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Pegasus is the leader of the unicorns and the animal kingdom. His spiritual realm is in the cosmos surrounding earth. Pegasus is an amazing spiritual being who works with the Golden Ray and the Rainbow Ray.


Pegasus is very special and unique as ‘he’ is one of a kind, he is neither a stallion nor a mare, but when I interact with him he feels more like a gentle stallion. Pegasus rarely comes down to the earth plain; his domain is in the heavens and our universe. This is because his energy is of such a high vibration, one of the highest with Source, that he would be hindered in our energy here on the earth plain. He is the highest evolved creature on earth; he is the animal’s spiritual leader. Pegasus is very gentle who is filled with Divine light and Love. His aura is filled with all the colours of the rainbow, the Rainbow Ray.

Pegasus can change his size, so can be as small as a 12 hh pony or as large as a house. His energy is very pure as he came directly from Source, so when you meet Pegasus it is a very special experience. Pegasus projects his thoughts intuitively to the Unicorns on the earth’s plain and co- ordinates their work in clearing the planet of negative energy. Pegasus is able to communicate to humans in a ‘human’ tongue but he does this telepathically. He is very old, wise and fatherly. Unicorns, Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Lords of Karma often seek his advice and counsel. I have found him a comfort to both humans and animals; he is our ‘go between’ with the human and animal kingdoms.

He is the only spiritual animal with wings, with all unicorns being wingless.

Pegasus and the Unicorns have an amazing healing ability to help people, the environment and animals. Their healing energy is radiated out using spiral vortex pulses which are able to remove negativity quickly and effectively. Their energy is able to penetrate deep into the mind and soul to remove any harmful sad emotions and fill with Divine Love.

Pegasus & Unicorn's help

Anyone can ask for the help of the Unicorns and Pegasus, you do not need to be a healer or someone attuned to their energy. They will help anyone who has a kind heart and their intention is for the good of all.

Ask for Unicorns help in removing sadness, heartache or depression. You will know when they are around as their energy is cool with tingling swaying energy. Their energy will feel similar to the Angelic Realm, where both angels and Unicorns 'live' together.

Children and animals love the energy of the Unicorns.

Pegasus & Unicorn Attunement

Even though every one can ask for help from the Unicorns and Pegasus they are only able to help the person from the outside. A healer who has been attuned to the Unicorn energy is able to channel Unicorn energy and do hands on healing. The attunement also creates a bond between a healing unicorn and their human leader.

Many people including myself have unicorn spirit guides or as in my case, they were my imaginary friends as a child. The attunement makes the bonding extra special as both the Unicorn and the person are joined mentally and spiritually. Both are able then to use their partnership to help others. The healer is also able to activate healing symbols to increase the unicorn energy.

If you want to know any more on Unicorns see my page Unicorn healing

I am also doing an Advanced Unicorn Masters course, further details at the bottom of this page.

Rainbow Bridge

Pegasus and his unicorns help animals who have passed over, they lead them into animal heaven over the rainbow bridge. In animal heaven animals roam and are free to interact with each other without any fear or challenge. People are rarely admitted into this kingdom because people will interfere or bring memories of the animals past life. For animals to evolve they require time to revert back to being a wild animal in their natural habitat.

Companion animals such as dogs love to be in the company of humans and they will wait until their master collects them when they themselves pass over. In your dreams some of you may notice dogs following people around, this is because they enjoy the company of humans.

Pegasus Master Reiki
2part course £160 (£80 per day)

Awaken to the new advanced master energy of Pegasus, the leader of the Unicorns. Discover new ways to give Pegasus healing using crystals. Advanced cleansing & energising techniques. Energy field auric healing. Stars & the Zodiac influences on health & life’s purpose. Pegasus & Unicorns spiritual gifts to help people. Pathway to heaven, the Seventh Realm of the angels & Unicorns. Powerful Reiki symbols to help children, animals, elderly, abuse & addiction. Welcome your unicorn herd into your life for positivity, love & abundance. 

Included:Gift box, manual, and Pegasus Master Reiki Practitioner level 3 Certificate.

Next Pegasus Master Reiki course date, see my page on Course Dates

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