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Lynda Bourne School of Spiritual Enlightenment.   Its sole purpose is to teach people of all ages and different walks of life to work with their spirit guides and angels.

Message from Running Bear, One of my Native Indian Guides:

"Learn to silence the mind, then the answers will come".

Message from Paul my husbands guide:

"It matters not what time we have had. Only the time we have left together. We strike our deal before our time here. That covers the time we will span. To outsiders all that is seen is the years we have had. To us,all we see is the short time we have left. We know how long has gone behind us, but we cannot know how much time lies ahead. Such is the fragility of our existence. Today we will live like life has no end, but we all know different. We will deny to ourselves that life is fickle. And that deaths sure hand will one day lead us all on our final journey. It will not be by our choice. We will have no say in the matter."

Suggestions to help you connect with your spiritual guides

Everyone is born with psychic senses. People either choose to not develop their spiritual senses and remain closed to spirituality or open themselves; as many people are doing in society today and exploring their spiritual intuition. 

Most people are able to sense and feel a negative atmosphere when they walk into a room where there has previously been an arguement. Likewise when you walk into a room or house where it feels homely and loved, you can sense and feel love and a harmonious atmosphere. These are spiritual senses where you use your intuition and gut feeling.     

Are you able to sense a person's moods or how they are feeling, even though they may not have spoken to you?  If you can this is a spiritual sense and shows you can pick up on negative or sad energy.    

Have you ever taken a decision where you know it 'feels' the right thing to do, even though logically it is a risk? This is again another spiritual sense and shows you have pscyhic ability. 

How do you know if your Psychic ......

Do you see colours? Close your eyes and what colour do you see? If you see black or dark red, this means you are not open to spiritual energy. If your see a colour this means you are aware of psychic energy. Colours are one of the first things your guides will show you.  

Do you have tingling on the top of your head? Your guides will be channeling messages via your crown chakra, which is placed at the top of your head. When you are receiving healing or your guides giving you messages you may have an itchy sensation on the top of your head. you should notice this happening when you are day dreaming, relaxing or doing meditation.

Are you woken up just before your alarm clock? Your guides will wake you up just before you are due to get up, they do this so you are more likely to remember messages in a brief dream. If you slept all the way through the night you would not be able to remember much, by you having a light sleep and having a dream, you are more likely to recall what happened. Put a pen and paper by your bed to wright down your dreams when you first wake up.

Psychic courses - I run psychic courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced. The courses are held monthly over a period of 6 months. Each session is £20 which includes folder, course notes and practical sessions with developing your psychic and intutional senses with your spirit guides. See my courses page. Courses & Events

PSYCHIC COURSE Learn how to work with your spirit guides. Discover more about them.
Who are our spirit guides? How do they communicate? Sense and feel when your spirit guides are around you. How do your spirit guides help you?         Intensive course  .... Meditation, protection and grounding, develop your psychic ability and intuition, dowsing, orbs, spirits guides, touch & feel your guides around you, meet your teacher or life guide, energy fields, clearing, etheric cordings, psychic attack, karma and past life experiences, channel messages and thoughts, clairvoyance, mediumship skills, using psychic tools, learn how to do psychic writing & drawings. Channel pictures and objects from your guides. Safely use Tarot cards & angel cards. Develop and sense your 3rd eye. Guide’s personalities & their roles. Guides at work, rest and play. Mischievous spirits. Learn & develop your Kundalini energy. (classes divided into beginners, intermediate & advanced). Six Month course £ 20.00 per session Includes practical sessions, course notes with folder & Certificate at end of each course. Check out my courses page for more details. Courses & Events these psychic classes are held at my home at Crystal cottage.

Right from the start in the first session of the beginners psychic class you learn how to sense and feel your spirit guides. I will teach you in the first session to feel and sense your guides approval and then when they are giving you a warning. Every session you will have interaction with your spirit guides and learn that they are your friends and how they can help you.

Many men are now becoming more open to spiritual awareness. In the past it has been the men who were the logical ones, now I am finding it is now the women. I am having more and more men join my psychic classes and in some cases they are more spiritual than us women.

Th Ascension and Universal guides class. These workshops follow on from the advanced psychic classes. Here Paul and Geoff are having a go with the singing bowls.

So many people make new friends on the psychic classes and we all have fun as well as learning the serious stuff.

Every psychic class we cover protection and grounding, then we do a relaxing meditation. People leave the class feeling uplifted, calm and of course very relaxed.

It is important that you feel stable and relaxed before you allow yourself to become fully switched off so you are able to meditate. Sometimes, though not always you may feel the sensation of floating and if you are like me, I suffer with motion sickness, it is reassuring to know you are grounded. When you ground yourself or your guides do it for you, you may possibly feel heavier and smaller. When you are more aware of psychic energy you will notice and come to recognise what is happening. Your guides like you to have a firm footing and for them to take you on a psychic journey they need you to do this.

When you are in mediation and the more you learn to let yourself become in a dream state, the more you may want to stay there and not return to the 'here and now'. Rest assured your guides will have a way of catching your attention to ensure you do return to normality. Before you start any work with your guides they will ensure that you are grounded before you are allowed into their classroom of learning.

