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CHAT its Fate Magazine - November 2016

my 12Radio interview with Erica Longdon Evocation hour. I talking on Unicorns, 2012 and the violet flame energy ... click on the link below and select Lynda Bourne


Practice Nursing magazine Jan 2009 page 11-14 to down load article click on link http://www.internurse.com and type in search for the art of reiki and its uses in general practice Lynda Bourne. See article bottom of page.

Tree of Life Magazine - Healing with animals article Spring 2008    Tree of life a spiritual magazine which provides help and support to healers and spiritual people. See article bottom of page.

The British Association for the Purebred Spanish Horse Ltd (British Andalusian Horse Society)  Healing with Horses. Spring 2008      I was asked to write this article so I could give some understanding on how healing can help horses. Many people nowadays are not only looking at complementary and alternative methods to help themselves, but also to help their animals.  See article bottom of page.

My regular 'LYNDA'S LETTERS' page in Health & Happiness magazine. Have included some of the questions and answers at the bottom of this page.

Article - 'The Art of Reiki and its uses in General Practice'

Patients and the medical profession are looking for ways to help with the growing problem of stress. One of these has been the growing popularity of complimentary therapies. This is controversial as the Medical profession has always maintained a professional outlook on their work. Patients now are more aware of global trends and one of these is Reiki healing, as one of many complimentary therapies. 

GPs and those involved in nursing recognise that there are a growing number of problems which can be attributed, at least in part, to stress. The number of people diagnosed as suffering with depression has risen over the past decade as have the incidents of  heart attacks, Irritable bowel, migraines, high blood pressure, to name but a few. Patients now feel that they have more influence and input with regards to their treatment. They also have high expectations as to what their GP can offer them, whether that is a more conventional treatments or something complimentary. 

The NHS is under considerable pressure to provide fast and effective solutions within their pre-defined budgets. People are more health conscious and aware of their body’s well being, and as the internet grows ever bigger more information is now available on topics such as medicines, ailments and treatments. This glut of information empowers patients and encourages them to question and even debate with their GP on the treatment they are receiving. 

It has long been known that the mind of the individual is important to the health of a person. If a person is feeling positive and happy they are less likely to be ill, where as a negative or unhappy person will be more likely to suffer with a cold or other illness. A person who is suffering from depression may struggle to keep themselves uplifted and well.  

It has been well established that the placebo effect can be beneficial if the patient feels they are given something to remove pain or help them feel uplifted. With this in mind, some GPs are happy to suggest their patients seek complimentary treatments as they know this will help their mental outlook, regardless if the GP believes in complimentary therapy or not. It is hard to prove if Reiki healing helps the person through actual healing or the placebo effect. Whatever the case, many people approve of complimentary therapy. Amongst these are members of the Royal family

So What is Reiki, it is a Universal energy healing method. The word Reiki, which is pronounced “Ray – Key”, means Universal (Rei) Life Force (Ki). It was rediscovered in the Reiki was rediscovered by Dr Usui in Japan in the early 1900s. Reiki is a very ancient healing method and Dr Usui found the information about Reiki through reading ancient Sanskrit text. He was a principle at a Christian Seminary in Kyoto in Japan. One day his pupils asked him did he know what happened to the Healing method that Jesus used?  Dr Usui was unable to answer them and because of this his curiosity led him on a quest to find out more. Dr Usui decided to travel and investigate further, he went to America to the Chicago University and he became a Doctor of theology. Finding no answers in Christian writings and Chinese scripts he then went further afield to North India. He then returned to Japan where he discovered some ancient Buddhist Sutras which contained Sanskrit symbols, here he found some more answers. He then decided to go to the sacred mountain Kuriyama, there he meditated and fasted for 21 days in solitude. He was given the sacred Reiki symbols in his meditation. Dr Usui started a Reiki clinic in Japan so he could teach Reiki and give healing. 

In the 1930s one of the clinics clients, an American lady called Mrs Hawayo Takata was treated for a serious tumour and she believed the Reiki cured her. She was so grateful and amazed that she asked The Reiki Masters at the clinic to teach her Reiki. At first they refused, but because she was so instant and eager a Chujiro Hayashi agreed to instruct her. Just before the Second World war Mrs Takata finished her Reiki training and Dr Chujiro said for her to go to the West and for her to teach it there. Mrs Takata trained another 22 Masters in her lifetime and before she died she passed on her knowledge and taught her granddaughter Phyllis Lei Furumoto.

