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To give Crystal healing to others you must have a crystal qualification and crystal insurance.

When you work with your crystals it is important for you to get to know them and to feel comfortable with using them. This is because you will need to let go of logic and ‘feel’ what the crystals are giving you or telling you.

 I would suggest keeping the crystals you use for healing separate to the ones you use for other purposes, such as meditation or your own personal use.

These are the suggested Crystal Healing Set:

o   Amber
o   Amethyst
o   Blood stone
o   Blue lace agate
o   Citrine
o   Clear Quartz
o   Carnelian
o   Flourite
o   Green Aventurine
o   Haematite
o   Lapis Lazuli
o   Malachite
o   Moonstone
o   Orange Calcite
o   Rose quartz
o   Sodalite
o   Tigers Eye
o   Tourmaline

Further details on each crystal as follows....

Amber - is not a true crystal because it is a fossilised resin.  Occasionally an insect will be visible within the amber from when it was trapped as the Amber hardened, if this is the case the amber will almost certainly be expensive to buy. Amber is a protective ‘crystal’ because it strengthens the auric field. It is believed to help heal past karma emotion to release negative energy. Many people say they feel less anxious when they wear the amber as a necklace or pendant. Amber helps to relax people who have a lot on their mind or have a phobia. Has been known to help with manifesting what a person wants.

Amethyst – is a popular crystal to help people increase their psychic ability, meditate and connect to their spirit guides. Many healers, mediums and clairvoyants have this crystal to help them in their spiritual work. With amethyst being a powerful connection to spirit I strongly suggest spiritual people not to have in their bedroom. If an amethyst was in the bedroom with a spiritual person then they will be working all night long and not have peaceful sleep. Amethyst helps people to concentrate by giving them clarity of mind, very good crystal to take with you when having an exam or job interview. Amethyst also protects against psychic attacks from envious and jealous people. Some believe it helps protect the home from burglars and keeps people safe while travelling. Amethyst helps to awaken the kundalini energy and to create a stronger connection to the Higher Self. Be careful not to use to often if the person develops headaches, this will be their 3rd eye opening up too quickly. The ancient people believed amethyst cured drunkenness and helped with addictions to alcohol, drugs, smoking and self-harm. Amethyst is good crystal to place beside the computer to help with geometric stress the electromagnetic field which can affect many spiritual people. Amethyst cluster has the ability to charge up other crystals placed on top of the amethyst.

Blood stone - is an excellent grounding crystal to place in left pocket or left side of bra. It helps people with anxiety and stress by calming and quietening the confusion mind. Bloodstone helps with etheric cords by strengthening good ones and helping to dissolve negative ones. It is a good healer following a bereavement by helping the person to balance their emotions. Bloodstone as its name implies helps with issues related to the blood for example, blood pressure, heart problems, cramps, diabetes, colds & flu, immune system, kidney and bladder.

Blue lace agate – attracts fairies and angels to help the person feel supported in times of need. Blue lace is a calming gentle crystal will helps people stand up for themselves in a gentle none confrontational way. Helps people to open up about what is worrying them or their inner mind is not speaking out on what they truly need. Helps people in writing letters, correspondents, reports or legal documentation where the person needs to have confidence and trust. Blue lace agate helps with making decisions especially with indecisive or stubborn people to believe in themselves and trust in their guardian angel. Lue lace helps with issues which are triggered by stress for example migraines, headaches, IBS and eczema.

Citrine – this is the sunshine crystal which brings in laughter, joy and abundance. This crystal is useful to place on your bank statement placed on a window sill, not to be hidden in a purse for too long crystals DO NOT like the DARK! Citrine lifts a person’s energy so they feel happy and see joy in everything. This crystal helps to protect the person by making the person feel positive and happy which then deflects negative energy and grumpy people.   Healing helps with digestion, spleen, bladder, heavy periods and increases blood circulation. It is also believed to balance the thyroid.   Place in far left corner of your home to ensure abundance comes to you, though not necessarily money.

Clear Quartz – master quartz, this is the king of the quartz family of crystals. The clear quartz is often referred to as the Master quartz because it has the ability to mimic other quartz crystals, which it why it is often referred to as the ‘all singing all dancing crystal’. A good all round crystal because it can do anything.

Carnelian – has the special ability to self-cleanse, which often makes it a favourite pendulum for crystal healers. It has a protective energy where negativity is unable to adhere to its surface which makes it an excellent crystal to place in your bar or pocket when experiencing a difficult situation for example divorce, redundancy or bereavement. Carnelian can aid memory, dream recall and past live experiences.   Carnelian is really good at working on the lower chakras to remove embedded stubborn karma. Often it will make a client’s stomach rumble when the energy is being lifted out of the lower chakras. The solar plexus the ‘human dustbin’ is often felt as warm when using carnelian. Carnelian helps with acne, rheumatism, kidney stones, gall stones, colds, pollen allergies, and neuralgia. 

