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My first picture taken with our new aura camera. The photo shows red as I am excited about the new camera. The green is because I have had physio for a pulled muscle on my back and neck. White & gold is my spirit guides.

What is an Aura
Aura translate from Latin meaning “Light” or “Glow of Light." An aura is an energy field that surrounds, penetrates and extends out beyond the physical body of all living things and objects. The Aura is an electromagnetic field which vibrates to ensure a healthy flow of energy. People and animals aura field has layers of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements. Auras contain all the primary colours of the rainbow at any given time and change colour depending on the emotion an individual is experiencing. Our aura colour reflects our thoughts and emotions. Happy and loving thoughts expand your aura while sad or angry thoughts contract your aura. Spiritual people will have higher energy than reserved shy people.

Aura Photography
Unlike computerised aura photography we do not rely on a computer to interpret the images, our camera takes a photo of what it ‘sees’. No direct contact is required with the subject. No hand plates are used, which makes it easy to take aura photos of animals and other non-human subjects.

Our aura camera is technically advanced, one-step instant camera modified with special electronics and fibre optics to produce colourful aura photographs. We are able to take photographs of people, pets, crystals, plants art and objects. Healers and energy workers use aura cameras to show before and after photos of their client’s aura. Aura photography can show changes and improvements in the energy field with a photo taken before and after a Reiki or crystal healing treatment. Aura photography is very effective for personal growth and self-discovery by showing you how you truly are, mentally physically and spiritually. Some aura photographs show spiritual activity such as a spirit guide or loved one. Our camera also has a close-up macro lens which can take pictures of smaller items, such as gemstones, jewellery and small animals.

Very special aura photo of a baby in mummy's tummy. Pure light being, surrounded in loving pink energy.

Reiki showing picture on left before healing and on the right after healing. Reiki looks serious as she does not like her photo being taken. She had her favourite treat some chicken as a thank you.

Here I am connecting telepathically to my spirit guides. The white spiritual energy is concentrated around my intuitive female side of the mind on the right. Our left side is our masculine side, the logical and thinking side.

Reiki First Degree Attunement photos

Left before the Attunement - energy clear of negativity, but flat.
Right after Attunement - energy vibrant, spirit guide over left shoulder.

                              Aura Photography bookings

Arrangements can be made for you to visit me at Crystal Cottage for your aura photography and reading photo analysis. I will be able to detect what your aura is telling me about your current state of mind and health, also what energy coming into your near future.

Cost per Aura Photo is          £30.00
Before & after healing photo  £50.00 (2 pictures)

We can also arrange for aura photography at spiritual events, house parties or group bookings. Please contact me for further details.

Mobile:  07798 615 102

Business: 0121 308 6526

email: al.pabo@hotmail.co.uk

I invoking the Golden Ray energy of the Angelic and Unicorn kingdom

I bringing in healing energy with the help of Archangel Rapheal

Paul invoking love energy

Before brief healing session

After brief healing session

Before brief healing session

After brief healing session

This horse has a blocked area on his back where he has had a back operation

First photo horse relaxed and chilled

Second photo horse excited

spiritual horse, wise for her age

old injury has energy around left leg, now healed

Before mini healing - had very bad back pain

After mini healing

Our bodies energy

Surrounding all people, animals and objects is energy and this energy will call an aura. Objects aura usually is stationary so is one colour. Animals and peoples aura is moving and circulating around the outside of the body and can be many colours. The aura is difficult to see but if you stare long enough at the person you may see an outline of energy, almost like a shadow, which is their aura. When someone is excited their aura is usually expanded, whereas someone who is nervous or scared their aura will be close the the body.

Healthy Auric field

7 main auric layers surrounding the body

Etheric Body first layer - physical body  
Emotional Body second layer - feelings  
Mental Body third layer – Mental & logical thoughts  
Astral Body
fourth layer - doorway to the Astral plane
Etheric Template Body fifth layer - blue print for the physical body
Celestial Body
sixth layer - emotional level of the Spiritual plane.
Causal Body
seventh layer – mental level of the Spiritual plane

                                Aura Photography Colours

Extravert, Desire, vitality, survival instinct, leadership, strength  
Joy, Sensible, resolute, dominant, enthusiasm, sensitivity  
Strong will, powerful, virility, courage, agitation  
Creativity, confidence, sociability, active intelligence, choices  
Common-sense, self-conscious, ambition, humour,
YELLOW Spontaneous, intellect, understanding, organiser, ego  
YELLOW GREEN Sympathy, communication, compassion, future-minded  
Healing, growth, change, rest, caring, patience, aspirations  
Gentle, devotion to ideals, clarity, kindness, peace maker  
Introvert, devotion, loyalty, trust, communicative, quality  
INDIGO Goodness, serious, insight, careful, peace maker, artistic  
Spiritual, tolerant, sensitive, compassionate, counsellor 
PINK Emotional, unconditional love, feminine, tenderness, shepherd 
WHITE Wisdom, empathy, spiritually motivated, angelic, light being

Buying an Aura Camera
Many people ask where they can purchase an Aura camera the same as the one I use. The purchase cost as at October 2016 is £4438.88 + shipping

See this website  http://www.spiritbalanceshop.com/Polaroid-Aura-Kamera-fuji-instamatic

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