Reiki is a form of energy healing which removes negative energy and replaces it with positive energy. Negative energy can be felt as a thick gooey substance such as can be sensed when you walk into a room where there has been an argument. Reiki will also balance energy throughout the body at key focal points called Chakras, where the energy is more concentrated. Each chakra spins independently and is in perfect balance with the flowing energy of the body. They vibrate at different speeds and densities and are represented with individual colours. Not only is there energy within the body, but also surrounding it in layers known as the aura.  Reiki is different from other healing systems because the initiations are an ancient process of tuning the healer’s body, both physical and etheric, to a higher vibration, therefore allowing a clear channel for the energy to flow. Once this channel is open it remains open for the rest of the healer’s life.

Negative energy has become common in the world today with all the pressures of modern life and it is the main cause of stress. Years ago, even in our grandparent’s day, stress was not a word they would have heard of. If people realise that they are stressed they can then do something about it and seek help. Many people are caught up in the constant demand for them to do more by them having to do multi skilled tasks. Recently people have to learn and do the work of 3 or more people, where as previously in our grandparent’s day; it was one person for each job. 

If the body’s energy becomes out of balance due to injury or trauma, such as stress, various blockages can occur. This can be in the chakras, the aura or in the injured area itself. When this happens, energy is unable to flow effectively. During periods of stress or anxiety, a person will produce negative energy and this blocks other energy throughout the body. Many healers believe stress can be a significant contributory cause of such illnesses as cancer. In October 2007 the Institute of Medicine in America published an article in “Journal of America Medical Association’ which contained consistent results in studies of the role if stress in cancer.  In 1960 Swedish researchers studied 1,350 women over a 24 year period and found those with stress had 5.3 % risk of developing cancer where as those without stress had 2.5% risk. Published in the “Epidemiology” journal October 2007 the findings of studies of 36,000 Swedish women aged between 30-50 years old suffering from stress, showed an increased chance of breast cancer by 30%.

Reiki therapy is used to unblock damaged areas and rebalance the person’s energy. One of the main areas which are more commonly blocked is the solar plexus, the chakra just above the belly button. Healers believe this is the area where people hold old emotions and mental trauma. It is also believed that medical problems are caused when this chakra is blocked, for example bad backs and irritable bowel syndrome.  All chakras are thought to have significance to the person and their medical well being.

The person who is having healing is fully clothed and usually lies on a therapy couch or they can be sitting.  The Reiki Practitioner will then channel Reiki energy which is then released through the hands into the person or animal. The therapist will start by placing energy in the clients head and work their way to their feet, all the time removing negative energy and replacing it with positive energy. Reiki is safe, unobtrusive and natural, which does not replace or compete with the Medical profession.   All conditions are helped with Reiki treatments, because Reiki works on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is especially beneficial in people who are anxious or stressed.   

There are different energies that are used in Reiki healing and these can be physically felt in different ways. For example angelic Reiki is felt in cool and a floaty sensation in the hands; some people say it feels like cotton wool or feathers. Another energy is Quan Yin Reiki energy, this has the sensation of tingly, like pins & needles, then there is Kuthumi Reiki which is warm and Violet flame sensation can feel as it is in waves of warm and cool.  To see if you are able to channel healing you can do the following.

a.     Hold your hands approximately 20 cms apart, as if you are about to clap. Feel the air in between them by gently bouncing the air as if you were holding a ball, this is so you can have a comparison a before and after.

b.     Ask mentally for healing energy to be placed in the palm of your hands. Do not worry who you are asking or in what you believe, it is pure loving energy.

c.     Wait a few seconds, then gently bounce the air in between your palms. You should feel a ball of air. This is healing energy.

If you find you have the ability to channel healing, most people can, do not immediately feel you can go and help someone with a headache. You must be taught how to channel the healing and where to place your hands on the chakra’s and more importantly about protecting your good energy from negative energy, If a healer did not place a protective gold shield around them and then placed their hands on a client who has negativity the healer could be drained and unwell. This is because negative energy can pass from one person to another. All healers are aware of energy, good and bad, so they protect themselves regularly.  Negativity is a strong energy and can be felt and sensed in areas where there has been a fight or an unpleasant situation has occurred. Healers believe when this energy is in a concentrated form within the human body it can make a person feel sad or depressed.

In my experience, many clients have shown vast improvement after receiving Reiki healing. These include clients with depression and physical ailments such as bad backs. One client, whom we will refer to as Miss B, fell out of a bedroom window when she was a teenager onto the concrete paving slabs. She had under gone many physiotherapy sessions and pain relief medication. She came to me as a last resort when she was in her thirties and was finding pain relief was not as effective as previous years. She was so crippled, she found it difficult to get out of a car, walk upstairs and sit or stand for long periods.  Miss B had numerous periods off from work due to her bad back and her employer encouraged her to seek a Reiki Practitioner to see if that could help. She showed significant improvement after just one session and even managed to walk straighter. It would be difficult for me to prove whether or not this was due to the Reiki healing or the placebo effect.  Miss B returned to work and has continued to improve after only a few sessions of Reiki. 

