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I now offer Distant Reiki attunements for traditional Dr Usui at all levels. For qualified Reiki practitioners I also offer other light beings Reiki for example Unicorn, Dolphin, Lemurian, Pegasus, Golden Ray and many more.

The Attunement Process

I give the attunements in spiritual form where both the student and myself are in meditation, I do not pass on the attunement using the Chi Ball method. I prefer to tune into the students energy and exchange the healing vibration with their Higher Self. I do the initiation at a time when both the student and I are available so we can remain in mediation afterwards.

Following Attunement

I advise all students to self heal for a week following the attunement. This will allow the spiritual guides to realign you physical, mental and spiritual body to the new vibration of their energy. The new Reiki symbols should be left until a week before using them on yourself or others, this again will allow time for you physical and mental bodies to adjust. All of this and more will be explained at the time of booking.

Tutor Support

I will be available via email, Facebook or telephone to give continuing support to the student. I will be on hand to give help and assistance. All students are encouraged to share their healing experiences with me, so we remain in contact throughout the healers working life.

Distant Attunement package includes

       * Distant real time Spiritual Attunement

       * Full colour Manual - via E mail

       * Qualification Certificate - Via E mail

       * Lifetime on going support & healing advice

Distant Attunement Cost

The cost of the distant Attunement, on line support and relevant manual & certificate is £100 .

         Distant Attunement Students Testimonials

“My third eye also my crown chakra open up fully, first I felt a shower of white energy flowing onto me like I was in a tunnel of this energy, then I started to receive golden, then violet, and a golden light blue then a green energy into my crown and these energies filled my body completely. Then I was transported to crystal city in my minds eye, where I ended up in a beautiful temple. I met Lord Melchizedek he introduced me to my 5 guides who vibrate at the same colours of Violet, Golden, Golden Blue, Green and lastly Indigo this one flowed her energy into me in the temple.”


" Powerful experience, energy felt tingling with green and gold light "


" Just wanted to say how grateful I am for your support. The attunement has changed my life "


Manuals are well written, interesting, easy to understand and delightful. Thank you "

" The attunement has opened many spiritual senses, which i did not realise I had. I am truly grateful "

" Never before have I felt an attunement so powerful "


" My hands are still buzzing since my attunement yesterday "