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Many of you will already be interested in Egypt, crystals and warm sunny days; this will partly be due to the influence of your Pleadian spirit guides. Egypt has a fascination to many spiritual people because of our distant memories of being in Egypt from our past life.

Seichem Reiki is similar to traditional Dr Usui Reiki though many believe Seichem originated in Egypt with Seichem Reiki vibration being older than the traditional Dr Usui.

Seichem energy helps to release suppress emotional trauma from karmic memories.

Seichem or Seichim is a healing energy that is very similar to traditional Reiki. Seichem originates from the same source of Universal energy as Reiki but is of a different vibration. Seichem energy is usually felt as gentle heat, working mainly on the emotional body, so because of this, clients invariably feel warmth around heart chakra and solar plexus.

Seichem practitioners who also work with traditional Reiki sometimes comment on that the Seichem energy feels more female and intuitive, whereas traditional Reiki feels more masculine and logical. With me Seichem feels more like my true self, but in a strong way. It’s like my soul has woken up from a deep sleep and now my soul has independent strong intense healing – it’s hard to explain and all of you will feel different.

Egyptians and the Pleidians For many thousands of years different civilisations believed that our ancestors came from outer space. I agree that the Pleadians are part of our ancient history and they became our fathers as they ‘married’ and were accepted by the human race. Indeed they had our respect and admiration, so much so that ancients wanted to be like them and even tried to mimic their image. For example Mayan babies and young children had their skulls compressed between blocks of wood to make them look more like the Pleadians. When the Pleadians home world was no longer safe to remain they searched for another planet similar to theirs that could retain life. The Pleadians left their home world and many travelled in different directions around the Universe. Some of the Pleadians found earth which was suitable for them and they settled here. At the time there were pockets of humans who were friendly and welcomed the Pleadians. The Pleadians developed trust with the humans and showed them how to use crystals and spiritual energy to improve their way of living. Over time the Pleadians influenced people with knowledge of the afterlife and this created a new culture. With this belief of the soul living after death the pyramids were built by firstly the Mayans, Aztecs and then thousands of years later the Egyptians.

Egyptian Seichem Reiki Master course

2 part course £160 (£80 per session)
Learn secrets of the ancient Egyptians, myths fact or fiction, book of the death, spiritual beliefs, healing pyramid energy, Pleadian teachings, Egyptian Cartouche MASTER Attunement, Egyptian symbols, Powerful  Master Symbol. crystal Egyptian God & Goddess energy, Egyptian karmic cording, Healing element energies of earth, fire, water, air.  Sakara Reiki - fire ray energy, Sophi El Reiki – water ray energy. Meditation  

2 part course £160.00 (£80 per session) 

Includes: full colour manual, Practical healing, theory, certificate& gift box.

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