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Master energy

Healers and spiritual people are evolving so much faster than before. Recently I have noticed people are maturing on a spiritual level within weeks and months, whereas a few years ago it would be months and years. The change in spiritual people is so rapid that Reiki Practitioners are ready to move their energy to the next level of master frequency, within a matter of couple months. Previously Reiki Practitioner energy would not be mature enough and required at least 2 years before their frequency and ability was ready for their masters. Spiritual guides and helpers are teaching people in their dream journeys on healing techniques and cleansings of negative energy. I am amazed and pleased that people are opening up and their natural healing instinct is awakened.

Are you ready to become a Reiki Master ?

Spiritual people are maturing sooner with the new global energies since the planets alignment in 2012 as part of the ascension process. The Master 3rd degree attunement releases karma & helps the person with their life's purpose.

Level Three

Reiki Master Qualification - 1/2 day course £180

This level of Reiki training is for students who have completed levels one and two. Master level Reiki is a higher vibrational healing to help release karmic imprints. Many Reiki Masters advance to healing with hands off working in the auric field of the client. Master students often have life changing experiences where they no longer take second best and accept who they are. Reiki masters have chosen to channel Reiki to a higher degree so they can heal with the Ascended Masters.  

Course includes:
·   Student will receive a full colour illustrated Reiki Master Manual
·   Understanding karma health issues and Reiki healing the past.
·   Advanced chakra system.
·   Meeting your Ascended Master and master healing guide.
.   Responsibility of a Master healer.
.   Space clearing and soul releasement.
·   Channel and sense Ascended Master energies.
·   Healing with different Ascended Master types.
·   Working with Master symbols the traditional and modern.
·   Meditate with the master symbol to prepare for Attunement.
·   Attunement to Reiki Master level 3
·   Awarded a Reiki Second Degree practitioner level Certificate qualification.
·   You will receive the genuine lineage of Usui Reiki.
·   Students will be given Free Ascended Master Meditation cards.
·   2 free aura photographs taken before your attunement and afterwards.
·   Included in the course a free congratulations complimentary gift box.  
·   All students will have on-going support and mentorship by me.

Ascended Master Workshops

Never before in the earth’s history has there been so much Ascended Master energy. Learn how you can work with the Masters to improve your life. How the Masters can help with work, family, pets, love, abundance, self-worth, healing, courage, confidence and enlightenment.

This course will cover in-depth Ascended Masters role & personality. What do they look like, how do they help us, learn ways to invoke their energy.  

£ 20.00 per session
held monthly (10 sessions per course)   
Course incl. practical & theory, Folder & Certificate

see course dates page for next commencement date
Course Dates

Course includes: Course full colour manual & course notes, Certificate, practical & theory. Ascended master guidance cards.

What happened in 2012  

In December 2012 all the planets in our solar system came into exact alignment and this only happens every few thousand years. This created an Vibrational shift  So this date was very special to spiritual people as we believe the earth will have an attunement to lift our vibration. Most spiritual people believe that negative heavy energy will be brought to the surface so that healing can be done and the negative energy cleansed. 

2012 was the end of the Pleadians, Mayans, Aztecs and Egyptians calendars. These ancient civilisations were very aware of chakra’s, negative energy, Kundalini and the power of crystals. They all believed that the world would end on this day, December 21st 2012. In my opinion I feel that they were referring to spirituality and not to actual physical earth people and creatures, they meant that this will be the time we reach enlightenment and evolved into higher spiritual beings. In other words our spirits within our bodies will have evolved into advanced spiritual beings and that we will be fully aware of negative energy and our psychic senses will be heightened.  

After 2012 Star children are coming and they will be born to spiritual parents that can help them psychically so they in turn can help our planet when they grow up. I have already met many children who are spiritually mature for their age, some as young as 3 years old.  

Our connection to the Higher Realms will be stronger; the vibrations of the planet will increase. Larger portals and vortexes will be opened to the Higher Realms, to enable more light workers to invoke stronger energy. If Source can enlighten 60,000 people then the whole planet will be enlightened. This will mean more spiritual people on the planet than ‘closed’ people.

Why was 2012 so special? 

2012 is such a special and unique once in a few thousand years opportunity for spiritual growth. Many souls have desperately wanted to be on earth in a physical body at this time. This is because for a soul to reach enlightenment or to advance spiritual within a physical body, would mean ascension on earth. Ascension rarely has been achieved on the physical plain, usually it has only been done when the soul has died and advanced in the spiritual plain. The last time there was this much energy surge on the physical earth the humans were not advanced enough to ascend. All spiritual people will advance and some may even become ascended masters within a physical body, which has rarely happened before, ascension on earth.

