wish to have, this will mean you want it but, you are not ready and don't want it now but in the future. Also say thank you as you burn the letter as it is sent up to heaven in the smoke of the candle.

Even though some people use green for tasks with love and the heart, I prefer pink. I use pink to help with issues of the heart and for people who are envious or have lost their self worth. The pink candle will help with releasing guilt emotions, karmic healing in letting go of negative relationships, loving & respecting self. Bringing peace in arguments.  Sending love to deceased loved ones. People with cancer or terminal illness to surround with love. Increases self-worth. Helps shield spells from outside negative jealousy intention.

Yellow reminds me of the sun and brings in fun, happiness & laughter, this energy is the cheeky fairies who bring in childlike mischief.

Use to manifest desires and attract abundance in health, fortune & life choices. Use in spells to improve your memory; for eloquence, stimulating the imagination, improving communication with others; encourages mental abilities. Burn while studying, helps concentration during divination and may bring unexpected insights. Aids in breaking mental and emotional blocks. Represents 3rd Chakra.

Gold candles maybe difficult to get hold of, but they are usually sold around Christmas time. Gold & silver have often got a coating on the candle which can peel off when burnt, so ensure the candle is placed in a safe holder or in a dish surrounded by water. Gold is the highest spiritual level where it is often used to manifest yours or others desires related to the Higher Self. Gold is the energy the Archangels & Ascended Masters work with, so this colour is useful to manifest and heal on a higher level.
Gold candle is used for sSolving problems, planning or organising life purpose. Confidence in business pursuits. Abundance in material wealth. Sport activities to encourage a healthy fit physical body. Release promises or oaths which no longer serve Higher Self. Protection of physical and human realms.

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