Where I can be sure that the placebo effect is not evident is in the Reiki healing of horses. When I channel Reiki to horses, they invariably fall asleep and drop their heads. Horses that are stressed and nervous respond very well to Reiki.  I have had many cases where the horse has become changed in character and calm. I agree that some people can be influenced by the power of suggestion, but horses and animals are immune to such things. Therefore it is highly likely that their change in behaviour is due solely to the Reiki energy channelled into them. On one occasion, I was able to help when a horse refused to walk onto a horse lorry became distressed. After just 10 minutes of Reiki he was able and quite willing to walk onto the lorry. Recently, another horse was not letting his owner put on his saddle and was kicking out. I was there at the time and gave the horse approximately 5 minutes of Reiki after which he was relaxed enough to allow the owner to put his saddle on. 

Reiki is being practised all around the world and many nations are recognising it as a reputable therapy. This is partly due to the fact that the Reiki practitioner has to be fully trained by a Reiki Master Teacher and have a recognised certificate and insurance. To become a Reiki practitioner you have to go on an accredited course where you are taught to channel Reiki energy and then awarded a certificate on completion of the course. A Reiki practitioner must be insured, have the client’s consent, follow strict guidelines and procedures. Some of this will relate to the data protection act, to child protection and to client confidentiality protocols. A number of practice nurses are now using Reiki on their patients in all sorts of circumstances around the country and in their GP surgery. 

To become a Reiki Practitioner you will have to obtain a Reiki first degree qualification. Reiki training is in four stages: Reiki first degree is healing on yourself while, Reiki second degree enables you to practice on other people The Reiki third degree/Master practitioner increases your healing energy and fourth degree,  Reiki Master Teacher, enables you teach Reiki. There are many courses held throughout the country, though if you require further information you can find lots more on my website www.heavenlyguidance,co.uk

In conclusion, if complimentary Reiki therapy does what it says, by complimenting the medical profession and helping the patient, is it important if it works as healers believe by removing negative energy or if it is the placebo effect. Either way if the patient benefits and Reiki helps them improve, this will in turn help the medical profession and put less strain on the NHS.

Article - Reiki Healing on Horses

Lynda Bourne - is a Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Crystal healer and Psychic teacher. Born into a spiritual family, she started seeing spirits at a very young age and by the age of nine she was already practicing healing.A veterinary nurse for many years, appearing on TV in ‘Stop, Look, Listen’ and ‘The Vet’, she then became an NHS Practice Manager and was nominated as Regional Representative to meet with the Prime Minister. After 10 years overseeing 2 practices, she finally decided to dedicate her life to healing and spiritual guidance. Her speciality is working with her spirit guides to remove negative energy and replenish positive, loving energy. She runs workshops and regularly travels around the UK giving talks and demonstrations. People travel from all over the country and from abroad to seek her guidance - “It is not just healers, mediums and spiritual people who have spirit guides, we all do”. She enables people to communicate with their own personal spirit guides and to gain help with all aspects of their life. 

Article - Healing with Animals

I was fortunate to be born into a spiritual family who believed in spirits. Healing, clairvoyance and psychic mediumship all seemed quite as natural to me as walking and talking. My grandma was very good with animals; she was a farmer’s wife and people would send injured birds and animals to her. I loved animals and from about nine years old I started healing.

When I left school, I became a Veterinary nurse and used my psychic and healing ability to help calm and relax animals; this was especially useful with wild animals that were afraid and which were not used to human contact. In those days it was perfectly legal to give an animal healing but nowadays it’s required to have your vet’s permission first.

I started healing with animals as part of my work about 10 years ago. I was introduced to Reiki healing by a friend when my five-year-old horse Echo was recovering from septicaemia in her knee. My friend and I used Reiki healing and I used crystal therapy to help Echo and she would close her eyes and drop her head and shuffle her feet as if she wanted to lie down. Through all my years of practising Reiki I have seen the same with so many other horses and animals.

I enjoy giving Reiki to animals as they have no preconceived ideas and you cannot put auto-suggestion in their minds. With people you could argue that healing is the placebo effect – induced by the state of a person’s mind and their beliefs. Animals are very honest and if you are not genuine they will let you know.

Animals are very open to healing and I have seen some amazing recoveries when giving healing to birds, dogs, cats and horses. It has helped them heal swiftly from operations and injuries and helped with nerves over fireworks. Cats, however, can sometimes be very wary and take a while to settle. When this happens I offer healing to their owner and then invariably the cat will jump on their owners lap. Cats like the feeling of healing but they like their independence too!

