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I have given these spiritual beings the name Orion. I did this as I heard in my mind Orion and was shown the star constellation Orion's belt. My first sighting of an Orion guide un-nerved me to say the least. The guide was running along the bottom of my bed from one side of the room to the other. It was not until my other guides assured me all was well and then explained the Orions are known to be impulsive and dart everywhere. 

When I interact with them, they are cheeky and can be playful like impish children and are so eager to please. They are so happy and cheeky, that they make you feel good being in their presence. Orions are like chalk and cheese compared to the serious Pleiadians and Neptune guides. When you see them working around a client, with the serious guides it make you smile.

The Orions are innocent beings who remind me of children, they have not got a care in the world except of love.. One of the main roles the Orions do is to clear negative energy, this is because they are innocent and have no negative characteristics. Some other species may even refer to the Orions as being simple, naive and even stupid, which they are not, far from it.  Orions are the workers and assist the other higher evolved beings with their light work, either healing or escorting beings from one place to another (a chaperone).

             Male on left                               Female on right

Male and female Orion guides look alike, they are approx 4 feet tall and quite chubby looking. Some people who are able to sense and see spirit guides may mistakenly think they see a child, when in fact it is an Orion guide. The Orions are smaller than humans but larger than ETs (greys). They have oval faces, with small mouths and they rarely speak. Their skin is similar to the skin of dolphins, smooth and silky. The planet Orion was a dark planet; hence the Orion guides have large pupils.

Orion guides are gentle but persistent when helping to heal a client. They have the ability to increase the female energy of the intuitive mind, so the person relaxes and feels calm.

Universal spirit guides

The Orion guides are not highly evolved beings because they have no need to use their logical 'computer' side of the mind. They use their female intuitive mind to help and assist others. They are not servants but beings who are eager to please and genuinely like to help everyone and are extremely friendly. Orion's enjoy helping because it makes them feel loved. They will help in anyway they can, all beings respect the Orion's so often they help other new guides to settle in. Following 2012 many new spiritual light beings have come to help earth and often the Orion's are involved to help the newcomers feel at home.

Do you want to know more?

I explain more about Universal guides in the Advanced level of the Psychic course "working with your spirit guides & angels ".   

See my courses dates page on     Course Dates

      "working with your Angels & spirit guides"
monthly class consisting of 6 modules per level.             Each module £20.00

Learn how to work with your spirit guides & angels. Discover more about them.

Who are our spirit guides? How do they communicate? Sense and feel when your spirit guides are around you. How do your spirit guides help you?  Intensive course  .... Meditation, protection and grounding, develop your psychic ability and intuition, dowsing, orbs, spirits guides, touch & feel your guides around you, meet your teacher or life guide, energy fields, clearing, etheric cordings, psychic attack, karma and past life experiences, channel messages and thoughts, clairvoyance, mediumship skills, using psychic tools, learn how to do psychic writing & drawings. Channel pictures and objects from your guides. Safely use Tarot cards & angel cards. Develop and sense your 3rd eye. Guide’s personalities & their roles. Guides at work, rest and play. Mischievous spirits. Learn & develop your Kundalini energy. (classes divided into beginners, intermediate & advanced). Six Month course £ 20.00 per session Includes practical sessions, course notes with folder & Certificate at end of each course. These psychic classes are held monthly at my home at Crystal cottage.

More information about the Psychic course on Psychic Course

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