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This unique style of Elemental Reiki beautifully combines the healing energy of all the fairies and other elemental beings. The special qualities of the elemental kingdom will enrich your life and others, which you will be able to channel and enhance using their healing symbols. In day two you will be shown the elemental Reiki symbols, Comfort, Growth, Eternal Love, Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. Even though many of the elementals are small they have immense power which they use to cleanse, heal and transmute negative energy. Many of the elementals work with others of their kind which increases their energy. Following your Elemental Master Reiki attunement today you will discover the hidden power of your elemental spirit guides. This combined healing of you and your elemental guides enables you to heal, cleanse, repair and protect animals, plants, and the environment and of course people

The elemental kingdom comprises of many types of fairies, elves, gnomes, pixies and others but they fall into 4 main groups. The group they are in will depend on what material and element they resonate with. The element group works and heals using the energy of water, fire, soil or air.  The elemental kingdom has an influence on everything we walk on, the air we breathe and the plants we see have some form of elemental healing. Healing elementals are mainly fairies with the elves supervising them.

Elemental secrets

For many centuries the elemental kingdom has safe guarded spiritual secrets. Due to many of the elementals being tiny, they are able to access small areas on the planet; they regularly find miniature caverns, caves and crevices where secrets can be stored.  These secrets include how to defeat dark creatures, healing power to induce sleep or revert back into a light being. The underworld are unable to access small areas due to them being bulky with their negative energy is too heavy. The underworld is afraid of what the elementals know and how the elementals have the secret power to ‘destroy’ the dark. Ascended Masters and Archangels entrust secrets to the elementals knowing they are true light being with their love and innocence. Trolls are often used to guard the entrances to these secret locations; this is because trolls are fearless, loyal and stubborn. The secrets are enclosed in an orb which is an etheric library of secrets; the orb can contain large amounts of information. If an underworld creature was to find a secret orb and try to download the information they would fail as soon as they touched the orb. Any negative energy, even a small particle will close down the orb and it will become sealed, waiting for it to be found by a light being and activated again. Following your attunement you will be able to access and unlock secrets with your elemental guides. Your higher self and your subconscious will learn how to defeat negative energy within all forms of creatures, emotion and physical pain. The knowledge learnt from these secrets will help you with healing and to feel positive, loved and create a harmonious life. These secrets will be awarded to you by the elemental kings and queens when you receive another attunement in the future.

Angel Tongue      

When Archangel Metatron was Enoch he was taught Celestrial speech, the language of the angels. He was given this secret knowledge in preparation for his ascension into an Archangel. This ancient heavenly language is the “first language of God-Christ", the "Holy Language", or "Adamical" because it was used by Adam to name all things.   Angels and elementals are sensitive to sound waves which they use to heal and cleanse as well as communicate. Elementals are a subservient angel so they also use this angelic tongue to talk to each other. The sounds made from angel speech is usually heard as singing, giggling or whispering, usually their words are strung together without pausing. Whereas human tongue has many gaps with pauses in-between the sentences. Many human languages are spoken in a sharp abrupt way, whereas when angels and elementals talk they flow and expand the sound of each word.   This angel tongue has been lost for centuries as the last human to know it was Enoch who took this knowledge with him when he ascended into Archangel Metatron. Then in late 16th century England Edward Kelley and his colleague John Dee wrote in private journals the lost angelic language. The men claimed that the language was revealed to them by Angels.

Elemental healing  

Elemental Master Reiki healing has no structure as the energy is changing constantly due to so many healing fairies are working at any one time. Your fairies and elves will work opposite and beside you as you heal your client. The combines healing with you, your elves and fairies ensure all areas are healed at the same time. Clients will feel warm, cold, tingling, pulsing and stroking all at the same time. Damaged areas may feel heavy at the start of treatment and then light as the healing takes place when the area is cleansed.   Fairies work within the auric field by removing negative particles then their fellow fairies replace with positive energy. The fairies organise themselves into a relay system, some repair and seal damaged pockets of aura, whereas the others remove any dislodged negative particles. The elves then work in partnership with other spirit guides to remove any stagnant energy where an injury maybe. An elemental Reiki healing session is a hive of activity where everyone works at the same time.

Elemental Master Reiki Course

Enhance your healing with the help of the elemental secret power. Become as one with your elemental guides, sense, feel and see their positive loving influence. Reiki Elemental Master attunement will enable you to continue receiving attunements throughout your life from the elemental kings & queens. Learn how to use your healing to open elemental portals to release physical & spiritual blockages for positive thought. Use the power of crystals to enter hidden chambers. Unlock secrets with your elemental guides, see what they see, use their knowledge to create a harmonious life. Elemental Reiki symbols,Comfort, Growth, Eternal Love, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit & many more.  

2 part course @ £80 per session (£160.00)

Includes: Full colour course Manual, Practical healing,theory & Master certificate, Gift box

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