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I Have listed a few favourite crystals which many healers use

Mystic Quartz Topaz is a popular gemstone worn by many spiritual people. The natural clear quartz or master quartz is coated with titanium which then transforms the quartz into rainbow colours. Mystic quartz is also known as Fire Topaz and Rainbow Topaz. The mystic quartz is believed to increase the vibrational field the aura of the wearer to dispel negative energy. When I wear mystic quartz I feel its vibration is similar to diamond where it brings negative energy to the surface where it is easily cleansed. This gemstone helps the wearer to deflect psychic attack and transform into loving energy. Mystic quartz gives a reassuring feeling where often people feel more confident, self-assured and purposeful. The Mystic quartz is often worn as earring and pendants were its energy helps the wearer to see clearly without worry or confusion. Quartz by nature is able to alter its vibration to adapt to any situation or healing requirement, with the addition of rainbow light the Mystic quartz is a great healer and protector. Mystic quartz draws in the Archangel vibration and attracts fairies, who fly around the wearers head. Often ‘cobwebs’ on the face may be felt when wearing this gemstone.

Selenite - one of my favourites to cleanse negative energy & transmute into positive energy. Place on 3rd eye which is very good at quietening the mind & clearing negative thoughts. Selenite attracts angelic presence & elemental s (fairies), many clients feel the tickling on their faces and especially their nose when have Selenite in their healing session. 

Selenite tower ideal to cleanse area of negative energy by placing in corner of room or near fire place. Many fireplaces have stagnant energy. Selenite also helps to keep your crystal happy by helping to cleanse them and help the crystal fairies do their work.

Amazonite – helps to bring in Universal love from all sources. Useful for people who worry on what other people think. This crystal helps people to build confidence within themselves by working on the throat chakra, it helps them speak the truth in difficult situations. Amazonite increases a person’s intuition to help them become creative and have new ideas.  Amazonite helps people release the past and move on into the future, by not holding on to past hurt. Amazonite heals negative trauma which often people hold on to. Amazonite dissolves negative issues related to the heart so the person can let down their guard and learn to trust again.

Moldavite -  is a tektite which originally came from outer space. It can only be found in the Moldau Valley, Czechoslovakia. Moldavite is a powerful deep meditation crystal and helps with astral travel. Some people find the crystal is too powerful because it makes them feel light headed.

Moldavite - very expensive. looks like glass when held up to the light.

Larimar 'the dolphin stone' - expensive because can only be found in the Dominion Republic. brings in the energy of the dolphins to help heal etheric cords of past ancestors and past life.

Healing purifying and protective.
It brings peace, tranquility and calm. It draws pain from the body cooling inflammation, sunburn and fevers and helps with infection of any kind especially throat infections. Self healing crystal beneficial to the shoulders, the thyroid gland, the chest, neck and head area and also the nasal passages  

Balances both earth and higher spiritual. It encourages us in following our life path. Brings out our inner child, playful and fun.
It aids meditation, clear blockages in the chakras and is often used in
reflexology to clear the meridians

Labradorite – Place on 3rd eye chakra to connect to Askashic records, the Halls of Learning and Ascended Masters. Gives answers to reaffirm person’s life's purpose and give clarity and insight into their destiny. Helps with dreams recall. Labradorite increases intuition, psychic ability, esoteric wisdom and helps with subconscious issues. This crystals helps to release inhibitors from past life promise by clearing and realigning the aura field. , Healing properties of Labradorite are help with eyesight, mind balance, digestion, metabolism and supposeably warts.  

Smoky quartz - a very protective and grounding stone. Removes negativity and transmutes negative energy into positive energy. Helps to protect the person from having nightmares. A popular crystal to use for bad backs the Sacral chakra blocked often when person feels unsupported by life and weighed down with responsibility.  Smoky quartz lifts people’s moods when person feels angry or sad, excellent with lifting people out of depression. Smoky quartz is helpful in relieving grief by grounding the person and giving a calming comfort feeling. Smoky quartz opens up the kundalini energy during meditation to enable the person to reach a higher state of consciousness. Healing with smoky quartz helps problems associated with the lower chakras including kidneys, abdomen, pancreas, reproductive organs, menstrual cramps, fertility issues. Smoky quartz also is used to remove toxins from the body and helps the adrenal glands.

Kyanite – lifts the soul’s vibration to experience vivid dreams, dream recall, and lucid dreams (in between dream & awake state). Kyanite protects the soul during dream journeys. Kyanite vibration is so high it does not require cleansing though I often rest mine regularly. This crystals vibration is excellent at balancing chakras often people feel a cold flush down their spine.  does not retain negative energy and never needs energetic cleansing. It does. Kyanite is associated with the throat chakra and communication on a human/soul level. Kyanite helps people who have lost their inner strength and have no ‘get up & go’ they unable to sense their inner self so feel venerable. Healing with kyanite gives soul healing to help with depression and helps with throat problems often with thyroid issues it helps to realign the thyroid.

Pyrite – sometimes referred to as ‘fool’s gold’. It is rarely used during a healing session on a client but is often placed within the therapy room as a protective shield or deflector of negative energy. It is an excellent crystal to place in corners of a room to clear stagnant areas of negative energy. It is useful to place on entry point of any negative earth leylines coming into the home, it will not prevent the flow of the leyline energy but will cleanse it before it comes into your home. Pyrite is a powerful protection crystal which attracts positive energy which encourages good luck or good fortune to the home.

Carborundum - This crystal was discovered in 1891 in an attempt to create diamonds using electricity. Although man-made it has high vibration which attracts Archangels & Advanced Higher Lightbeings. Carborundum is known to be a master healer that strengthens the auric field and shield from psychic attack or negative situations. Helps clear negative energy within a worried mind so people can think calmly when faced by difficult situations. It opens up the third eye, encourages intuition and helps to ease headaches and eye fatigue. Very good when placed near your computer to prevent ‘magnetic’ pollution.

Crystal Skulls have amazing power, they may look ugly but their energy is very strong which is why many spiritual people have at least one, as you can see I have many. The skull often chooses you and each skull will have 3 spiritual guardians which have been allocated to stay with the skull and help the keeper (us). The spiritual guardians will help using the crystals skulls energy to connect to out Higher Self, our spirit guides and Ascended Masters. Skulls have the ability to download information which will benefit the keeper, which is why many skulls are used during meditation to connect to their spiritual library.

Meditating with a skull is interesting too, because when you gaze on the skull its energy will vibrate and encourage the keep to imagine walking within the skull. I do this often by imagining a doorway within one of the eye sockets or nose cavity, sounds weird but it works. When inside you imagine talking to the guardians who are there within a crystal cavern.

Crystal skulls are one of my all time favourites.

Crystal Therapy Diploma
If you are interested in learning how to do crystal healing have a look on my crystal healing page Crystal Healing

Next Crystal course starting date
check on my courses date page here COURSE START DATES 

Crystal Therapy Diploma
If you are interested in learning how to do crystal healing have a look on my crystal healing page Crystal Diploma Course

Next Crystal course starting date
check on my courses date page here COURSE START DATES