I have used healing to calm a horse that had a nasty injury on the leg and would not allow us to hose down the wound. After a while the horse lowered its head and relaxed. We were then able to clean it down until the vet arrived. I helped a pony that was agitated and would not allow the owner near his head to put his bridle on. Reiki healing calmed him down so he relaxed and enjoyed being ridden.  On another occasion Reiki healing aided a horse that was frightened of being loaded onto a lorry. He was getting more and more upset as the owner tried to get him on the lorry. After my guides giving him 10 minutes of healing he walked straight on. It was amazing!

Reiki is excellent for horses who are stressed or nervous and if they are injured and when the vet needs to examine them. It is not advisable to give Reiki to a horse if the veterinary surgeon needs to ascertain pain or lameness of the horse. Because horses are very sensitive spiritually they can become quite sleepy with Reiki just in case they were required to do a trot so the Veterinary surgeon can see what may be wrong.

Even though I always get consent from the animal’s owner before offering healing it does not necessarily mean I am able to channel healing to the animal. If it is stressed or frightened it may not allow me anywhere near. Many animals have not experienced Reiki before, let alone had an unfamiliar human being walk into their space and spread their arms out over them. Some animals will react by charging at you or barking and other threatening behaviour. Others may just cower in the corner or give you a sign which means “take a hike!”

I understand that it’s important to be patient with the animal and allow it to weigh me up. I usually ignore it at first if it is scared and nervous. I chat to the owner and by the time we have filled out the healing consent form, the animal is either bored by me or relaxed, seeing that I am no threat. I then talk to the animal and slowly, but carefully get nearer to them and start channelling Reiki from a distance. Some animals will not allow you to touch them and I have to work in their body’s energy field. Horses and dogs tend to relax and then jump back into the “here and now” as if they are fighting the sensation until they learn to relax and enjoy it. On the second or third treatment the animal will probably start to relax when they see me arrive, as they know it’s the strange person who “feels nice.”

Birds respond very well. With birds that are not used to being handled I channel Reiki through the bars of the cage. I find that some parrots, cockatiels and budgies may not like me to hold them as they feel hemmed in so if they are used to coming out of their cage, I let the birds sit on my knee or on my chest and they become relaxed and usually fall asleep. My cockatiel Smarty used to love having healing. She would curl her head round and fall fast asleep.

When deciding your pet needs healing, it’s important to choose a healer who is registered with a recognised healing organisation and check they have insurance. You will need to ask your veterinary surgeon for permission before a healer is permitted to do healing on your pet as this is required by law. If you already know a healer it may be a good idea to ask the vet for permission when you first register your pet at the surgery so you don’t have to ask when there is a specific issue that might be helped by healing.

Most people have the ability to give healing but are unaware they possess this gift. To see if you have healing hands, you can do the following exercise. Hold your hands approximately one foot apart as if you are about to clap and feel the air between your hands. Allow your mind to relax and ask silently for energy to be channelled into your palms. Wait a few seconds then very slowly push your hands together until they are about five inches apart. You should feel a ball of energy or a feeling like magnets. This is healing energy and you can use this to help you relax by placing your hands on your solar plexus (tummy). Take care though if you decide you want to give healing to someone else, unless you know how to protect yourself properly as you may pick up the other person’s negativity. When a healer is giving healing it is not their energy that they use, but energy from the Divine world and it is their spirit guides who are channelling the appropriate energy through their body.

What is Reiki?
Reiki which is pronounced Ray-Key, Rei meaning Universal and Ki meaning life force. Reiki was  discovered by Dr Usui in Japan in the early 1900s. The healing Reiki energy is channelled through the Reiki healer which is then released through the hands into the horse which requires healing. Reiki is safe, unobtrusive and natural. Reiki is a complimentary healing energy, which does not replace or competes with veterinary medical treatment.

How can Reiki help your horse or pony?
All conditions are helped with Reiki treatments, because Reiki works on all levels, physical,      mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki helps the horse or pony to feel calm,  relaxed and at peace. Reiki is excellent for helping with stress, prior to a competition or on box rest and when highly strung. Horses are spiritual animals and they can pick up on the mood of their owner and their surroundings.

What happens during a treatment?
Your horse stays in their stable and there is no need to tie them up, though I will ask you to put their head collar on for safety. I like the horse or pony to feel comfortable and not hemmed in. I start by allowing the horse time to get used to me in their ‘bedroom’. Give them time to  weigh me up and see that I am no threat. Normally by the time I have completed the consent form the horse usually gets bored and starts eating their hay.

I channel Reiki into my hands and start with their auric field (the energy surrounding their body) then works my way around their body sensing and feeling for problem heat areas. The Reiki energy feels like a very mild magnetic current so some horses may start feeling itchy. If the horse starts scratching this is usually a good sign as the energy is flowing and healing problem areas.

