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The Golden Chalice Reiki

This energy has only recently been channelled following our global attunements of 2012. The Golden Chalice energy is very strong and until now lightworkers were not ready to channel its energy. The Golden Chalice vibrational energy is a Universal energy which originated from the combined spiritual energies of Venus and Saturn. The earth and all the planets in our Solar system exchanged their energy when they came into alignment. The earth with her other fellow planets became as one when they all joined together with their magnetic and spiritual energy converging as one mass. The White Brotherhood have waited patiently for the earth to receive her attunement so then even more powerful spiritual energy would be available.

The White Brotherhood and the Universal Lords have been recruiting spiritual souls to be guardians of the Golden chalice energy.These souls consist of both earth souls in solid body and light beings in the Higher Realms. The Guardian souls are usually paired off with a lightworker and one or more souls in the spiritual realms, which are mostly the lightworkers spirit guides. Lightworkers that are chosen are ones who are active in their work, have Pleadian life guides and often working with crystals, especially with the Lemurian crystals being activated in the summer of 2013. Lightworkers with their chosen spiritual guides will then be trained and instructed on the power of the Golden Chalice in the lightworkers dreams. Source has a responsibility to ensure mankind does not become egoistic and ‘power crazy’ by repeating what happened with Atlantis. So the White brotherhood and the Universal Lords are ensuring the Golden Chalice power is respected and used with love.

The Golden Chalice spirit guides are cloaked with the knight’s dress in pure white as they have no fear of stating who they are. The white clothing of the knights will show up any negative energy that has stained them. They carry a pouch on their belt which contains salt and they use this to dissolve residue negative energy.  The Universal Golden Chalice guides dress similar to a monk’s attire, so some people mistake them for a monk, they rarely show their face. 

Knights of St John Brief history

In 1048, the merchants of Italy, obtained Moslem permission to build a hospital at Jerusalem for poor, ailing pilgrims. During the Crusades, these 'Hospitalers' gave care and comfort to sick and wounded. The Crusaders captured the city and the number of pilgrims increased considerably. This meant the Order gained more power which the church then took the Soldiers of Christ under their control. The "Knights" had military duties never exceeded six hundred in number and had to be of noble birth from both parents and bound by the monastic vows of Charity, Obedience and Poverty. The "Chaplains," who were priests and performed religious duties, and the "Serving Brothers," who assisted the knights and served as nurses, did not have to be of noble birth. The Knights became one of the noblest charitable groups in the Christian world. Grateful lords and princes who were healed in their hospitals made generous grants to the Order and they acquired extensive and valuable properties to support their activities in the Holy Land. The knights started banking by exchanging money from one country to another. Under the leadership of Grand Masters, the Knights constructed great churches and massive stone fortifications on every strategic site. King Phillipe IV had borrowed a good deal of cash from the knights and could not repay it. His application to join the knights was turned down so he was angry. So in 1307 King Philip seized the Temple in Paris and on the same night, he ordered the arrest of every Templar in France. They were accused of every crime the medieval mind could imagine. These ranged from sexual deviation, to commerce with the devil, treason and theft and concealment of the Holy Grail. Trials were a must for no one was to be sentenced without proof of guilt. Pope Clement V was also perpetually short of cash and he was persuaded by Philip to authorize the trials of the white-mantled monks. No evidence was needed for proof. Confession was enough and it was readily obtained by torture. The Templars, many of them old men, were racked, thumb screwed, starved, hung with weights until joints were dislocated, had teeth and finger nails extracted one by one, bones broken by wedges and feet held over flames. A pause followed each pain for the admission of guilt. Either way they were damned, for confession meant the fire. They were systematically hunted down and exterminated until in 1314, the last Grand Master, Jacques de Molnay was garrotted and burned at the stake, taking with him the secrets of that secret society. Some of the knights escaped to Cyprus and Malta. In 1565, the Ottomans sent the largest fleet ever assembled to lay siege to the island of Malta. The Knights of St. John, despite their smaller army, they held out over several months of terrifying attacks in a dramatic display of courage, grit, and great leadership. In 1798, General Napoleon Bonaparte ousted the Knights of St. John from Malta. Thus ended the military activities of the Order of St. John and the Knights of St. John. In 1870 during the Franco-Prussian War, several members of the newly-revived Order of St. John in England offered their services for ambulance work in the field. As a result the Order of England formed the St. John's Ambulance Association in 1877.

Golden Chalice Master Reiki
Working with the White brotherhood, noble knightspirit guides & loyal spirit guides from past lives. Healing with GoldenChalice Reiki increases confidence, self-belief, self-worth & faith inUniversal intervention.  Golden chaliceReiki works on solar plexus, heart and ascension chakras. Healing penetratesdeep into soul to increase hope, faith, abundance and reward. Bad deeds repaidwith love & truth. Golden chalice helps stubbornness in healing the mindand soul so release blockages in physical body. Reiki Symbols, hope, faith,justice, insight, harmony, balance and trust. 

2 part course @ £80 per session total £160

course Includes: Full colour Manual, Practical healing,theory & Master Certificate, Gift box