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'Working with your Spirit Guides & Angels"

These courses are very popular with people of all ages attending them. The courses are divided into different levels, the beginners, intermediate, advanced and then ascension. Each level is split into 6 modules which dates are arranged to suit the class members. I have put details about the courses at the bottom of the page. Check out next course start date Course Dates

The courses teach people how to communicate with their spirit guides and angels using their psychic senses. Each person is shown practical ways of developing their trust and confidence during each class. I like you to maintain complete trust in your spirit guides and angels so we do a lot of practical exercises.

Each individual benefits greatly in a class environment with other group members giving encouragement and feedback to each other. I also ensure that each person feels at ease, so I limit the numbers to small class groups. Some people feel uncomfortable in large groups or are shy, so a small class is enjoyable and relaxing.

You are not alone

So many people feel alone or isolated when they become interested in spiritual phenomena and are unsure where to go to find help. Nearly everyone has some spiritual gift which maybe buried or unused which can be awakened when the time is right. A closed person is usually someone who has had some bad experience or has the gift but are frightened to use it or others are unsure of how to. Our psychic skills are our instinct and basic human intuitive thoughts which when encouraged can develop into an amazing talent which will help everyone.

Spiritual phenomena is a well known taboo subject to many, but a subject that is widely spoken about when a person plucks up the courage to speak about it.

My main role is that of a Teacher with my teaching revolving around respectful fun. Spirit guides and angels understand people can be nervous when they first start, so if the experiences can be made relaxing and enjoyable people will be eager to learn more. With this in mind I encourage laughter so people feel relaxed. I am always respectful and greatly to the angels and our spiritual helpers.

Please do not feel alone, contact me and come along to meet other like mind people at my classes.

Spirituality is not a religion

Spirituality it is open for everyone, regardless of age or religious beliefs. I have students from many different religions with varying spiritual ideas which I admire and respect the individuals point of view.

My classes are for the person to take away with them what ever they wish to believe, I never push my opinion onto an individual, I allow the person to make their own mind up. By asking questions the student increases their knowledge and their trust in their angels and spirit guides.

Be Patient

I regularly come across people who want to learn everything yesterday and have little patience. Our spirit guides and angels want everyone to develop naturally and not be pushed into anything they feel uncomfortable with. Spirit guides are allocated a person who they can learn from or teach, so they need time to develop an understanding with the person. Spirit guides and person partnership is a two way thing, we learn from them as well as junior guides learning human ways from us. If a person was to rush their learning they would not become confident or develop expertise, so they would end up making mistakes.

Spirit guides have an enormous amount of patience, this may also be because some of them are hundreds of years old. They have chosen a person as they known they have potential. They will not want the individual to learn in a hurry in case they then loose confidence, become afraid and then sadly give up.

Meant to be

All things spiritual will develop naturally as spirit guides and angels have planned it that way. People tend to plan and organise with having so much control that the spirit guides and angels become blocked as the person is preventing them from doing their job. If things are meant to be it will happen without any human intervention. The Universal energy will find a way to teach lessons and bring people into your life that you need. This may mean meeting someone who is not very nice to teach you to stand up for yourself or not to accept second best. I always say to my students relax and allow it to happen. Even a bad experience has a positive outcome.

Course Booking & Contact form Contact Me

PSYCHIC COURSE held monthly consisting of 6 classes per level. 

Learn how to work with your spirit guides & Angels. Discover more about them.

Who are our spirit guides? How do they communicate? Sense and feel your Guardian angel. Angels giving comfort & protection. Sense when your spirit guides are around you. How do your spirit guides help you?  Meditation, protection and grounding, develop your psychic ability and intuition, dowsing, orbs, spirits guides, touch & feel your guides & Angels, meet your teacher or life guide, energy fields, clearing, etheric cordings, psychic attack, karma and past life experiences, channel messages and thoughts, clairvoyance, mediumship skills, using psychic tools, learn how to do psychic writing & drawings. Channel pictures and objects from your guides. Safely use Tarot & Angel cards. Develop and sense your 3rd eye. Guide’s personalities & their roles. Angels & Archangels helping you. Spirit guides at work, rest and play. Mischievous spirits. Learn & develop your Kundalini energy and much more .....

(classes divided into beginners, intermediate & advanced).
Six classes held monthly at £ 20.00 per session

Course Booking & Contact form Contact Me

Includes practical sessions, Full colour working manual & Certificate at end of each course. These psychic classes are held monthly at my home at Crystal cottage.

Many men are joining the spirit guides classes as well as crystal and Reiki healing. Woman have always been intuitive and use their instincts, but lately more men have shown they can be very spiritual. In some cases men are easier to teach as they are less analytical than women.

Everyone has angels & spirit guides who help them. How many the person has will depend on the individual's way of life. Angels assist with intuitive thoughts and spirit guides help with logic.

Family members who have passed into the spirit world will also work with our angels and spirit guides.

Listen to messages in your dreams.

One of the sayings of my guides is "the answers will come in the silence". Let go of thinking and allow your instinct to tell you what to do.

Helping me with teaching my classes are two of my main spirit guides Paul and Nayeem.

This is Paul, he helps me with teaching by channeling messages and brings in fun with his good sense of humour.

Nayeem, my serious and wise teacher Master guide.
His role is to instruct the guides of the students.

Archangel's Hannielle and Metatron assist the classes to co-ordinate the students angels as well as liaising with the Guardian angels of each student.

Archangel Metatron was once human so he has understanding of human and angelic ways in which logic and intuitive skills can assist each other.

Check out my course dates page to see when the next Angels & spirit guides class is starting Course Dates

Course Booking & Contact form Contact Me 

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