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Many people believe Tarot to be harmful which bring in bad energies; this is certainly not the case. Tarot just like many things is reliant on the people who handle the cards and their attitude or state of mind at the time of using them. Tarot is just a divination spiritual tool in which messages can be seen visually on the cards themselves. 

Tarot cards are far more reliable and less harsh than Ouija boards. Ouija boards can be influenced by negative or playful spirits who prey on unsuspecting innocent people, because Ouija boards are usually done on the spur of the moment or in fun. Whereas Tarot has been bought for a purpose and people are prepared.

In the past tarot was mainly used by Gypsies or eccentric people who were excluded from the public and did their trade away from prying eyes. Some were paid by soldiers to cast spells of protection over them so that they would not be killed in battle, or by young men to cast spells over the woman they wanted to marry to make her fall in love with them, or businesses would pay these sorcerers to put a curse on their competitors, etc.

I have the greatest respect for tarot, as they are honest and when used with good intent have many positive messages.

Respecting the Tarot Deck

Many of you will may already be aware of protecting yourselves when working with spiritual tools, especially Tarot cards. Tarot cards are used to connect with spirits and spirit guides, whereas Angels cards communicate with the Angelic realm. Tarot cards especially are open to good and bad energy, not necessarily negative people but grumpy and sad spirits; with this in mind, you and your client must be protected from negative influences.

One main threat is any unprotected spiritual doorways, vortex's. These are opened when using tarot and if angelic guards have not been placed on them, this will leave them open for any spirit good or bad to enter.

There are other ways to protect yourself, symbols and shapes and even the clothes you wear, all of these I teach on my classes. If you are interested I have put further details on my course at bottom of page.

Tarot Reading

I have no control on what the cards indicate to me, but some of the subjects covered include advice on personal, work, family and spiritual development.

Tarot reading session is £60

Angel cards  

Angel cards have energy which is gentle, safe and loving which is difficult for negative energy to penetrate and because of this children and venerable adults can use them safely.

Like all things when we use thought or words the energy of that being is brought in, but when the energy is physical as in an object or drawing the energy is even stronger.

Most people feel very cold when handling angel cards and some may even feel buzzing under their feet with softness around their shoulders. Angels are eager and impatient to help anyone who calls for them and as such will be in a hurry to come as soon as they are called. The cold feeling is angel’s high frequency with the buzzing on the floor as they give us healing and the softness around the shoulders will be their wings. 

I still advise using protection techniques when using angel cards as grounded souls are drawn to the loving energy of angels.

Mediumship Training Course

Learn Mediumship skills & Tarot/Angel reading techniques to channel messages. Develop spiritual oneness with your guides through intensive meditation & practical exercises. Improve& enhance your ability to help others in an audience, a small group or one to one readings. Phone Reading. Honesty & integrity of a medium. Learn psychic gifts of the crystal ball, Psychometry & photographs. Build confidence in your spirit guides with channeling messages. Different spiritual message types. Examine how you can develop a Mediumship business. Sensitivity with venerable clients. The visual language of the Tarot. Ethics & legal obligations of a medium. Protection & disconnection from clients. Visualisation meditation training with your guides. 

£ 20.00 per Monthly session (12 sessions per course) 
Includes:work manual, practical, theory sessions & Certificate

As part of the course guest clients will be invited for telephone readings and attend class for practical readings.

This course is very much hands on working with your communication guides to develop confidence and psychic ability.

Click on the link here to see when the Next Mediumship course is starting Course Dates

further details on this course on page Mediumship Course 

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