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Teaching Reiki to others is a privileged and an honour. Reiki purpose is to help our world become cleansed of sadness and dark emotions, by healing people, animals and the planet. Reiki is 'made' to be shared and passed on to others so our lives and those of others we meet discover happiness, peace and inner fulfillment.

People rarely enjoy being grumpy and sad, Reiki helps bring out the child in everyone, so the person feels young, uplifted and happy. As people grow older they carry responsibility and often guilt, these feelings can often weigh people down. Healing with Reiki helps the person let go of harmful self harm emotions and be their true happy self.
Learning and teaching Reiki is special gift which will help bring happiness and joy to help the individual to cope with life's challenges.

A teacher role is not to just teach others but to continue learning themselves so they can pass on their knowledge to students. A spiritual teacher is someone that knows many spiritual things but not always an expert in any one field.

Students will have a variety of issues and questions, which means the teacher will require knowledge in many different areas. Teachers are often  ' a jack of all trades & a Master of none.'.

The Master Teacher   

A Teacher of Reiki is a special person in that they have been given permission by the Higher Realms to perform the sacred ceremony of Attunements for Reiki healing. This is a great privileged and honour which bestows a large amount of responsibility. To become a Reiki teacher is something that is learned through experience working with the Ascended masters, Archangels and spirit guides. Teaching is a vocation and an instinct.   After receiving the attunement for the Master teacher you can help others become channels of Reiki healers. The special quality of Reiki Masters is that we are not part of any ‘superior organisation’. Reiki Masters are not of a religious beliefs or culture, Reiki is for everyone regardless of their status or beliefs. Reiki is Universal and helps all of us, man, beast and plants. Reiki is from Source and very pure and can be used to channel healing from Angels and other special beings of light.  

Legal Requirement of acceptance for Reiki Master Teacher

* Have completed Reiki first, second and third degree Reiki
* Been practicing Reiki on others regularly for substantial length of time (Masters discretion)
* To deepened your commitment to Reiki
* To receive and learn how to attune
* To increase your Reiki energy as a channel
* To increase your spiritual knowledge and share experiences  

Personal qualities of a Reiki Master Teacher

* Integrity, commitment and insight
* Patience, listening skills and able to talk to others in a way they
* Adaptable and seek knowledge in different spiritual areas.
* Humble and compassionate
* Continue to share, learn and grow with fellow Masters
* Integrate Reiki to your life as a whole
* Following codes of ethics (insurance, record keeping, confidentiality
* Understand your limitations and your ability.
* Set good example by Living your life honestly.
* Honouring Reiki by teaching from the heart Be true to yourself.

When a person decides they want to teach others, they are on a continuous journey by learning new things to share with their students. Teachers will mature by experiencing and discovering new lessons on life and their chosen path. Many times the students will be sharing their knowledge where the role of the Master will be reversed and the teacher then becomes the student.

A Master teacher who is reluctant to gain new insights will be missing out on the new energies since 2012. A teachers mind is a library of knowledge to be shared and new wisdom obtained for future generations.

Dr Usui Level Four

Reiki Master Teacher Qualification - 1/2 day course £700 I ensure high standards of teaching, so it is very important to me that the potential Reiki Masters I train: are experienced Reiki healers & can demonstrate spiritual maturity to teach others how to heal, protect and clear negative energy. The candidates must be respectful of Reiki and have mature spiritual gifts which they can pass on to their future students. Being a Reiki Master Teacher means making a life-long commitment to spiritual development and self-growth. The teacher will begin a life journey of self-discovery and continued spiritual learning for their self-mastery. All teachers continue to learn and develop new skills which can be passed on to their students. A teacher never stops learning! The teacher can only teach students from their own inner wisdom, personal experiences and personal life lessons. Becoming a Reiki Master teacher is an honour because the teacher represents spiritual insight and spiritual guidance, which is a huge responsibility.  

Course includes:

.   Full colour teacher manual
.   Student manual templates for levels 1,2 Practitioner,3 Master & 4 Teacher.
.   Master Reiki teacher responsibilities to their students.
·   Insurance and legal requirements of Reiki Master Teacher.
·   Reiki student’s requirement selection.
·   Healing with Reiki symbols physical to etheric healing level roles.
·   Attunement to Reiki Master level 4.
·   Future Students Reiki course formats for all the levels of Usui Reiki.
·   Student and teacher mediation hand positions.
.   Master teacher continuing spiritual learning 
·   Illustrated and documented attunement process.
·   Practical hands on initiation attunement ceremony demonstration process.
.   Instruction for attunement to all levels of Reiki.
.   Attunement process demonstration & practical
·   Student will receive the lineage of Usui teacher Reiki.
·   Awarded a Reiki Master Teacher level 4 Certificate qualification.
·   2 free aura photographs taken before your attunement and afterwards.
·   free complimentary gift box.   

·   All teachers will have on-going support and mentorship by me.

Non-traditional Reiki Teacher £100

I give attunements to teacher level 4 with all the non-traditional Reiki energies, for example Unicorn, Dragon, Goddess, Golden Eagle, Secheim etc.

The person must have had the Master level 3 attunement in the non-traditonal Reiki, before I can attune them to level 4 teacher level.

The teacher attunements includes:
course manual, Teacher certificate, attunement master symbol, lineage and suggestions for teaching students.

On going mentor support from me.