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I have clients who visit me from all around the world, to name but a few:    Spain, Japan, Australia, USA, France,  Falklands,   Germany,  Malta, Cyprus,  India.

Healing session is beneficial when you are feeling stressed, anxious, sad or low.

Information on healing can be found on Healing Session 

To contact me for an appointment Contact Me

"I 1st found Lynda about 3 years ago and now feel that she is a very special part of my Journey. I have grown and evolved with her help and guidance. I have attended most of her courses, had numerous attunements and know that if I need advice or support Lynda is there for me. I have written a poem 'Earth Angel', which I hope will introduce those who have not met Lynda yet to what a very special person she is."


                                           Earth Angel

Earth angel you mean the world to me without your eyes I could not see.
A world of joy, so I’m not blind not through my eyes, but through my mind.
Your wings to take me up to where a vision of wonder, so happy to share.
Your heart so big and full of love that truly must come from above.
Earth angel you comfort in times of sad your words of wisdom, do bring glad.
Your hands to heal my body and soul my spirit too so I am whole.
I thank the angels for sending you to me I need your love to set me free.
From chains and ties of past and old, knowledge you give to make me bold.
You give me strength so I can fly and join you way above the sky.
Earth angel I give my thanks to you a special one through and through.
No words can show my grateful heart a kindred two hope never to part.
You give so much, ask no return your purpose is to teach and learn.
Lost souls like me, to guide us to our purpose, our mission, to be like you.
Earth angel all I need to say please don’t ever go away.
Without your guide I’d wonder free not on the path, set for me.
So thank-you for all you have done for me, for all, for everyone.
A special place within my heart you have held from the start.
Its locked in there, a special key Is held between you and me.

                                                                               Author Kellie Lewis


" Lynda showed me a glimpse of her power of clairvoyance, something I did not expect. She shocked me with her accuracy. She told me things about my life she could not possibly had known. I was a little unnerved by this slice of spiritualism"
                Adam Smith - Sutton Coldfield Observer" 

Lynda gave me comfort in knowing I am not alone and that my husband (deceased) is right beside me and is waiting for me. Lynda showed me a way that I could contact my husband without my doubts blocking my thoughts, so his messages were able to get through.
 My departed husband warmed to Lynda the first time we met Lynda last year. He was excited about coming to see her again, so we could have a chance to talk together and for Lynda to tell me how he feels, that he loves and misses me.
My husband and I will be coming to see Lynda and her guides regularly, as this gives us both comfort in knowing our loved ones are only in the next room, waiting for us to talk to each  other".                                                                                                        Christine - France
"I was very nervous meeting Lynda and was frightened at what she might say in case I was going to be told something that I didn't want to know.  
I was scared because I sense things during the night and think I am not alone. Lynda convinced me that I have nothing to worry about and that my guides know that I am scared and the last thing they would want to do is frighten me. Lynda told me the presence I feel and sense at night time is my grandmother and she is protecting me and the gentle tickling I feel on my head is her comforting me by stroking my hair.
 Lynda reassured me and helped me to understand the understandable. I felt very calm and peaceful with being with Lynda and relaxed, so much so I bought a pendulum and I am now eager to know more. "
                                              Lynda - Ashby De la Zouch

"I found our session a comfort to me and very accurate"
                                              Sam - West Midlands

"I came to see Lynda with no idea what to expect and feeling quite nervous, but Lynda soon put me at ease. Lynda amazed me with what she was able to tell me about my life. Lynda made me aware of my inner feelings and I certainly left with a lot to think about and knowing I would come back to see Lynda again."                                    Heather - Sutton Coldfield   

 " Lynda was amazing and I never felt so much love. It was nice to know I have so many guides here to help"                                                                                                                         Katie - Newcastle
Two readings and a introduction on crystals with Lynda and I'm on the path of a new life... She gave me new confidence in myself, and showed me that there was more to me than the job I was slogging my life away at ... Its still one step at a time ... but I know a new life is there...
I now use crystals in my everyday life, talk to my spirit guides and guardian angels on a daily basis.. My life is more fulfilled, purposeful and happier because Lynda and her guides helped point me in a new direction.
Thank you Lynda and love & and light                           Nichol - Spain

