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There are many ways of healing which your guides are able to show you. Most of us have the ability to give healing and probably have done so without realising it, for example nurses, doctors and vets.

Your guides can control at what level you are able to give healing and to whom. Healing has many names and uses different energies, but they all originate from the Higher Realms and Source. Your guides channel healing energy through your body and out into your hands, which you then pass on to the person or animal that needs healing.

How to find out if you have the ability of healing, give your guides permission by asking them to channel energy through your body and see if you are aware of any sensation coming out of your palms. The way I show people is to place the palms of their hands facing each other as if you were holding an imaginary ball.  You will need to be patient and allow the flow of energy to collect in a mass between your hands. Then gently and slowly pat the imaginary ball and see if you can sense unusual warmth or tingling; some people say to me it feels like two magnets. This will probably take a while to recognise the sensation because you and your guides have not been attuned and the energy will be weak.

If you decide this is the path you and your guides want to take, you will need to find a Master in healing, Reiki, Seichem, crystals or spiritual healing. Discovering that you have healing hands is the first step; you will then require teaching on the ways of working with your spirit guides. When you and your guides are working in unison together, the Master teacher will attune you and your guides with the permission of the Masters guides. To become a Reiki Master and teacher you will have had three attunements, level one, level two and then Master. Courses & Events

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REIKI & CRYSTAL HEALING is a complementary therapy and is in no way a replacement for conventional medicine. Consent must be obtained by the client before therapy begins. Most GPs and nurses are aware of the benefits to their patients who are having Reiki and Crystal healing. The healing will help with: physical aliments - such as a bad back, bad periods, arthritis, aches and pains, MS, ME, migraines. State of mind - stress, anxiety, fatigue, low self esteem, increase confidence and self worth. Spiritually - removes negative energy so your able to tune into your intuition, enhance your creativity and ideas, feel and sense your spirit guides. Over all - gives you more energy and relaxes you so your able to cope with lifes issues and lead a more balanced life.      

Reiki with crystal therapy - I combine Reiki, crystals and spiritual healing when I work with my spirit guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters to help the client. Clients remain fully clothed though I ask for shoes, glasses and watches to be removed.

Our body's energy -Within our body there are concentrated energy centres called chakra’s (see diagram). When these chakra’s become blocked through stress, injury or trauma they can cause problems. These problems may include, bad backs, tiredness unable to sleep or relax, IBS, migraines or depression. Reiki & Crystal Healing works on removing negative sad or angry energy and replaces with positive happy calm energy. After a treatment many clients feel taller, as their chakra’s have been balanced also their stomach feels less bloated due to removal of negative energy.
Many times during a a treatment a clients stomach will rumble even thought they are not hungry, this again is the energy balancing its self and clearing negative energy.

Healers are the tool in which spirit guides, angels and high spiritual light beings channel energy. I often say to my students that we are the 'Pencils' and our guides are the 'Artists'. Healers must respect and give gratitude to spiritual light beings and not be complacent or egoistical by thinking they heal people. The healer and the spiritual healing guides work in unison in helping others to find happiness by removing negative imprints. Healers have a gift which can be closed down if disrespect or greed is apparent.  

Our guides are showing us more and more ways of healing and the list grows longer as more ways of healing are being rediscovered - I say rediscovered because in the past human being abused the gifts of healing and used it for their own selfishness. We are have all been given a second chance......please do not loose this opportunity.



  Healing for each person.

  Each horse, each cat, each dog.

 Is sent to where’s its needed,

 With happiness and love.                                                       Paul Bourne

Salt lamps are used to create a calm visual atmosphere.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                          
Where does Reiki come from?
Reiki is a Universal energy which comes straight from Source and because of this, it is very pure. The healers guides use the healers body as if it was a battery and direct healing energies into the healer and out of the healers hands.  Guides work in unison with the healer and usually work in pairs and each pair will have one pushing and another pulling the energy. There will be other guides who are bringing in energy and working within the aruric field of the client. 

I am scared of seeing any spirits, will I see them when I have Reiki or crystal healing?
It is rare for anyone to see spirits as this takes a lot of psychic energy and they have to slow down their vibrational rate to do this. The guides who help Lynda have a job to do and that is to help heal the client, they have not got the additional energy or time to manifest themselves so you can see them. Even Lynda, who has seen spirits all her life, sees her guides as energy and not as a physical object. So do not worry you will not see a stranger standing over you while you are having a Reiki treatment.

What happens during a Reiki and crystal healing Session?
During the Reiki session the client will lie on a therapy couch fully clothed and have a blanket placed over them. Then Lynda will place crystals on and around the clients body (no private areas will b e touched) then gently place her hands on the persons head (Crown chakra) to start the healing process. The healing will take approx an hour and during this time Lynda will channel healing energy through her hands and into the clients body. Most of the time there is no need to touch the clients body and no sensitive areas are touched. To end the session Lynda will place her hands on the persons feet and then close by stroking the clients aura, above the client. When giving healing to dogs or horses, Lynda allows the animals to move around the room or stable and usually the animal will show Lynda where they prefer to lie or stand and then relax and go to sleep. Animals on the second and subsequent visits start to relax and fall sleepy when they recongise Lynda and know why she has come. Animals are very special clients because they have no human hang ups and they know a genuine person and that you are there to help them.  


