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Legend of Goddess Isis

Goddess Isis was worshipped in ancient times and modern day in Wiccan as the mother Goddess also as the patroness of nature and magic. Isis is also known as protector of the dead and goddess of children. Some people refer to Goddess Isis as the protector of Love. Her name Isis means "Throne”, her headdress was a throne and as such she represented the Pharaohs power. 

Legend says Isis was the wife and sister to Osiris who gave birth to Horus. When she received the news of Osiris's death, she knew the dead could not rest without a proper burial. Osiris was murdered by Seth, who did not want Isis to keep Osiris body so he cut the body into many pieces scattered them throughout Egypt.

Isis searched Egypt and when she found the pieces she made the parts into wax duplicates, which she then placed in the temple to be worshipped. Isis preserved his body with linen bandages, used her magic and breathed life back into Osiris. Osiris then rose as a God-King and he chose to rule the Egyptian underworld (heaven). This is where the roots of mummification and rebirth into the afterworld began. The Roman’s believed that the river Nile flooded every year from the tears which Isis cried over her grief of Osiris’s death. It is believed the Christian image of Mary with her son originated from the idol of Isis suckling her son Horus.

Pyramid of Isis Reiki

There are many Reiki energies associated with Egypt but Pyramid of Isis is one of the new energies which has evolved since 2014. Pyramid of Isis Master Reiki incorporates ancient and new Reiki healing power with the addition of working with pyramids. Pyramid of Isis master Reiki is a combination of the Egyptian attunements of Isis Moon, Sekham Seichem Master, Golden Ankh, Ra Sheeba (Golden Snake), Pyramid Gaza, Sacred Geometry and Golden Triangle Reiki. 

Using Pyramid of Isis Reiki with a Brass Pyramid Grid and Orgone pyramid laser energy makes the healing very powerful; which means the energy is only recommended on advanced lightworkers and masters.  I will explain how healing with the brass pyramid creates incredible power and how using the Orgone crystal pyramids will help the healer remove blockages and negative energy.

Egyptian symbols further increase the healing experience to heal on a soul level for yourself, master healers, mystics, mediums & clairsentients clients. The pyramid healing session increases spiritual gifts so the individual awakens psychic knowledge by becoming more spiritually advanced with each treatment. 

To date the combination of Pyramid of Isis, Orgonite and the healing brass pyramid is the strongest healing that I am aware of.

The picture below taken with my Aura camera clearly show how powerful Pyramid of Isis Reiki healing is.

The picture above shows my auric field before and after Pyramid of Isis healing.

This picture above shows my crystal star cluster before signing a Pyramid of Isis Reiki symbol and afterwards.

This photo was taken of my Orgone pyramid firstly its natural energy, then immediately I signed a Pyramid of Isis symbol and then last photo approx. 10 mins later. Very powerful and wonderful energy.

Pyramid of Isis Master Reiki course

Pyramid of Isis master Reiki incorporates the Egyptian attunements of Isis Moon, Sekham Seichem Master, Golden Ankh, Ra Sheeba (Golden Snake), Golden Triangle Reiki. Heighten healing energy using Brass Pyramid Grid and Orgone pyramid laser energy. Golden triangle healing increases psychic senses. The powerful Goddess Reiki Seichem energy of Isis combined with Pyramid healing is only recommended on advanced lightworkers and masters.  Work with pyramid energy and symbols to heal deeper on soul level on yourself and your master healers, mystics, mediums & clairsentients clients.

 £150.00 3 part course (£50.00 per session) 

Includes: Course folder, Practical healing, theory, Gifts & certificate

To see date of my next course look here COURSE START DATES