                 Course students Testimonials

“Long may the sessions continue. Lynda has been superb during the sessions. She has put them in a way that is easy to understand and always there to help me”

“Thank you Lynda. I have built up my confidence with spirit and have met some lovely people on my course. Cannot wait to return on the next one”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course it has given me the energy and faith to help myself and others”
“Have enjoyed every minute. Being someone who felt fairly nervous and unsure, I have felt very comfortable with the whole course and will definitely continue”
“I would like to say a huge thank you to Lynda for being my spiritual teacher” 
“A very enjoyable beginners course and I cannot wait until the next course”
“I thoroughly enjoyed it and have learnt so much, thank you”

“Very enjoyable. Nice group of people. Very peaceful & relaxed. Given me much more hope and my threes words – peace, power, confidence”

“I hope more people can get the opportunity to go on this course”


                                                REIKI & CRYSTAL HEALING    testimonials 

Since having Reiki from last October my life has changed so much. When I was nine years old my Dad committed suicide then I was sexually abused by my granddad so as you can imagine I've had a lot of demons to deal with. Reiki has opened a whole new life for me in the fact that I'm more confident happier and most importantly love myself more than I've ever done. After many years of doing mundane job's I've changed my career to become a doctor's receptionist because now I'm much stronger and confident to deal with this kind of job. I would sincerely recommend anyone to try Reiki has it's changed my life in such a short space of time.       Tracey     West Mids

" My body was twisted and in severe pain, but Lynda made me all straight again. Before I saw Lynda, for Reiki healing, my boss and friends all used to call me the 'Crab'.
Before I saw Lynda every day was a nightmare, now I'm free of pain.
Every minute of every day, every hour, was hell, and then my miracle happened, Lynda."                                    Jenny - Staffordshire

"When I first met Lynda my life was in such a mess I did not even believe she could help me. I had healing as a last resort due to a friend recommending that I try it. So when I had the healing I went with an open mind and not expecting anything to happen. Well I was amazed that I felt so relaxed, I even felt I was sinking into the bed. I am unsure how the healing worked but I am now a firm believer. My life is still complicated but with the healing I am able to sleep and see problems in a new light. The healing helps me relax, feel more positive and my back is much improved."      



                                  Regression client testimonals

The main thing is I feel great, and alot of questions about myself have been answered. I could write a book giving you all the details, but everyday when I wake up I feel something new.  Maria - West Midlands
My social life seems to be buzzing. Something strange is definitely happening. Its as if a block that has kept me stuck for so long has removed, and lots of new and exciting things are coming into my life.
San - Sutton Coldfield

Even though I never felt different after the Regression, things around me are happening, all of them positive and for the better. Sue - Sutton Coldfield

During the Regression Lynda got me to talk about my experiences during a meditation and we visited some of my past lives. It felt strange to sense and feel myself as a man and then a woman, but Lynda kept talking to me all the time, which made me feel safe and excited at the same time.
Its hard to explain, but I feel different and more sure of myself since the session with Lynda. Many things have happened and so much for the better. I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can recognise a pattern in this life, which I have brought with me from my previous lives. Its amazing how different I feel, I can't thank Lynda enough.    Jane - Lichfield

My email address is : al.pabo@hotmail.co.uk  

Life's journey

"Allow your light to shine by believing in yourself. Love and respect yourself and others will do so too. Walk into a room and smile.

Life has many ups and downs, but it is how the individual sees these as disasters or life's lessons. Try to see things happening for a reason and allow the Universe to teach you.

Open your heart to love yourself and to be proud of who you are. You are here today, this very minute because of what you have learned on your life's journey. A mistake is never wasted so long as you learn from it and grow into a more compassionate and loving person.  

Learn to forgive yourself and love who you are."   

Angels blessings Lynda x                         

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