Flourite – fluorite helps to silence the mind which makes it a good crystal for people who are starting to meditate. Fluorite attracts animal power guides and nature spirits. Flourite helps to connect to our Higher self and spirit guides to give meaning to life’s purpose. Fluorite balances the auric field by cleansing and smoothing out imperfections and weaknesses. The person will still need to have protect bubble but when using fluorite the gold will be stronger and last longer.   Fluorite gives a person clarity and encourages bright ideas and sensible decision making. Helps a person concentrate and absorb information, excellent crystal to help children revise for exams. Fluorite creates a calm balanced atmosphere within the home. In healing fluorite helps with blood pressure, cholesterol, bones, teeth, dizziness, vertigo, cough, joint stiffness and respiration. One of my favourites to help my arthritic clients.

Green Aventurine – Like many of the green crystals Aventurine helps with issues of the heart. This crystal has the ability to help with healing relationships with family and friends, as well as bringing new friends to you. Gives the person confidence in public speaking and interviews by not seeing others as a threat. Aventurine gives the person a positive outlook on life to help to see the good in any situation. Allows the person to see the wood for the trees, to stand back and see the solution to the problem. Aventurine helps heal blood & circulatory system, sinus problems, nausea, headaches, allergies, eczema, and aids sleep. 

Hematite – I only use hematite as a crystal grid to protect from negative energy. Hematite is a strong defence against the dark but it does not allow any other crystal to vibrate near it. Good for protection and grounding by wearing bracelet on left wrist or ankle when in negative places.

Lapis Lazuli – (brighter shiny with gold streaks) a favourite of the Egyptians and many spiritual people. Often Goddess Athena and Goddess Isis will be ‘summoned’ when someone sues this crystal. Both Goddesses are good at helping spiritual people who have a past life connection to Atlantis or Lemurian. Lapis Lazuli creates a powerful connection between the physical and celestial planes. Useful to use Lapis when channelling spirit while doing psychic writing or drawing. Lapis Lazuli worn as a pendant will encourage a constant connection to spirit, which is why it is often worn by clairvoyants or healers.   Helps people in meditation to visit halls of learning and connect to Ascended Masters. Good for spiritual problem solving.

Malachite – another Egyptian favourite, the women of Egypt used the power dust of Malachite for eye makeup, which by the way is poisonous if inhaled. It helps to clear and activate all the chakras. Malachite like most green crystals works on the heart chakra by helping to trust others. This crystal has a calming gentle energy that goes to the source of the problem whether it spiritual, emotional or physical. Malachite is excellent at spiritual networking, by bringing you the clients or spiritual people you need to help you choose the correct path. Malachite attracts the help of Archangel Gabrielle who will deliver your manifestation wish and give you spiritual messages.

Moonstone – balances the male logical mind with the intuitive female mind. An excellent crystal to help people who find it hard to switch off the bossy mind and have difficulty delegating. Also good for people who are wishy washy and indecisive, so unable to concentrate and make their minds up.   Moonstone in healing is used for help woman with difficult periods or are going through the change. Moonstone can also help with digestive problems, obesity and water retention.

Orange Calcite – has similar properties to citrine where it helps a person’s mind to feel happy. It is extremely good at helping people who are victims or have emotional fear, depression and suicidal thoughts. It is particularly helpful with phobias. In healing Orange Calcite helps people with problems of the reproductive system, IBS, kidneys and bad backs.

Rose quartz – the love crystal, helps everyone to feel unconditional loving support from self and others. This a favourite amongst crystal healers because many people find it hard to love themselves. Everyone needs to feel loved regardless of age or gender. The crystal helps the person to feel safe because the feel supported by love. An excellent crystal to help people with insomnia, so they have a better night’s sleep. It is believed to help couples who are trying for a baby.   In healing Rose quartz is used to help lift self-esteem and self-worth. It helps people in the traditional period between life and death by helping the soul feel safe with unconditional love.

Sodalite - (looks matte with not gold streaks) helps to increase a person’s logic so is good in public speaking or for teachers. Helps with communication and confidence in speech and because of this sometimes Sodalite is called the Poet's Stone. This crystal helps with resolving arguments and disagreements.   In healing Sodalite helps with diabetes, digestive system and relief of head colds. 

Tigers Eye – often referred to as the courage stone, because in ancient times soldiers took it into battle. This crystal has an earthy grounding energy which give the person a feeling of calm and relaxation. Gives people confidence and not be afraid to face new challenges or life changes.   In healing tigers eye benefits stomach problems and the lower chakras. It helps to dissolve negative energy by grounding to earth energy.  

Tourmaline (black)use with care!! This crystal is an expert at absorbing negative energy so can only be used ONCE until it has been cleansed. Cleansing often takes 2 to 3 days before it is empty of negative energy. Do not wear or hold for long periods, cleanse regularly by placing on salt lamp or on a saucer of salt, then throw salt away.

Additional crystals needed for the set are :

Grounding/clearing Pendulum  (smokey quartz, tigers eye, clear quartz)

Clear Quartz generators – 2 male (clear) – 2 female (cloudy)

Quartz points – 6 (for Solomon’s seal grid)

Healing crystals :- (tumble stone or cluster- flat bottom to place on client)

Wand- Amethyst, selenite, clear quartz, rose quartz