Suggestion for grounding.

Relax and make sure you feel comfortable. Close your eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths breathing slowly in and out, relaxing as you do so.

Now I would like you to imagine from the soles of your feet you can feel roots slowly emerging and these roots are getting stronger and longer. These roots push through the floor and into the soil underneath. Your roots are becoming stronger all the time.

Your roots eventually reach the earth’s core and you feel your roots breaking through into the warm energy of the earth’s core. Then sense this warm golden energy slowly making its way back up through your roots to your feet. Then when it reaches your feet this energy is drawn up through your legs and your body. Imagine every time you breathe out you are breathing this energy into the air around you and this enfolds your body and makes you feel warm and peaceful.

I would like you to now ask your loved ones or your guides for a cloak of protection to be placed all around you. Sense the material gently being placed over your head, and falling slowly and softly down your shoulders, until your whole body is covered and the cloak is tucked under your feet. This cloak is given with love and is to protect you and shield you, this cloak will help you in times of trouble. You can ask for this cloak anytime you feel venerable and you need comfort.

PROTECTION You may ask why do we need protection and from what?

When you are communicating with the Higher Realms and your guides, you are opening up a channel of communication. This channel is used when we are healing or using our psychic ability as a clairvoyant.

This channel is a passage way for spirits and energies to travel between our two dimensions. My guides and I work within the white light and angelic energies, others among us work with dark negative energies. The choice is yours in which energy you and your guides work with, though remember  we will all be accountable to Source (God) when we pass over.

Many times during your work as a healer or clairvoyant you will come into contact with negative energy. People who seek light workers need our help and this tends to be contacting the spirit world or for healing when they are depressed or in grief. Clients who are depressed or have recently lost someone are very venerable emotionally and spiritually. These people need our help and we have a responsibility to give them protection and sensitivity. You must be sincere and honest when giving a reading, because you have a huge responsibility to deliver the message correctly and not misuse your trust with the client or the Higher Realms. Remember what has been gifted to you can also be taken away.

For you or your client to receive protection you need to ask; the Golden Rule of the Higher Realms, ask & permission. Ask your guides and the Higher Realms to give you adequate protection, dependant on the work you are doing. One of the highest energies to protect you is Golden light. To cut away negative energy and to remove them, ask for Archangel Michael to come and cut away the negativity with his sword, he will then, if asked, throw over a cloak of protection.

Some people ask for a protective cloak, which they can tuck under their feet and cover all their body and some other prefer to ask for a bubble. Choose what ever you feel comfortable with, I usually ask for a golden suit of armour and a shield at my front and rear solar plexus. 

You may protect your house by asking for protection on the doors and windows. I ask for a protective pyramid above and below my house and garden. You may if you wish ask for an angel of protection to guard your house and to sit on your roof.

Remember the 'Golden Rule' ask and help will be given.


People do not realise that they can open up doorways to the spiritual world and inviting spirits into their homes, when using Tarot cards or spiritual board games. Be aware these doorways are potential hazards as they also invite negative energy into your houses. Stay away from Tarot or spiritual boards games until you learn about protecting the doorways, and opening and closing vortex's safely. Angel cards are safe as you are inviting the angels within your homes, Tarot invites EVERYONE. 
People require their homes to be cleared of negative spirits and evil energies, when they have foolishly invited unwanted negative energies into the homes.

Do not TEASE or PLAY with things you are not confident with and certainly do not become complacent, as you may end up with a house where you have many arguments, headaches and nightmares.  

If you find yourself or your home in this situation, then book to see me and I will teach how to safely look after yourself and your home.


                                  A message from a loved one,

                                    To know that they are ok,

                          And that they’re found eternal peace,

                               And watch over you each day.

                                                          Paul Bourne

FIRST CONTACT WITH YOU GUIDES  First of all your guides will be one step ahead of you, they will know what your intentions are and they have been waiting for you to be ready. Your guides are able to read and understand your thoughts and what you are thinking, quite often before you do. I know this sounds weird and you will have to trust me on this one, you will be reassured that they know what they are doing and they have your best interests at heart. The last thing they would want is for you to feel ill at ease and uncomfortable. They will sense how far they are able to show you so you do not feel threatened or lost in any way.

Our advice to you is to learn to relax and have some quiet time alone, so you can get away from the hectic pressure of our daily lives. Sit in a quiet place, where you know you will not be disturbed; turn off your phone. Select some music which is soft and calming, do not select a tune or a catchy rhythm, as this will distract you. Another ideal tool to use is an indoor water feature, this is so relaxing listening to running water.

To help you remain calm and at ease, I would suggest a scented candle as a focus point and they are very relaxing. Sit in a comfy chair, where you will not fidget and you can completely relax, allow yourself to day dream and lose yourself in the room, listen to the water or music, take deep breaths and smell the scented candles. Your guides will be preparing you and you may not be aware of anything happening, or they may be allowing you time to adjust and become comfortable.