Most horses become so relaxed they show signs of falling asleep, this is why I ask owners not to do any exercise on the day of the Reiki session. Your horse or pony can return to normal schooling the following day of treatment.

You will notice your horse is more and chilled after a session. Depending on the horse, the circumstances and the environment will determine how many sessions or follow up sessions your horse will need. All horses are individuals, just like people and all have different needs. 

Horse communication
I am able to pick up messages on how the horse is feeling physically and emotionally when I tune in to your horse using Reiki healing. During a session I will be able to pin point heat spots, which is old or new injuries or problem areas.

During a Reiki treatment I am able to pick up feelings and messages using my clairvoyant and  psychic skills.

Horse and ponies do not think how we do, they see things from a different concept. For instance a  horses word for love is trust. When a horse trusts you they are showing you that they care and love you.


I have included questions from my Lynda's letters page in Health & Happiness magazine at the bottom of the page.

What happens during a reading with you?
When people have a reading with me they are aware that I do not always give them eye contact. This is because my guides show me pictures and give me prompts to relay back to the client. I am able to see spirit and can describe them to the reader, I may not always be able to see the spirit fully if they have not long passed over or they are unable to present themselves with strong spiritual energy. Unless they are an Ascended Master or Archangel the spiritual being will find it difficult to present themselves with enough spiritual energy.  

I can recognise how a spirit stands and in what position around the client they are to how well know they are to the client. If the person was a husband or wife they would put their arms around the client and hug and kiss them on the face or mouth. If the person was a dad or granddad they may kiss on the forehead of head. If it was an aunty or uncle or friend they would possibly place their hand on the clients shoulder. 

What psychic senses do you have?
I am very fortunate to have all my psychic senses, seeing spirit, sensing spirit, picture messages and thought voice, only rarely do I hear like you and I would talking to each other, this method takes a lot of psychic energy and with me doing so much light work this would drain my guides energy and they would need to rebuild their energy before our next client.

When my guides use me as the telephone I am unable to plan or prepare what they are going to say or do. I have learnt over the years to trust them and to pass on exactly what I am given.  When I give readings, I give a mixture of clairvoyance, mediumship and psychic, I can never plan what I will be needed to do.

I do like to feel the client goes home with some answers, they may not be the ones they hoped for, but they are intended for the persons needs at that time. You must remember all clairvoyants, mediums and psychics are just the tool for delivering messages and they are just a channel to enable us all to talk to the person in the 'next room'.  I am only the telephone and if my guides went on holiday, I wouldn't be able to call the engineer to fix it.  

Can you read peoples minds?
The answer is a definite no! This is a common belief of many people that mediums, psychics and clairvoyants know what people are thinking. If this was the case which it isn't, they would be breaking one of the rules of the Universe which is 'permission'. All mediums and clairvoyants rely on the guides who channel and pass on the information between the sitter and the person doing the reading.

How a reading works with me and all mediums is their main psychic guide (mine is Nayeem), who is connected within the auric field, will talk to their main spirit guide (mine is Paul) who will then converse with the client's guides. In my case, Paul will talk to Nayeem who in turn 'talks' in my thought voice to me. It sounds very complicated, but my guides and I have practiced for years.

So please do not worry or be concerned that a clairvoyant or psychic medium will intrude and know what you are thinking.

How many spirit guides do I have?
This will depend on your interests and the stage of your development. People attract guides of the same interests and desired skills. If you were an accountant you would attract guides who are good with figures. Doctors and nurses usually have guides with healing qualities.

Then as you learn new skills your guides may be replaced with ones that are useful to you at that time in your development. Someone may have 70 guides helping him or her at any one time.

Eventually as you progress and gain more knowledge about psychic you will have less guides and the ones you have will be multi-skilled. If you and your guides decide to progress to a higher development level within the psychic world and when you have reached this level, you may only end up with one or two guides who are experienced in many domains.

What do guides do?
Guides have many functions, some are observers and have no responsibilities, they are just there to learn from you and your experiences. Others have a very active role; this may be helping you develop your healing or communication skills. When you first start you will have guides who are only able to do one or the other function, then as you become accustomed to their teachings you may have a guides who can do both. Guides have various stages of responsibility, some have mundane tasks to perform, for example, escorting spirits who wish to communicate with us or assist the others with their healing work.

Guides roles and their duties are so vast and numerous. Some guides duties are to help protect us from  harm and to watch over us when we sleep. 

Do we all have guides?
Yes, everyone has guides, regardless if they have any psychic ability or not. Guides are extremely patient and they will wait a life time if they have to, until that person is ready to accept their teachings. If the person has a lot of human problems or the person is uncomfortable with anything of a spiritual nature, they will respect that persons views and not intrude or wait for them to be ready. The Golden Rule of the Higher Realms is permission; they are not allowed to interfere unless they are invited. Some guides may be eager for you to ask them for help and they feel powerless to help you unless you ask them to.

