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Rainbow Reiki works with colour ray energies. Archangels and Ascended Masters work with the vibrational colour of specific Rays. Each ray has a frequecy which works on different levels of the physical, mental and spriritual body. By using Rainbow reiki symbols each Colour Ray energy is increased. Reiki and colours gives the clients and Reiki practitioner healer an amazing healing experience.

The Golden Ray
The Golden Ray is the highest frequency ray of the spectrum, it has 'superceeded' the other Violet flames of the orignal Violet flame and the silver Violet flame. Following the earths attunements of 2012 the Golden Ray is the highest vibration energy Ray to be channeled. The Golden Ray is so powerful it can dissolve negative energy within the healer and be pushed out into the aura. The Golden Ray is the Highest Ray energy which provides protection, clearance and vibration healing. Archangels, Unicorns and Ascended Masters work with the Golden Ray.

Importance of Colour
All our lives we have seen colour and have taken it for granted without realising the importance of colour. Colour has the ability to increase energy vibration, enhance a healing session and lift a person’s spirit. Colour is within and surrounding all objects and living things.What clothes you wear will help or hinder your auric field energy. If you wear black it will make your auric field feel heavy and repressive. When you wear pink, purple or white it will increase your energy. When you feel sad or low then wear something bright to uplift you.

People see and sense colour as being peaceful or uncomfortable, this is why many people can have mood swings. Colour has a psychological effect on a person’s state of mind, even when we wear a certain colour this can influence how we feel.

Spiritual lightbeings and colour

In our solid ‘real’ world black and white are not recognised as a true colour, but when working with our spirit guides and light beings, black and white are very important as they signify positive and negative energy. All light beings use colour in many ways when they are working; the Ascended Masters have specific roles and use the colour to help them. The Ascended Master work with a colour ray and the Highest Ray is the Golden Ray. The Golden ray will help you sense and detect colour changes in your environment, yourself and of course your clients. The Ascended Masters are not the only light beings that use the Rays the Archangels also have the ability to channel colour in healing and protection.

Colours make you feel good

Colours can lift a person by making them feel good about them selves and improve confidence. A room can be made more welcoming by its colour scheme.Each colour has its own unique vibration which when used with Reiki can encourage an area of the body to absorb this energy to help heal. Healers will be able to sense the subtle energy vibrations of colours.

When we first meet someone or we walk into a room for the first time our eyes are evaluating the colours we can see. Within a few seconds our mind has made a decision on if we like the room or if we feel comfortable with the person. In many cases we have made our minds up before the person has had chance to speak. If the person was dressed in black form head to toe you might be more reserved and on guard, whereas if they wore bright colours you will feel uplifted and comfortable. If the walls of a room were painted brown or black, you would immediately feel unwelcome. Restaurants will invariably have warm colours to encourage you to stay, whereas fast food places will be brighter to stop you from lingering so they get more customers.

Healthy Aura

Your aura is able to keep out unwanted negative energy, but is only able to do this if it is healthy by being strong. The auric field is filled with colour and changes according to the how well or poor the person or object is.

My drawing here shows energy within and around a healthy person.

Some of you might be aware of the newly discovered dormant ASCENSION chakra which is located just under the sternum. I see this as silver.

With the constant threat of negative energy within our environment and other people we are always venerable. Not only do we have our own negative energy from our thoughts but we have the threat of negative etheric cords and psychic attack from other people. Using colour as well as daily clearing, will help our auric field to maintain its healthy vibration.

Rainbow wardrobe

My wardrobe is a full of vibrant colours with hardly any black. Its a standing joke with my clients and students that I do not like black.

Depending on what spiritual work I am doing will depend on which colours I choose for example, pink and purple help to prevent negative energy. Gold is the most protective colour and if you use this as your protective shield. You will need to protect daily and ideally twice daily, in the morning when you wake up and before you go to sleep at night - always ask your spirit guides to place the protection all around you and under your feet.

If you are surrounded by negative energy then use colour to lift your emotions so you make it undesirable for negative unwanted energy to attach to you.

Rainbow Reiki course
2 part course £160.00 (£80.00 per session)

Reiki healing with colour. Light rays in nature & our home. How colour affects our emotions. How colour helps healing. Colour vibrational energy, feel and sense colour vibration. Chakra and auric, balance, repair and energised with colour healing energy. Golden Ray Universal energy. Ascended Masters healing ray colour purpose.  Archangels colour frequency. Rainbow Bridge to animal’s heaven .Use colour to heal your Higher-Self.Mirror image healing. Healing ray shower.High frequency symbols to increase colour energy.  ATTUNEMENT to Golden Ray Reiki MASTER 

Includes: full colour manual, Practical healing, theory, certificate & gift box

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“Live your dream, I have. When you look back see how far you have come.   When you look forward go with an open heart and accept your spiritual gifts.   When you look down see the earth beneath your feet as your chance to grow into the special person others love and respect. When you look above, see the rainbows as heaven sent.   When you look within see the angel waiting to open her wings so never be afraid to open your wings and fly. Live your dream. I am”