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Children are very open to spiritual gifts because of their honesty and not having life issues like most grown ups do. Children are seemingly more mature with the concept of seeing angels, spirits and crystals.

Children need to have the freedom to make up their own minds about Angels and spiritual people. It is unfair for anyone to force opinions on others especially children.

In my classes I use interactive exercises so the individual can sense and feel comfortable with angels and crystals. In this way the child or grown up can make up their own mind in what they believe.

When I was young my parents held a regular healing circle and practiced Faith Healing, I was not consciously involved and indeed my parents waited for me and my brother to go to bed. When I was older around 8 or 9 yrs I started developing my own interest in healing, especially animals. My father showed me basic healing techniques to help with headaches and minor aliments. Later I used my healing gift to help animals in distress when I was a Veterinary nurse.

Spiritual gifts should be allowed to happen naturally and not be forced, in this way they will develop when the time is right.

                        ~~~  Children Testimonials  ~~~

I really enjoyed coming.

My favourite part was either learning about pendulum water or learning about Archangel Michael.  

I wouldn't change anything because I thinks its very good the way it is.

Thought it was cool.

I was shy but now I ok with talking to angels

Archangel Metatron like the one of the Transformers

Crystal Angels - children's course

next course date see Course Dates 

Designed for children who have healing & spiritual gifts. This course will give confidence & safe awareness to work with angels and crystals. The course includes Attunement to Angelic Reiki one to help the on their journey to adulthood.  

Designed for children who have healing & spiritual gifts. This 2 part course will give confidence & safe awareness to work with angels and crystals. The course includes Attunement to Angelic Reiki one to help the child on their journey to adulthood. Angelic Reiki one ATTUNEMENT. Tree Roots – Grounding, Comfort blanket – Protection, Talking to your angel – pendulum, Happy hands – healing bubbles, What to do if you feel sad or scared. Angel distant healing. Introduction to Crystals Sense crystal energy, Rose quartz, The King crystal, Rose quartz & citrine Boy & Girl crystals, Crystal magic water, Crystal fairies.

* Suitable for children over 6 years
* Parental consent required

Included: Manual & course notes, Angelic Reiki one certificate & Introduction to crystals certificate, crystal pendulum and crystals  

2 session course (£20 per class)

next course start date see   Course Dates

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