Do I need to close my eyes during a healing session?
It is entirely up to the person having healing if they want to have their eyes open or closed. It is far more relaxing to have your eyes closed as you can switch off and some clients manage to fall asleep. Once the clients has met Lynda and know nothing strange or alarming is going to happen, they feel comfortable to close their eyes. Most animals will close their eyes during a Reiki session.

What does Reiki feel like?
Depending on which guides, Ascended Masters or Angels are helping Lynda will depend on which energies are being used to help the client. Many people experience different temperature changes and gentle tingling sensations, these sensations are very subtle and pleasant. 

As a rule these are the sensations felt when certain Ascended Masters or Archangels come in to give healing through Lynda:-

                     Quan Yin - gentle tingling, very subtle pins and needles  

                     Kuthumi - warmth and heavy energy

                     Jesus - warm in waves or ripples

                     St Germain - Very gentle static energy, soothing and circular

                     Rapheal - Cool and floaty

                     Angelic - Very cold & feathery                                         

                     Unicorn energy (Atlantis) - Swaying & rolling motion

The healing is channelled through the healer not the healer giving healing.

What might you experience after a healing session?
Many people experience and feel different things as Reiki is for the individual as a whole, because it helps heal on all levels, emotionally, sprititually and physically. Horses and dogs tend to drink more water after a Reiki session. Some animals become itchy briefly after a session, this is because Reiki increases the circulation and encourages healing in injured areas. Most animals relax more easily than people.

What is Reiki used for and how do I know it will do me good? Reiki aids healing by working on all of the person or animal, it helps, emotionally, spiritually and physically. So Reiki is excellent for all, animals, humans and even plants. Most common uses for Reiki is helping with stress, panic attacks, IBS, bad backs, bereavement and depression.. etc. Works well with stressful animals and helps to calm them down prior to surgery or veterinary treatment.



This picture I took myself with my Olympus camera. It was taken at Glastonbury and if you look carefully you can see orbs on the far left by the candle flame - these are Elementals of Fire called Salamanders. One is shown quite clearly and another above it is a blur because it is moving and you can see a line.

This photo is spiritual guides surrounding Monty (shown as Orbs) just after I have ridden him and then given him some healing. Some of the orbs if you look closely you can see faces in them.

Here are loads of orbs just before I ride Monty. It amazes me that we all have many spirit friends around us. We are unable to see them, but animals like Monty have spirits with them as well. People have animal spirit guides and animal power guides, just like animals will have both human and animal spirit guides helping them.

Monty with orbs all around him and in the stable.

Here I have 3 orbs (spirit guides) behind me and an elemental fairy (small orb) in front of me. This was taken in my garden.

This is my dad on his 75th birthday. Picture taken with Pauls mobile phone camera. There are 2 orbs inside the large one on dads head.  The two orbs inside the large orb are my dads brothers and it seems they wanted to be included in the celebrations. Another 2 orbs by dads right elbow on the bottom of the oven light up door.

Notice orb above gabbi on right - this is Ascended Master Kuthumi, who works with me. He has given me permission to share his image with you, see enlarged photo below.                                        

If you look carefully you can notice Ascended Master Kuthumi's features... nose, eyes and mouth. This is a genuine photograph taken by Helen using my digital camera.

Horses really enjoy having Reiki and because they are sensitive and spiritual animals they respond rapidly when you tune Reiki into them. Even nervous horses become relaxed and less anxious. This is one of the favourite sessions of our Reiki course, as this session boosts the confidence of the students as they can see remarkable results with Reiki healing on the horses.     Legalisation requirements are, permission must be obtained by the horses Veterinary surgeon prior to Reiki healing, even though the owner has requested healing from you.

This Reiki student was nervous as has not been this close to a horse before. Look at all her spirit guides (orbs) staying close to reassure her and help her do the healing. How wonderful and special to see so many.

Its a lovely experience to do Reiki on horses for the first time and to see how well they react and love the experience. Both horses and students love this session where we visit the stables on our Reiki course.

Aura photo taken while I asked my guides for energy to be channelled through me, via my crown chakra. This photo shows that my crown chakra is fully open and my communication to the Higher Realms is strong.

Aura picture before and after Practitioner attunement

Amazing with my crown chakra opened and my guides Paul and Nassem - seen in White. Aura picture is offered free as part of my attunement courses.

Invoking the Golden Ray to surround and fill my auric field.

I invoking Archangel Raphael with the green flame of healing.

                                                     Orbs photos

If you think your relatives and spirit friends don't enjoy having a good time and joining in the fun.. then this is proof that they do and that they are always with you.

How wonderful to know that your loved ones are around when you are enjoying yourselves and sharing special moments with you.

Animals have human guides watching over and helping them, just like we have animal guides helping us. This dog was not only a true friend, but I believe also a spiritual dog who came to give help to the humans he truly loved.

Orbs are above Jeff's head on ceiling beam and on white wall next to rail, beside Jeff's right hand.

Orb on floor to my right. This was taken on one of our psychic groups visits to 'haunted' places.

My email address is : al.pabo@hotmail.co.uk  

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