Many spiritual people will experience your healing and psychic powers becoming more powerful and intense. Many of you will start to physically see spirits as solid apparitions and psychic energy such as lay lines and vortex’s. This is because your physical body’s vibration has increased in parallel to your spiritual body – very similar to having an attunement. This is why you can see none spiritual closed people will be affected so much, because they also will have this energy surge like an attunement.  The healers amongst you remember what you felt like after you had your attunements. But at least you knew about doing self-healing and protecting yourself, closed none spiritual people will not, so of course this again will make them more venerable.

When you do healing you will feel the energy more intensely and you will go deeper into mediation. With your healing ability become more intense you will experience more out of body sensations, so when you do your healing you will feel ‘angel like’ and your physical body will feel light. If you have been attuned to the new 2012 energy of the Unicorn or dolphins then you will feel their presence more intensely and might even ‘become’ one with them when you are doing the healing session.

With 2012 energies coming to the earth the importance of increasing your vibration in readiness for earth’s ascension is vital. Our solar system planets coming into alignment only happens every few thousand years, so this opportunity should not be missed…

Spiritual dreams

Many spiritual people will continue to wake 2 or 3 times during the noght but feel a brief tiredness on waking then energised as their energy returns to normal.  During our dream journeys we are evolving on a spiritual and human level because our guides and Ascended masters will be developing our spiritual skills.

Spiritual dreams will continue following on from 2012 so will become complicated, with more involvement with angels, unicorns, dolphins and off planet beings. There will be less dark underworld rescue dream work done, as they will have ‘missed’ their opportunity to evolve, that is why we were doing more rescue work in the build up to 2012. Now lightworkers will be encouraged to work with off planet light beings and universal healing energy.

Remember everyone has 'free will', people have a choice we can never force anyone. Sad but true, even in death some people wish to remain as they are, even if we know we can heal them, we can’t unless they want help from us.

How 2012 and beyond may affect people

Many people, spiritual and closed/none spiritual people, will have a gradual energy surge, this will start in the summer of 2012 and will be at its height in October or November of 2012. Then on 2013 and beyond people may feel drawn to the stars and especially the moon. The moon will have increased its spiritual vibration so will contain healing energy. New moon and full moon may even effect none spiritual people who might act emotional at theses times.

Spiritual people will continue to increase their spiritual energy and their Higher self will gather and absorb universal knowledge. The cleansing process of the earth will continue for many years. This may mean people all over the planet will feel lighter and full of energy. Some people who have a negative outlook on life will feel like ‘a fish out of water’. People who ‘enjoy’ being grumpy and see the negative of everything, will experience an energy shift which will make feel uncomfortable and ‘out of sorts’. Their normal self will want to remain bleak and have comfort with feeling depressed but their soul/spirit will want to be released, uplifted and happy. It is a shame and hard to believe but some people enjoy the attention of being grumpy or poorly and these people will not welcome themselves changing into a jovial person. These people will be in a personal conflict, their soul’s wants to be happy but their mind and physical body wants to remain sad, grumpy or dark. This is why many people are seeking alternative therapies such as crystals, complementary treatments and healing. Thankfully there is a worldly interest in crystals, aromatherapy, reflexology, herbal products and better life style with helping the mind body and spirit.

The earth is preparing and changing even now and we have been experiencing more earth quakes, floods, hurricanes and climate changes, which we have not known before. The earth is not going to die or be harmed, she is healing herself and that is why it is so special for us spiritual people.

2012 has opened many vortex portals to other worlds which many souls may have access during their dreams state to explore. 

Beyond 2012 healing energies

With the new vibration brought to our planet in 2012 there are new high vibrational healing energy channeled to earth. For example to Golden Ray, Unicorn and Dolphin healing energy.

The Golden Ray is a powerful protective and cleansing energy. This energy can be used to open kundalini energy, strengthen aura, spirit guides and clear blockages using symbols. More information on Golden Ray see Gold Ray Rainbow Reiki

Unicorn healing energy removes blockages and current life Karma. Unicorn healing is felt as swirling vortex energy. Their symbols help with removing negative emotions such as guilt and forgiveness. More information on Unicorn healing see Unicorn healing

Dolphin healing is unique in that the healer is chosen by a pod of spiritual dolphins, who work to remove karma from past life and family issues. They enhance master global energy and their symbols help to heal on your Higherself. Dolphin energy is felt as pulses or waves. More information on dolphin healing see Dolphin Reiki

Course start dates
see Course Dates page

If you would like any further information or would like to know more about any of of my courses, please feel free to contact me.

email address:  al.pabo@hotmail.co.uk

   Blessings of Light