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Sadly many people believe witches to be dark and dangerous individuals who work with dark energy to bring harm, for many witches this is certainly not not true.

Centuries agobefore many religions started, a witch was a well-respected person who wasknowledgeable in many areas and not just as a spiritual religious leader.  A witch was someone the villagers went foradvice on all matters and even as a judge to sort out an argument or dispute.The witch was also the village doctor, comforter, midwife, lawyer andcaretaker, who everyone valued their opinion. This opinion changed with the birth of religion, where organised common beliefs where spread across the land. The witches were then left to their own devices so many had to fend for themselves and were exiled out of the village.  Over time witches were persecuted and in somecases put to death. Death was often burning at the stake or drowning. If you drowned you were innocent but if you lived you were guilty! This was a cruel and unjust fate, for many witches were kind, caring and sympathetic with using their skills to heal not cause harm.

Most of us, me included, used to be a spiritual healer in a previous life, where we were misunderstood and labelled a witch. Nearly all lightworkers are ‘white witches’ in that we work with light energy to heal and bring a positive influence into our life and that of others. In ancient times witches were feared as they had psychic power, inner sight and many being able to heal ailments. Nowadays many light workers are white witches. If we were alive in the earlier centuries many of us would have been drowned or burnt at the stake, luckily we are accepted as being normal in our modern world.

Spells or Affirmations

Many of you already do affirmations which are a strong spiritual healer and cleanser for the mind. Affirmations hold their power by influencing the person’s mind; thoughtscan harm or heal the physical and soul body. The old fashioned word for affirmations is spells, both carry the intent on what the person wishes to happen. Some people like to add objects to increase the intention of the spell or affirmation.


A witches cauldron (is symbolic of a mothers womb) and was used to mix herbs for medicine, we certainly do not add frogs legs or newts tails! Herbs are commonly used to day, even herbal tea is very popular. We use the cauldron today for burning incense or herbs.

We are White Witches or Mystics that only work with love & the light. We use our intention to bring happiness, love and peace. This coven is based at my home where we create a warmand friendly atmosphere. Using traditional and modern Shamanism, Wiccan and Paganmethods working with the Light, nature spirits, crystals and the love of our earth Mother Gaia.

Facebook page for Coven of Crystal Light


Coven of crystal Light
The gatherings will help to empower mystic gifts for positive outcomes. Enhance spiritual power of the light to cleanse the dark by bringing in love, peace and harmony.
Individuals will develop skills to nurture and release their true spirit to receive love and happiness.  Using traditional and modernShamanism, Wiccan and Pagan methods working with the Light, nature spirits,crystals and the love of Gaia. Practical sessions, healing., meditation,spells/affirmations. Develop skills to nurture and release your true spirit.Open to all lightworkers. Practical sessions, healing., meditation,spells/affirmations.

Coven gatherings are ongoing and a closed group who remain together, however I regularly start  gatherings with new people. If you are interested or would like more information please feel free to ask me.

£10 per monthly orbi monthly gatherings. Daytime and evening.

Free gifts.  Candles of wishes. Animal power guides.Goddess energy. Ancient mystic tools.                            


              ***  New Gatherings Starting  ***

Amethyst & Sapphire already started & fully booked

Amber - Thursday 22nd January 6pm

Opal - Wednesday 4th March 10am

If you wish to join a gathering please let me know.


Good or Bad Luck Have you ever wondered how to bring in good luck or how some people always have bad luck? Well this is all to do with the energy within the individuals mind, body and their environment. Like attracts like if you are feeling happy then you will attract positive things. Both Wiccan and shamans belief is that the world is energy and everything on the earth has some spiritual energy. When this energy is bad it attracts the same energy to it, so negativity will be increased the more it is allowed to remain. By cleansing the physical body, mind and soul then this will allow the positive good energy to repair and increase its strength. Looking after yourself with healing, using crystals and using gold to protect yourself will help you feel happy. With a happy positive mind the person can help the physical and etheric bodies to be healthy. Love and respect your self so this is projected onto others who will mirror your feelings. Learn not to accept second best, allow yourself to accept and receive love from angels, mother earth and others.

Protection Blessing

We call upon air, on earth, on water and fire to guard our circle and grant our desire.

Here protect and witness this rite.  

Open our minds to the magic of the Light.