What do guides look like?
Just like us, mostly. They have the same characteristics as they did when they were on earth and their personality remains the same. Some guides will be serious and others have a great sense of humour. Some have even been known to swear.

There are other guides who step in when we reach a higher level of spiritual consciousness. They come from different time frames and other homes and not always from earth.

Will I be able to see my guides?
Your psychic guides will find it difficult to show themselves to you and you are more likely to sense them, they will find a way of communicating with  you.  Spirit guides will have the capacity to show themselves to you so you will be able to see them with your physical eye, though this is rare. The last thing your guides will want to do is to alarm you, not all people are comfortable seeing spirits.

How do I talk to my guides?
Your guides can hear your thoughts, so you do not have to talk out loud to them. They have an advantage to us, in that they know what we are thinking, sometime before we do. When you have reached the stage of communicating with spirits and you want to talk with them, they will be unable to hear your thoughts, so your will need to talk out loud to them. You can also use a pendulum, by asking them to show you a swing for a YES and then a NO. I sell crystal pendulums ranging from £10 to £20 (silver topped ones), if you would like me to send you one please let me know.

If I want to know more where do I go?
Your guides will be teaching you on a daily basis during your sleep state or in meditation. Your guides require you to be in a state of relaxation and not to have any distractions. Ask your guides to help you and they will assist you to meditate and become fully switched off to the outside world. Your guides will be your main teachers and they are able to control your education and to what level you will go depending on how comfortable you feel. You may reach a stage where you require support from like-minded people; your guides will help you to seek out either a clairvoyant who has psychic master teacher guides or a development group. If you want to know more please contact me and we will be willing to help you. See my courses page where I run monthly pyschic classes 'Working with your spirit guides' Courses & Events

How will I know my guides are with me?
Your guides will have different ways of letting you know they are with you. How they do this will depend on you and how comfortable you are with communicating with them. It could be something subtle, like a tingling on your crown chakra (the top of your head), it feels like ants gently walking over your head. You may experience a ringing in your ears or you may feel pressure in your head, the same sensation when you are on an aeroplane. Dreams and meditation are good ways for your guides to talk with you. You will experience these sensations because for communication between the spiritual world and ours we need to meet in the middle. The spiritual world is on a higher frequency to us, so they have to lower their vibrational level and increase ours.

When your guides have built up a link and they start to communicate with you in your head, telepathically, you then need to learn which are their messages and which are yours. This is difficult to learn and there is no easy way to do this except practice and a lot of patience. This is something no one can teach you, except your guides. My guides and I can offer help in recognising messages and connecting with each other. See my courses page Courses & Events

What is Clairvoyance ?
This is seeing and hearing spirits thoughts.
What is Clairsentience?
This is when you can sense spirits and you use your intuition.

What is Clairgustance?
You are able to smell psychic scents, some spirits will send you a  smell so they are easily recognised.

What is Clairaudience?
This is when you hear  your guides and spirits with your own ears. This is for people who are in a higher development stage with their guides.


Lynda’s Letters
Clairvoyant, psychic Medium
If you have a problem of a spiritual or personal nature, or with any other aspect of your life, please contact Lynda at health & Happiness magazine. Lynda will seek the help of her spirit guides to endeavor to offer you advice and guidance.

Q.I am attending an interview for a job, have you any suggestions to help me have a good chance of being successful.                                                                                                                 A. I would carry Haematite crystal in your pocket to help you with your nerves and to help ground you. If you know how to ground yourself by imagining roots coming out of the soles of your feet and reaching for the earths centre, then do this before you leave and while you are waiting. I would wear some pink, maybe in a tie and have a Rose quartz in your pocket to help you feel calm. Amethyst crystal will help you to tune in to your intuition so you get a gut feeling about what answers to give to the questions they ask you. Another tip, do not wear strong aftershave and remember to breathe and take your time. Good luck.

Q. Is it true that you can ask an angel to help you find a car parking place?     
A, Yes and many people do this. Every time you as an angel to help you, you are helping them to evolve and for them to grow spiritually. As you may be aware a highest evolved angel is an Archangel. Angels role is to help people and they are only able to do this when we ask for help. This can be a suble as someone saying, if only, or I wish, it does not necessarily mean you have to say angels I need your help, they will do what they can when you need it most.  There are many stories of people believing an angel has helped them. Angels will usually leave a calling card, a white feather in your house, in an unusual place or on your doorstep, to let you know they have heard you asking for help.  Look out for white feathers.