Eventually you may decide to close your eyes and enjoy the quiet. When you do this be aware of any colours you can see with your eyes closed. Colours are one of the first things your guides will be tuning you into and they do this with most people, because colours are safe in that they do not frighten anyone.

When you go to bed at night you will start to notice colours more and more, usually just before you fall asleep and when you wake up. This is when you are more relaxed and your guides can 'tune' you in more easily. When people meditate they are in this dream state, to help their guides tune them in, your guides need to create this dream state as near as possible.

Many people are unable to meditate when they first start and it takes a while for them to master this skill. There is no rush and the secret is to take it slowly and allow you and your guide’s time to learn and to reflect on what you and they have learnt.

The next step is up to you and your choice on what you decide. Some people just want to learn to meditate so they can have a cheap way to help get rid of the stress in their lives and others want to go further.

If you decide to go further I would suggest finding a teacher who can help you and your guides develop further and many places around the country have psychic development groups. Choose what you feel comfortable with and make sure that it is at your level so you do not feel out of your depth. My psychic workshops are split into 3 levels. Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. The workshops are to encourage and develop your intuition and gut feelings so your confidence increases with your spiritual awareness. The workshops are enjoyable and are held in small groups so people feel comfortable and relaxed. See my course page for more information Courses & Events

One of the first things you will experience with developing your psychic senses is seeing colours with your eyes closed, when you are in a relaxed state of mind. People who are closed to spiritual energy see black when their eyes are closed. Try relaxing your mind and not thinking about what you see, when you close your eyes. If this is hard, try closing your eyes soon as you wake up in the morning and notice what colours you see. First thing in the morning is a good time to tune in and receive messages as you are almost in a meditate state.

You may also have a sense of smell and will recognise when a loved one who has passed over is near by. Both of theses psychic senses are gentle and subtle, so as to not allow you or make you feel uncomfortable. When your guides know you are comfortable seeing colours they then move on to show you shapes and then pictures. Sensing and knowing when your guides are talking to you, using your thought voice, takes a lot of patience and practice.

                                    Spirit Guides

                                Our Guides are always ready,

                                      To help us every day,

                          To have our lives the best we can,

                            And special happiness on the way.

                                                         Paul Bourne

Healing Hands  How do you know you have healing hands and the ability to channel energy. This is what you do a. Hold your hands apart as if you are about to clap b. Feel the air between your hands (so you have an idea before and after) c. Ask your guides to place energy in your hands, wait a few seconds d. Very slowly bring your hands together and notice a ball of energy, or pins and needles in your palms or fingers.                           This is healing energy. Important - before you rush out and offer to heal anyone, you must be aware of protecting yourself and others from negativity. You would not want to pick up bad energy from someone or give someone your sad, angry negative energy. If you want to develop this further, then book yourself on our Reiki course. Courses & Events

Using a pendulum is one of the ways you can connect to your guides and loved ones who have passed over. Hold the pendulum chain between your thumb and forefinger with your dominate hand. Think in your head or ask out loud, please show me a YES, allow the pendulum to swing freely and notice the direction of the swing. Then ask to be shown a swing for NO.  Your guides will also give another swing for when they are doing a job or task. The pendulum is a spiritual 'telephone' and can be useful for asking for spiritual guidance, protection and clearing of negative energy. Your guides only use the pendulum as an indicator of performing a task and to let you know when the task has been completed.

I have a video on Youtube explaining how to use a pendulum. click on this link to listen the video

Feeling spiritual energy - sensing your guides and deceased loved ones is very special. Though firstly they need to have your consent and they need to be 'invited'; no guide or loved one would want you to feel afraid or alarmed by their presence.                                                                               When you mention a loved ones name and they are now in spirit, they will be almost certainly standing right next to you. By you talking about them, thats is like you asking for them to be there. To sense a loved one, use your pendulum to check they are with you, then ask them to stand beside you. If you close your eyes and relax you may be able to feel a slight tingling sensation or a gentle pressure - like when you are in a queue and you know someone is behind you, even though you have not heard them walk up to you. Learn more on my classes with Working with your Spirit Guides, see my courses page Courses & Events

Negativity - my guides specialise in negativity clearance. If there is anything you are concerned about with angry or bad spirits or any unpleasant experiences please contact me. Even though we have good energy all around us we are also surrounded with bad, heavy negative energy.                     BE WARNED Please do not mess or tease any spirit, be careful of your limitations. You will be placing yourself, your home, friends and family in danger of becoming depressed and possibly bad dreams by invoking bad spirits.

Psychic Development workshops are popular. People who are developing their spiritual ability meet in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Men are becoming interested in knowing how to develop their intuition and to work with their guides.
Spiritual workshops - helping people to understand more of what happens after we pass over and how ‘life’ goes on and we continue to exist. I am asked to travel around the country giving Spiritual talks and demonstrations.

My email address is : al.pabo@hotmail.co.uk  


I have various crystal pendulums

£10 crystal
£20 silver & crystal
+ £2.50 p&p.

My guides are able to tune into your energies and choose one which is suitable for you  to work with, unless you have a preference.   

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