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I offer individual healing sessions for clients.
The cost of the hour & half session is £40 including consultation.

To book a healing session appointment click on link
Contact Me Page

HEALING session - £40 1 1/2 hrs inc spiritual consultation

I combine Reiki healing with crystals to give clients a relaxing in depth healing experience to promote peace and harmony. With every session I offer spiritual counseling & advice.

With the hectic pressure of daily life many people suffer stress and anxiety which can cause physical and emotional problems.

Healing helps to bring balance and restores physical, emotional and spiritual happiness. 

Benefits of healing

~  Reduces stress 
~  Relaxes the mind
~  Helps with aches & pains
~  Relaxation
~  Pain management
~  Relaxes the worried mind
~  Reduced depression
~  Improves sleep
~  Aids digestion problems
~  Enhanced well-being
~  Stronger self-esteem
~  Reduced side effects from radiation & chemotherapy
~  Strengthens immune system
~  Increase confidence
~  Helps to restore self worth
~  Promotes peace of mind
~  Heightened intuition
~  Energies and balances the physical, mental & spiritual bodies.

Helps clients with
~  Cancer
~  Heart disease
~  Panic attacks
~  Depression
~  Chronic pain
~  Crohn’s Disease
~  Irritable Bowel Syndrome
~   Fatigue syndromes
~  Multiple sclerosis
~  Aches & pains
~  Migraines
~  Bereavement
~  Separation/Divorce
~  Life changes
~  Peace of mind

Clients comfort
I suggest clients wear comfortable clothes and remove shoes, which will encourage relaxation and possible sleep.
Clients lie on a therapy couch under a fleese blanket.
I do not touch the client except to place crystals on the blanket.
I begin healing starting from the clients head to their feet, removing blockages and realigning their body.
Often I have my eyes closed as I heal with my hands hovering above the client and the crystals working in the auric field.
When I have completed the session I quietly leave the room to fetch the client a glass of water.
If the client is sleeping I allow time for the client to come round.

After Care
Clients are advised to rest and drink plenty of water or decaffeinated drinks. This will help the body detox and healing to continue for a few days.

Follow up treatments

This will depend entirely on the clients personal needs and their situation.

Arranging an appointment
To book a healing session Contact Me
or phone me on 07798 615 102

Want to know more?

More information on crystal healing see Crystal Healing and Reiki healing Healing, Aura & Orbs 

I offer many methods of healing, if you would like any of these during your healing session please let me know at the time of booking.

~ Sound healing – using Tibetan singing bowl & tuning forks

~ Sea shell healing – using sea shells & the sound of the ocean

~ Pyramid healing – using brass pyramid

~ Indian feather healing – using Native American feathers

~ Colour healing – using Rainbow Reiki colour frequency 

~ Unicorn & Pegasus healing – using vortex energy

~ Dragon healing – using cold breath & warm air of the healing crystal dragons

~ Dolphin healing – using sonar wave energy

~ Elemental healing – using healing elements of fire, water, earth & air energy

~ Goddess healing – using Goddess cool energy on heart chakra

~ Archangel & Angel healing - using angel light cool healing

and many more ....


I offer individual healing sessions for clients.
The cost of the hour & half session is £40 including consultation.

To book a healing session appointment click on link Contact Me

What happens during a Treatment?
The client is fully clothed and lies under a blanket on a therapy couch during the treatment. The client listens to relaxing music and has the choice of having eyes open or closed, though many clients fall asleep. Healing removes negative sad energy by replacing it with positive good energy. I will place crystals on the blanket over your chakra points and various parts of your body. I work with the energy of the crystals and Reiki by channelling the energy out of my palms and crystals at the same time. I rarely touch your body by working in your auric field. After a treatment many people feel lighter with the release of negative energy.

After care
After a crystal & Reiki healing session you will need to rest to allow the natural balance of your energy to settle. No strenuous exercise. Drink plenty of water or herbal drinks to help your body detox. Refrain from drinking tea, coffee or wine on the day of treatment. Healing will continue for a few days after treatment in some cases this can be as much as a week. You may experience tingling in a problem area where there has been an injury, this is the healing continuing to re-balance and align your energy. Any problems please do not hesitate to contact me. Many people sleep better and feel more uplifted after each session, though in some cases a person may feel emotional due to suppressed feelings. The healing helps to clear the body of negative energy and release harmful toxins.

Follow up treatments
Because I combine various healing techniques, crystal therapy with Reiki the healing is more intense and as such will last longer than traditional Reiki healing. Clients usually find the healing lasts for a week with some wanting to repeat the healing a week later.

Follow up treatment is all dependant on the individual needs. Many people have a course of 3 sessions then come regularly once a month or every 6 weeks to help keep them uplifted.

My healing room is a peaceful, calming & a tranquil place to switch off from the world. Forget all your worries and enjoy a healing treatment which will leave you feeling uplifted and relaxed.

To book a healing session appointment click on link Contact Me

Contact me page Contact Me

Details on my Reiki courses
Reiki Dr Usui Courses

Details on my Crystal Diploma courses
Crystal Diploma Courses 

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