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Pyramid healing experience will include crystal therapy and Reiki healing, so the client will be receiving 3 healing therapies at the same time. This means the client has the benefits of this unique healing for up to 2 weeks until the healing energy fades. Cost per session £50

Pyramid Healing Therapy 
The pyramid shape is used by healers and clairvoyants to increase psychic energy by visualisation and intent. The pyramid shape enables energy to be contained in a pure uninterrupted energy field. This enables healers and spiritual workers to use the pyramid design to increase the vibration of Light force so they can create a protective energy field above and below their homes, spiritual work places and healing areas. Even the Ancient Egyptians and Mayans understood the immense power of the pyramid because it connects the electromagnetic energy of the earth and Universe.

The pyramid shape is made up of triangle sides which is a common symbol used for enhancing energy, for instance, the pentacle and Solomon’s seal. Anyone within the centre of the spiritual or physical pyramid will be protected and have their vibration increased which encourages healing and mediation.

Using a Copper Pyramid which is built using the sacred geometry of the Great Pyramid of Giza accelerates healing of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. The Pyramid power removes negative energy, detoxifies, repairs imperfections of the energy flow in the body, and brings cells and tissues back to their healthy state. Combining Reiki healing and crystals with the Copper creates a powerful effective healing experience.

Master quartz crystal adapts to the individual client. The master quartz I have chosen is both male & female master quartz so can be used to remove negativity, repair auric field, help to balance chakras and energise the spiritual and physical body. This with the combine healing of Reiki makes the healing experience unique, so it will be different for everyone dependant on what the client needs.  The picture below was taken we our Aura camera of the crystal within the brass pyramid before the healing session began. It clearly shows how powerful the pyramid and crystal are with bringing in healing energy.  

Pyramid healing experience will include crystal therapy and Reiki healing, so the client will be receiving 3 healing therapies at the same time. This means the client has the benefits of this unique healing for up to 2 weeks until the healing energy fades.

Intensive Pyramid healing session cost is £50

Benefits of combining Copper Pyramid, Crystal & Reiki healing:

Ø Strengths, realigns & repairs auric field

Ø Removes blockages caused by negativity

Ø Strengthens crown chakra to support life & spiritual decisions

Ø Activates third eye chakra, creating peaceful mind

Ø Balances heart chakra to love self-imperfections

Ø Removes deep rooted karma & stagnant energy in lower chakras

Ø Accelerating healing on the spiritual, mental, and physical levels

Ø Sense of peace, let go by accepting ‘what is meant to be will be’

Ø Relieve stress, worry by relaxing the mind

Ø Sense of freedom by encouraging deep relaxation

Ø Encourages self & soul connection.

Ø Clarity of mind by increasing intuitive ideas

Ø Increase connection to Guardian angel & Ascended masters

Ø Removes karmic imprints, freedom from karmic promises

Ø Reaffirms connection to Lords of Karma for Life’s purpose

Ø Increases circulation to help with arthritis or circulation problems.

Ø Assists in removal of toxins by cleansing negativity

Ø Helps to rejuvenates skin

Ø Increases vitality & confidence

Ø Speeds up healing processes

Ø Strengthens immune system

Ø Anti-stress effects

Ø Realigns natural energy flow of body

Ø Adapts to clients individual needs

Orgone Pyramids

ORGONE is also known as prana, life force, ki, chi or universal energy. Orgone pyramids are created out of a mixture of crystallised fiberglass resin with crystals, metal shavings and geometric shapes poured into pyramid moulds. Orgone pyramids are highly efficient energy transmutation device, by transmuting negative energy into positive energy. During the making process the quartz crystal is energized so it upends as the resign shrinks when cools, which creates an even more powerful positive generator.  People’s emotions improve and become more peaceful while in the presence of a Orgone pyramid. People sleep better when they have one beside their bed.

Orgone pyramids are used to enhance positive energy during healing or meditation. The shape of the pyramid with the crystal, copper or gold within its center creates a powerful energy charge.

The Orgonite Pyramid (above) has the healing energy of Archangel Metatron.

Pyramid of Isis master Reiki COURSE

This course incorporates the Egyptian attunements of Isis Moon, Sekham Seichem Master, Golden Ankh, Ra Sheeba (Golden Snake), Golden Triangle Reiki. Heighten healing energy using Brass Pyramid Grid and Orgone pyramid laser energy. Golden triangle healing increases psychic senses. The powerful Goddess Reiki Seichem energy of Isis combined with Pyramid healing is only recommended on advanced lightworkers and masters. Work with pyramid energy and symbols to heal deeper on soul level on yourself and your master healers, mystics, mediums & clairsentients clients.

£150.00 3 part course (£50.00 per evening).

Includes: Course folder, Practical healing, theory, Aura photo before & after attunement, Gifts & certificate

Course Dates