Q. I am worried about my friend she has split up from her husband and she is so angry and with drawn. I find it difficult to talk to her as she wants to be left alone and does not always answers her phone. What can I do?                           
A. What your friend is going through is a lot of grief and anger, this is only natural and you need to give her time. You can ask the angels to send her pink energy, to help her feel loved and silver light to help heal her angry negative energy. Silver converts negative angry energy into pure white light. Just by asking in your head or out loud for the energy and light to be sent is all you need to do. If you find you need a focus point for you to concentrate on, write her name on a piece of paper or use her photograph if you have one. When you look at the paper or photo imagine her surrounded in pink and silver and send her love. When she is ready she will need to cry and that is when she will need you most. It is a common belief in society today that crying is a weakness, I myself see it as a strength. Crying is the bodies natural healing process of the mind and spirit. I congratulate myself when any of my clients cries, as I know they are healing from within. If your friend is open to healing, encourage her to seek out a healer, they will be able to help her heal more quickly and to remove negative energy from within her.

Q. I am a clairvoyant and wondered if you could help me? Why do my spirit guides give me brief picture messages and a person’s name, but will not clarify if the person is in spirit or not?        A. Our guides do not think how we do, they have difficulty understanding logic and they may come from a different time frame to ours. They communicate by giving us pictures, rather than using words as this is easier for them. They project images in our minds eye and use our dreams to convey messages. When you are giving a reading for someone there maybe a few spirit people who want to say something and by using a picture more than one message can be given. 

Guides see both us and a deceased person as energy, so they have difficulty knowing and sensing whether the person’s soul is on earth.

When I give readings I give out exactly what my guides show me or tell me, I do not add any ‘salt and pepper’; in other words I do not draw my own conclusions. Even when I see a spirit of a relative standing next to a client I will not presume who it is unless I am given confirmation, I just explain and describe what I see and hear.

You seem a very genuine person and want to give over and above what your guides and the reader’s guides are giving. Trust you are doing your role properly, with you doing a reading from the heart, you are doing your ‘job’ properly, by passing on exactly what spirit tells you to.

Q. My 4 year old son won’t sleep in his bedroom because he says he can see shadows in the corner of the room. I feel it is my grandparents watching over him as his bedroom has a nice feel about it.            A. This is quite common for children to see spirits of relatives; it is very rare for anything unpleasant to be around children. I would find out who these spirits are by dowsing and using a pendulum. If you have not got a pendulum then use a locket or something heavy on a chain, or a key on a piece of string.  Ask your guides to indicate a yes then a no by using the pendulum’s swing. Then ask questions using a yes or no answer to establish who the spirits are. I would talk to the spirits and explain to them that they are worrying your son. If need be ask them to watch over your son from a distance so as not to alarm him.

Most spirits do not understand that the ‘living’ are scared of them. They assume because we loved them and were sad to see them die, that we would love to have them visit us.

Spirits are unable to hear our thoughts, so out of courtesy I like to talk out loud to a spirit; though this is not always possible when you are in a group of people. Your guides are able to read your thoughts and will pass on any messages to the spirits on your behalf.  

Q. Do my guides and any of my dead relatives watch me when I have a bath?                  
A. Yes and No. Your guides and deceased people see you as an image, a little like when you see a film using 3 d glasses. They are not interested in seeing you in private and if you were to use a pendulum in the bathroom, you may notice it doesn’t swing as strongly as it usually does. For example, I noticed when one of my students was in the loo; I noticed her main guide was waiting outside the toilet door. Our guides and relatives respect our privacy; they will not intrude where they are not welcome. The last thing your guides will want to do it make you feel uncomfortable and not to trust them.

Q. Can animals see spirits? When I’m using my angel cards my dog sits by me and stares at the ceiling.         A. Yes they certainly can, my dog Reiki does it all the time. Animals can even sense when a person is upset or they have a lot of anger in them. 

When you are using your angel cards you are invoking the angels. Angelic energy is a higher frequency than ours and you may be able to see the energy as a haze. Angelic energy can be felt as cold waves and sometimes you may hear a faint whistle in your ears. Animal’s senses, hearing, touch and sight is more astute than humans, so they will certainly be aware of a lot more than we will be. 

Animals have a lot less hang ups than people; they do not worry about money, work or emotional problems, so their spiritual senses are not blocked by ‘human baggage’. Also animals do not think logically like people do, so their spiritual senses are more intense. So for a person to tune into their spiritual guides, they need to daydream and let go of logic. This will allow for their intuition and gut feelings to come through. This is why your guides and relatives will use your dreams to convey messages; you are dreaming and not using your logical mind.

Q. When aunty died from breast cancer and had to have her breasts removed, do you know if she will be alright .         A. Yes she is and she will be regaining her strength as her energies would have been drained with her having a long illness. Healers give healing to someone who is passing over as this helps their spirit to be strong. The angels and relatives already in spirit are prepared for her passing and they will look after her. Her soul and spirit will become whole again and if you were able to see her spirit you will notice that she no longer has her breasts removed.

Even though we know they are safe and cared for it does not stop us from missing our loved ones and to be able to hold them. We forget that they are feeling the same as we are and they will be missing the physical contact we once had.

Q. Does everyone have spirit guides, even if they do not believe in anything spiritual?       
A. I get asked this question many times. Yes everyone has spirit guides and a guardian angel watching over them. You do not need to believe in life after death or know about spirits. Guides have many roles and one of these is to watch and learn by observing us and how we interact with other people. People can have as many as 300 to 500 spirit guides helping and watching over you, though not all of the spirit guides will be working all the time, some may be resting or away on an errand. 

 If the person is not aware of spirits or they are afraid their spirit guides will not make contact they will respect the person’s wishes and not make the person unaware of their presence. This does not mean the spirit guides will not help the person; they will do this by encouraging the person to have a gut feeling about when things are wrong or right. Many people go by their gut feelings and instinct, this is their psychic sense and their guides helping them. Guides do not always ‘talk’ to us or interact with us in a voice using a sentence, they invariably just give us a feeling and you go with the flow.

I believe everyone is born psychic and have the ability to connect with their deceased loved ones and their spirit guides. When we reach the age of 3 or 4 we start to develop the beliefs of the society and family we live in, this invariably means we stop using our instinct and develop our logical mind. Until recently many men were unable to let go of their logical ‘male’ brain and allow their instinct ‘female’ side of the brain to function. More and more men are coming to see me as they are becoming interested in learning more about their spirit guides. Learn more information on my spirit guides psychic course Courses & Events

Q. I hope you do not think me being silly, but I keeping smelling flowers in my bedroom and I cannot find out where this is coming from? It seems to happen when I am thinking about my grandmother, could it be her?           

A. No I do not think you are silly. Many spirits give a smell to indicate that they are near you and they do this as a comfort and not to frighten you. I have a lot of clients tell me they know when their relative is around due to a smell that they can relate to that person. This could be cigarette smoke, soap or talcum power. Even though you love and miss your gran she knows that if she showed herself to you as a spirit this would frighten you, so a smell is reassuring.

When you talk or think about a deceased relative they nearly always come through to see you, as by you thinking or saying their name it is like you are calling for them. If a deceased person had a illness that drained their energy before they died, they will be weak for a while and need time to regain their strength; so don’t be disappointed if when asking for them they are unable to come.

Next time you sense your gran around, I would acknowledge her and say hello nan out loud, this will make her happy. Guides are able to read your thoughts, but spirits like your nan cannot so by speaking out loud she knows that you have realised she is there with you. 

Q. Can you suggest anything to help me through the winter. I love the summer and am dreading the dark nights and days?       
A. This is a common problem and people can feel fed up and lose their motivation. I would suggest wearing bright clothes to lift your appearance, some winter clothes can be dull and look like ‘camouflage gear’. Use citrus scents in the house to help keep yourself awake and alert. If you feel up to it decorate your house and lift the energies by making the house feel fresh. Bring the sense of nature in the house, by buying a couple of plants or some flowers. Plan a holiday and things you want to do for next year, so you have something to look forward to. Don’t become a couch potato by watching the tv all the time. Make yourself go out for a walk or bike ride, fresh air will do you good – borrow a friends dog and take for a walk.

Crystals will help you, use citrine, carnelian or tigers eye to help motivate you. Citrine and carnelian will help lift your self esteem and tigers eye is the courage stone and lifts your energy ready for battle.

Try not to wish your life away by trying to skip the winters, there is always something to look forward to, whatever the weather.

"There are many more questions that I am asked and they are so numerous to include on this web site. If you would like to know more then please contact my guides and I, we will help you. You only need to ask.

I have with the help of my guides shown and pointed people in the right direction when they have been lost and are searching for proof. People can spend lots of time and money going to psychic fairs and visiting clairvoyants, searching for answers when all the time the answer is within you, you just have to be shown.

Life is full of choices and which path you take or how far you travel is up to you. Your guides require consent and your permission before you are taken on a psychic journey. The choice is yours."

"If your heart is true to yourself and others you will be rewarded. Learn to love yourself and feel worthy that you have been given the opportunity to grow spiritually here on earth. Do not waste your time here with channelling hate and negativity, allow your heart to expand and accept love from earth’s creatures. Treat others, including animals and plants as you yourself would wish to be treated. I believe a good turn is not wasted, if you are good to someone or something, you will be rewarded; it may not be straight away, but it will be sent to you, when you need it most. Likewise if you lie, cheat or mistreat someone or something, this deed will in turn be returned to you. Learn to love and you will become a better person and you will find inner peace and fulfillment."        Love & light  Lynda


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